Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

What does the Browns resurgence mean? Here's Adam's take on the Browns playoff chances and more...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<ramllov> Adam - Shaun Smith is going to return. Is this a good addition?
Adam Caplan: RAM: As I noted in my blog yesterday, he's earned the roster bonus for next year.
Adam Caplan: He's the one addition they've made that has clearly worked so far.
Adam Caplan: And Bodden hasn't done well for DET so far
Adam Caplan: He may be gone after one season
Adam Caplan: I have to get this confirmed but I believe he has an option bonus for next year

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> meaning Smith not Anderson Adam?
Adam Caplan: Rogers we're talking

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any word on Tucker or Jones? Side note we got a steal with Rodgers.
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't expect Tucker to play
Adam Caplan: Jones we'll get a better idea after tomorrow's practice

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam: in your opinion... Brady Quinn starts for the 2009 Browns yes or no
Adam Caplan: WHO: Too early to say but Anderson has to be more consistent to return next year

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Tucker's injury serious enough to shelf him?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's unable to practice so until he does, he won't be able to play
Adam Caplan: I have to say that their OL was really good last week
Adam Caplan: both run and pass
Adam Caplan: good sign
Adam Caplan: Anderson still missed too many throws
Adam Caplan: made some good ones though

<kevinmackfan> we going to win this week Adam?
Adam Caplan: KEV: 17-13 CLE

<tjm427> Is Rex Hadnot holding his own?
Adam Caplan: TJM: Better of late

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam if you have stocks rated A to F what would you say the Browns would rate Anderson and Quinn as far as stocks
Adam Caplan: WHO: Incomplete on Quinn
Adam Caplan: he hasn't played yet
Adam Caplan: As for Anderson-I think C+ is fair

<tjm427> whats your opinion on corners Wright & McDonald?
Adam Caplan: TJM: Much better of late, they are lined up well and they are playing as physical as they can with what they have
Adam Caplan: Not much they can do with Matt Jones
Adam Caplan: he's 6'6"

<bds2222> Adam are Cory Williams film grades still improving?
Adam Caplan: BD: Keep in mind he's playing with a bad shoulder
Adam Caplan: BD: I don't think he's there yet, he hasn't really stood out in any way.
Adam Caplan: But they knew it would be an adjustment or sorts going from 4-3 to 3-4

Adam Caplan: BTW, Hall has been really standing out on tape
Adam Caplan: Probably their best LB now
Adam Caplan: of late
Adam Caplan: He's grading out very well
Adam Caplan: Kudos to their scouting staff there
Adam Caplan: He will need to get in the weight room next year in a big way
Adam Caplan: but the talent is very obvious
Adam Caplan: he can run

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam are the Browns still high on Wimbley
Adam Caplan: WHO: He's been a little better of late

<kevinmackfan> Will savage try to re-up Sean Jones?
Adam Caplan: KEV: They have a tough call there because they don't have a lot of money left under the cap.
Adam Caplan: They have around $8 million left

<LongLiveSipe> Adam, how are things in B-more locker room with certain players publicly back Troy Smith?
Adam Caplan: LONG: smith has no chance to ever start for them
Adam Caplan: Flacco is playing well enough that they wouldn't consider such a move
Adam Caplan: Losing Demetrius Williams is bad for BAL, he's their only deep threat.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam, who do you like better DA or Flacco?
Adam Caplan: WHO: They are similar in arm strength but Flacco is a much better prospect
Adam Caplan: Flacco has a much better feel for the game
Adam Caplan: It will be interesting to see who can score in this game
Adam Caplan: The Browns run D really was good mainly because of Rogers

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam, rank the following young QB: Flacco, Matt Ryan, Quinn, Jamarcus Russell in order of how you see their career prosperity
Adam Caplan: WHO: Ryan, Flacco, Quinn, Russsell

<LongLiveSipe> Is Flacco a deep threat now:)?
Adam Caplan: LONG: Ha
Adam Caplan: I will make fun of him when I see him early next year
Adam Caplan: I was at the ATL-PHI game last week, Ryan played really well
Adam Caplan: He made some great stick throws there

<bds2222> 5,0Adam what is the league wide view of how Savage handled the K2 extravaganza
Adam Caplan: BDS: That Savage is a bit overwhelmed with non-scouting issues.
Adam Caplan: When it comes to player evals, that's his bread and butter, he's solid for the most part in that area.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Cant you see Quinn having similar success in Cleveland as Ryan has had in Atlanta?
Adam Caplan: WHO: No because they are two different QBs
Adam Caplan: Quinn could be a decent QB, maybe the upside of Eli Manning.
Adam Caplan: But that's if he really improves in a lot of areas.

<bds2222> Has there been any talk in the organization about bringing in a football type guy that Savage would report to?
Adam Caplan: BDS: The owner discussed that with John Collins I believe when they were having problems but nothing ever happened.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Do you think Anderson could ever be a Superbowl caliber QB? Someone who can beat top tier opponents needed to get to that game?
Adam Caplan: WHO: No because he can't carry a team
Adam Caplan: He must have a solid running game to succeed.
Adam Caplan: Their passing game works off the run game.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam: Would you like Aaron Rodgers to build a team around or Jay Cutler?
Adam Caplan: WHO: I'll stick with what I said at the Senior Bowl three years ago, Cutler will be a top-5 QB and a hall of famer some day
Adam Caplan: he's that good.
Adam Caplan: QBs are pretty easy to evaluate for the most part.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> That's what all scouts say Adam... don't know how teams missed on him at all
Adam Caplan: WHO: I believe Mike Mayock and I were two of the most vocal about Cutler.
Adam Caplan: I saw every throw he made during Senor Bowl week, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Adam Caplan: Felt somewhat like that with Flacco.

<kevinmackfan> How long before Beau Bell takes Andra Davis' job
Adam Caplan: KEV: Next year maybe

<BigDaddy78> He (Jay Cutler) is a bit of a hothead, agreed?
Adam Caplan: BIG: A little immature
Adam Caplan: with his boasting but he does back it up.

<LongLiveSipe> Adam, how long can Ben Roethlisburger take the continued beatings? Will it effect the rest of the year?
Adam Caplan: LONG: That's a huge problem, their OL and the fact that he holds on to the ball too long.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam do you like the Browns as a playoff team if you had to go on a limb right now? if you were betting it
Adam Caplan: WHO: No way.
Adam Caplan: Not with the inconsistency at QB, RB, WR, OL, pass rush.

<Cyborg2277> Hey Adam. 1st Timer. How do you currently view our LB corps?? Upgrades where? whom?
Adam Caplan: CY: Hall is a big surprise, Wimbley still is underachieving, ILBs are average so far.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam who do you like in a one game playoff Pittsburgh or Tennessee?
Adam Caplan: WHO: TEN is much better
Adam Caplan: TEN DL would dominate PIT OL.

<LongLiveSipe> Is Tenn your pick to make it to the Super Bowl at this point?
Adam Caplan: LONG: Yes but I have a problem with teams that can't throw to win

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> I was also wondering about Vince Young's future and what you see
Adam Caplan: WHO: I can't see Young ever starting.
Adam Caplan: Again and their new OC isn't big on him.

<Cyborg2277> Continuation w/ LB - Do you see Bell appearing in the future?
Adam Caplan: CY: Talking to a pretty good personnel evaluator on Bell recently, he's really not athletic enough, he's a tough guy but may not move well enough to play full time.

<BigDaddy78> Wow, that was fast career....
Adam Caplan: BIG: It's not like he can't contribute, but as a starter? Not sure about that.
Adam Caplan: I rely on scouts and personnel guys who watch tape so I trust their eyes more than mine.

<BigDaddy78> Did you give your pick this week?
Adam Caplan: BIG: 17-13 CLE

<bds2222> Adam do you think Savage reached with Bell
Adam Caplan: BD: Too early to say since he was only a 4th rounder but again, I don't know if he's a starter yet.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam, to touch on the subject one last time.... what scenario do you see needing to happen to have Quinn be
Adam Caplan: WHO: Anderson has to play like at least two bad games in a row or they're out of the playoffs picture.
Adam Caplan: Keep in mind once that happens that will solidify their decision not to play Anderson's $5 million roster bonus.

<bds2222> 5,0With the last K2 incident does the decision to draft Rucker make a little more sense now?
Adam Caplan: BDS: I think they did it for a lot of reasons, contractual issues mostly
Adam Caplan: Plus his injury history

<alzlvlolz> adam if you was a GM of a team and you need a QB. What would you be willing to give up for Derek ANderson?
Adam Caplan: ALZ: Maybe a third
Adam Caplan: Minnesota makes sense there
Adam Caplan: CHI possibly too but Orton is really playing well.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Heard Minnesota offered the Browns 1sts for Quinn and the Browns COUNTERED with DA
<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> did you hear that Adam
Adam Caplan: WHO: Never happened.

Adam Caplan: All, see you next week.

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