Transcript: Lane Adkins Chat

We had a fantastic session with Lane Adkins and the hardest of the hard-core Browns fans on the planet last Thursday night. Here's what happened...

<ramllov> I want two more victories. Is it going to happen with Ravens and Broncos?
Lane Adkins
: Ram – Yes, I believe the Browns can and will win the next two games.

<ramllov> Thanks for the chat Lane, we miss you
Lane Adkins
: Ram - It's been awhile, we'll do it again soon.

<ramllov> Leon Williams, what is going on with him?
Lane Adkins
: Ram - Williams is a solid physical talent but does not excel to the point of being counted on as an every down-type player – he is the type of player to fill a role, but not to be counted on as core player

<ramllov> Is he playing 30 to 40%?

Lane Adkins: Ram - Depends on the offensive scheme the Browns are facing - in most instances he is playing 30+% in any given game.

<nybrownie> which rookie do u feel will be the biggest help NEXT year
Lane Adkins
: ny - I believe Martin Rucker has the most upside and could contribute – depending on what shakes out at the TE position in the off-season. Beau Bell will be in a position to make some noise next season if he continues to progress.

<Dawgpoundr> What are the odds the offense takes shots early and often against the Ravens?
Lane Adkins
Dawg - Knowing McAlister is injured, Rolle is injured as well - I would attack the Baltimore DB's - but Anderson must be accurate and make solid reads, which has been an issue throughout the season.

<ramllov> Beau Bell got a special team tackle and caused a fumble. Is he finally getting recognition?
Lane Adkins
Ram - As for Bell, he has been seeing some special teams opportunities, it was good to see him make a play of significance.

<bds2222> Lane, in your estimation how bad did Savage botch the K2 fiasco?

Lane Adkins: bds - Savage should have never let his personal feelings get into the situation. From a professional standpoint, he would have been much better off stating only the obvious and letting the chips fall where they may. Heading up the organization, I do not believe he should have enabled the situation any more than what had been previously done in the media – I don't fault Savage for suspending the player, I question the dialogue which both parties participated in.

<nybrownie> How do u feel the young DL guys are doing now they are getting some playing time

Lane Adkinsny - Louis Leonard has done alright - nothing special. Rubin is playing at about a 65% efficiency rate - Thomas has done
adequately with the lack of experience he has.
<ramllov> Lane is Steve Heiden going to get more playing time in every game. He is an excellent run blocker and he could become the next JJ for at least the rest of this year as a third down option.

Lane AdkinsRam - Looks like Heiden will be incorporated more in the base offense. Heiden could line-up for numerous teams in the league and is a well-balanced type TE. Jurevicius' size and experience made him such a productive third-down type receiver, those types of receivers are difficult to manufacture.
<nybrownie> Is there any talk about getting DB help since Cousin sucks ?

Lane Adkinsny - nothing new on the DB front - I would be surprised to see the organization make any move of significance at this time.

<bds2222> Lane, How much has the veteran leadership of guys like Jamal Lewis helped keep this season afloat?

Lane Adkinsbds - Lewis is tremendous in the locker room and a true leader. For all the negativity about him earlier in his career, he has been nothing but a solid vet presence with the Browns and highly respected in the locker room and throughout the organization.

<ramllov> Lane, what do you see in the Browns nickel back? Will Mike Adams replace him when every one is healthy?

Lane AdkinsRam - Yes, Mike Adams will be the nickel in many instances, unless there is a match-up the Browns favor in the scheme. Adams has displayed the ability to be effective or more so than Cousin in the opportunities he has had.

<nybrownie> How about that Lawson kid..

Lane Adkinsny - The Lawson kid displayed some quality talent in training camp and pushed hard in the weeks leading up to the regular season. This is a young man that needs time to develop.

<bds2222> Yea I noticed during the famous piece of meat interview Jamal pulled Winslow out of it.
Lane Adkins:  bds - That wasn't the first time Lewis got himself involved to help calm down an issue and certainly won't be the last - he is a leader on and off the field.

<ramllov> Lane does A. Rubin have a high upside for 2009 and 2010? Once he knows the NFL JOB?

Lane AdkinsRam - Rubin should provide quality depth in 2009, but should be poised to make a strong contribution in 2010, the young man has talent and size for the NT spot.

<John Taylor> Lane, is it true John Taylor put his head into a ceiling fan, and is questionable for Sunday's pre- and post-game stories? Also, I heard that he had contracted staph from the incident? Have you heard anything about this?
Lane AdkinsJT - I heard Mr. Taylor contacted staph after having a piercing. We will not name the body part, as it may be embarrassing to the writer in question and we certainly do not want to be exposed to any lawsuit which could follow in discussing such a delicate matter.

<JohnTaylor> :-)
<JohnTaylor> Later...
<BarryMcBride> I heard that it wasn't his head that he put in the ceiling fan, but whatever.

<ramllov> Lane, it appears Phil Savage has done really well with the last two to three drafts. Your opinion
Lane AdkinsRam - Savage has done a solid job, he has had his hits and misses which is to be expected. The drafts he has put together are showing to be better than average and this should only improve as the roster requires less starting quality players and depth - as well as the future can be the sole focus.

<bds2222> Lane was the game against the Jags about as bad as DA can afford to be if he wants to remain the starter

Lane Adkinsbds - The issue with Anderson is, he does just enough to keep Crennel from pulling the trigger. The HC looks back and sees the first half of the 2007 season and gets excited - too bad that Anderson has been in hiding for most of the past 12 games or so.

<Mespaw> Hey Lane - how was Donte looking at practice - realistically is he playing Sunday
Lane AdkinsMes - The media only is permitted to view the first 30 minutes of practice - which normally provides little to no insight as far as on field production, etc is concerned.

<nudawg> Lane, is it Quinn's shortcomings that keep Crennel from making a switch?

Lane Adkinsnu - I do not believe so, we are looking at a head coach that does not want to pull his QB and is giving him every opportunity to round into 2007 form - As for Quinn, from all I have been told and viewed, I am not too concerned if/when he gets on the field.

<Mespaw> From what you're hearing % Stallworth plays?

Lane AdkinsMes - 50-70, depending on the quad and flow of the game.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Hi lane, barry

Lane AdkinsHello Whos

<bds2222> 1,0Lane do you think Savage needs a football type of guy to report to?

Lane Adkins:  bds - There is no football guy near the top of the food chain - Savage is basically it, so I tend to believe some experience couldn't hurt and it may play in the favor of the organization to have an experienced football mind in the front office to help balance the scales.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane, is the rumor that Savage is in favor of going to Quinn true

Lane AdkinsWhos - I would say that Savage is not opposed to Quinn getting on the field at any moment
<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Savage said at a tailgate last week In due time

<Mespaw> Hearing anything about K2's playing time this week?

Lane AdkinsMes - Winslow is expected to start and play his regular role - and may see a little more time split out if the situation dictates

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> and could you elaborate on what you say you've been told about Quinn in any type of detail
Lane AdkinsWhos - No really, there is no reason at all to believe the Browns do not have faith in Quinn - they want him in Cleveland

<nybrownie> What's the attitude like in the locker room

Lane Adkins:  ny - Good, upbeat, pissed at times due to the position they have put themselves in - but generally good and focused on the task

<redright> Say Lane, what is the likelihood that we see consistent quality production from our Wide Receivers? Do we have anyone behind Edwards that can be considered a threat?

Lane Adkinsred - Today, next week? - I see the WR's stepping up to the plate to be honest with you. Edwards is embarrassed about the drops, Stallworth wants to prove he is a player and get the $'s on his deal - beyond Edwards and Stallworth, the quality and depth is questionable.

<Mespaw> What are your thoughts on
Rogers playing offense? You think it's gonna happen or do you think that this is just something to throw out there so that maybe the Ravens try to prepare for it this week

Lane AdkinsMes - I wouldn't toy with Rogers on the offensive side of the ball. The depth is limited on this roster at the nose and he plays plenty of downs in the defensive set. His value along the defensive line is too important to fiddle around in the backfield, which could lead to additional opportunity for injury.

<ramllov> Lane, The Browns running game. Lewis is doing good, but can Lewis and Harrison be in the same backfield, with Harrison doing similar plays like Reggie Bush and their big back in NO?

Lane AdkinsRam - Harrison may have qualities you look for in a back, but he is not the type of player Bush is. I am one which believes Harrison can play at this level and only needs the opportunity.

<BigBBrownsbacker> What are the chances that Mother plays on Sunday? The O-Line looks a lot with him in the lineup.

Lane Adkins: Big - Tucker will not be available on Sunday for the Ravens and is very questionable for any action in the immediate future. 

(Editor's note: obviously, this chat was conducted before word filtered down that Ryan Tucker had been placed on injured reserve.  We now resume your regularly scheduled chat, already in progress...)

<redright> Lane, any chance we get a WR before the year is out?
Lane Adkinsred - Have heard nothing in regards to adding a WR., but with 4 on the roster, this is an area where one could be added - but they like to run Winslow, Harrison and wright into the formation

<bds2222> Lane what is it going take to get Wimbley going?

Lane Adkins:  bds - Maybe some 5-hour energy - Seriously, Wimbley lacks overall strength and versatility in his skill-set - At this point, he is a speed rusher - period

<Mespaw> I watched Leggett at TC and he seemed pretty good. Do you think that there is a belief from the HC to never play a rookie WR or do you think that Leggett just isn't there yet?

Lane AdkinsMes - Leggett isn't there yet, but developing. He had an up and down camp, but he impressed enough to warrant a further look. I wouldn't expect to see him any time soon.

<nybrownie> What happened to Sanders? Haven't seen him much lately

Lane Adkinsny - Sanders is back on the practice squad

<redright> How about Cris Crocker? anybody have any interest in him as a back-up DB or nickel guy? seems he would do better than some we have on the roster or were there bridges that were burned?

Lane Adkinsred - I believe Crocker inked a deal tonight with someone.

<ramllov> Lane, Why hasn't Willie McGinest been more of an influence on Wimbley?
Lane AdkinsRam - He can only influence those who can accept and incorporate such -or have the physical ability - Wimbley hasn't progressed following his rookie season where he came flying out of the gate. Getting film on a player and knowing his tendencies can slow down a player that is one-dimensional.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane is there anything surprising you've heard lately that maybe took you back a bit as far as news goes, an eye raiser so to speak

Lane Adkins:  Whos - Not really - maybe Charlie Manuel winning the World Series

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> It surprised me too Lane

<Mespaw> If you could keep Hubbard or Leggett which one would you personally keep

Lane AdkinsMes - Hubbard - the young man can run and his receiving skills improved throughout the summer - he is in a good spot on the practice squad

<redright> More on Wimbley: how do you account for his inability to close the deal and make the tackle or the sack? Missed at least three opportunities last week.

Lane Adkinsred - I have absolutely no idea why he has not been able to close the door and I am also surprised. I thought he would have developed additional tools into his game as well as improved his ability to fend off blocks at the point.

<bds2222> Lane, with the Winslow situation, is Winslow pissed at Savage and Romeo, or just Savage

Lane Adkinsbds - Was at Savage - we'll know more when his agent turns on the heat for the new contract

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane, when 16 games are done is this a playoff team

Lane Adkins: Whos - If this team plays as it capable of, yes they will be there. I am not sold on them being able to play disciplined football for any significant period of time.

<clebrowns80> Lane, how do you see the Browns doing in the next three AFC games?

Lane Adkinscle - I can see the Browns winning each game if the offense executes and Anderson doesn't not fall apart - it is not a stretch really.

<ramllov> Lane, what do you think about Alex Hall and his upside for 2009 and 2010?
Lane AdkinsRam - Hall in 2009? Hell, he has done well for a rookie in 2008. I suspect the young man is dedicated and appreciative for the opportunity he has earned. Hall is an interesting prospect, long lanky, quick - much like Wimbley - maybe an idea to see Wimbley more on the R to see if he can utilize his quickness against the more physical and slower RT's

<Mespaw> Have you heard any info about how Travis Wilson is doing on Dallas's PS?

Lane AdkinsMes - No, but he is supposed to call me next week

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Hey Lane, do you ever talk to Tim Couch anymore

  Whos - Not in a couple years

<redright> Thanks Lane, Wimbley has me flummoxed. Dont' know why he seems so lost

Lane Adkins: red - I believe once teams got film on him and his inability to alter his game - he settled in being an ordinary OLB

<BigDaytonDave> Quinn going to play any this year?

Lane AdkinsBig - I believe we will see him this season, at some point

<ramllov> Wimbley needs to be hypnotized. He has to get his game straightened out!!!
Lane Adkins: Ram - Anything is possible

<redright> Lane, if Anderson had a quality OC and QB coach, like Bill Walsh could he be a much improved QB?

Lane Adkins: red - I don't believe coaching is the issue. Anderson, like most players do not change significantly - DA remains the same type of player he was in college.

<ramllov> Lane is this defense going to continue to improve? Hall, I know, I just wonder what he will do with another 10 or 15 pounds and another nine games and another preseason in the tank.

Lane AdkinsRam - Against the run, yes - against the pass - no. If the Cleveland offense gets it in gear and plays well, the opposition will be in position to throw the ball often, which will elevate the pass defense stats - likewise for the run defense, as teams pass more, the rushing yardage will decrease

<bds2222> Also what is the view in the locker room with the guys about the K2 incident, do they also feel like he got screwed?

Lane Adkinsbds - Most won't discuss the issue

<hammb> Haha, Lane...nice use of the double other words you think we can win the games if DA falls apart and Quinn plays?

Lane Adkinshammb - I believe this team can and will win games with either under center

<Mespaw> Do you think that the LB position on our team is the weakest position or is it the WR? Maybe the WR would look stronger with a more consistant QB? What are your thoughts?
Lane AdkinsMes - LB is below average - WR is a disappointment and the play of the offense and QB must improve if this team is going to make a move down the home-stretch of the season.

<racmpc> Sorry if this is a repeat but do you expect Shaun Smith to make an impact this week?

Lane Adkinsrac - He'll play, don't know about his impact. Smith does some things well, but gets tied up too often to make a big name for himself - but he does provide some quality and depth
Lane Adkins
rac- Smith is also a very good team player and teammate

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane, you think we see Quinn in a mop up/or relief role- or he takes over completely for the incumbent
Lane Adkins: Whos - I believe once Quinn gets on the field, he will stay there. I get the strong impression this staff and front office has no desire to see a musical-chair QB situation occur here.

<nybrownie> Do u think when Willie retires he will become a LB coach

Lane Adkinsny - i don't think so - not here - not now, I think he'll head back to California and take it all in for awhile.

<redright> What are the most likely reasons we stay with Anderson, if he can not develop beyond where he is and Brady Quinn is the heir apparent?

Lane Adkinsred - That question can only be answered by the head coach - he has made the decision to leave Anderson in as the starter

<Mespaw> Does it look like Peek will be back next year and if he is do we need maybe 1 more LB and we'll be solid?

Lane AdkinsMes - Peek is doing remarkably well and I would never say never - but his tendon issue is tough to return from

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> You do think someday Quinn gets the job though--it seems as if at times it might never happen

Lane AdkinsWhos - I believe and this is only my opinion that Quinn will be the QB in 2009 - if not sooner

<bds2222> Lane, how good is the QB coach for the Browns
Lane Adkinsbds - Rip Scherer is a solid teacher - he has done nothing to prohibit growth of any of the QB's on the roster

<racmpc> Any sense of the chemistry developing on the D line with the youth guys getting so much time on the field?

Lane Adkins:  rac - the D-linemen hang together

<redright> In your wish list for next season, do you see Phil finally bringing in a complete compliment of Wide REceivers and can he add four LBs? 3 any how

Lane Adkinsred - I could see a WR and a couple LB's - absolutely, the need is present

<Mespaw> If you were the QB coach, would you screw with Quinn's grip?
Lane AdkinsMes - Yes, the grip change did help his velocity and accuracy

<nybrownie> Do u see Robaire making it back next year
Lane AdkinsNY - Too early to tell, but he did tell me he wants to come back to the Browns next season

<ramllov> Lane, I might has missed your comments about Shaun Smith, do you see him as a backup NT and backup DE. Is he better than Louis Leonard now and down the road?

Lane AdkinsRam - Smith is a better DE right now than Leonard, but Leonard is improving and could surpass Smith with additional experience. I believe Smith is better at NT as his primary position.

<Needles929> Is it a surprise that the FO hasn't tried to bring in a nickel corner to replace Terry Cousin?

Lane AdkinsNeedles - Not really, they believe they have sufficient quality and depth for the price.

<redright> Lane, when do you and the insiders get to see how Brady has progressed?
Lane Adkinsred - During the season, we basically hear from players, coaches and/or personnel types - as practices are not viewed for the most part.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane: Can you give us one big name free agent that you could see the Browns signing after the season.... it can be anyone
Lane Adkins:  Whos - I am stuck in the now and haven't thought about FA

<ramllov> Lane, how come Wes Chandler has not been able to teach these TEs and WRs to run correct passing routes?

Lane AdkinsRam - The receivers run better routes now than in the past - we have a couple players on the roster that tend to round off or freelance a little too much - Chandler has done a solid job with the receivers

<hammb> Lane, do you believe the Browns will try to get a deal worked out with Sean Jones? He's been a pretty good player when on the field, but they have to worry about those knees
Lane Adkinshammb - Yes on Sean Jones, but it will not be easily accomplished

<boozer2> Would Karlos Dansby be the number one player on the f.a. wish list if he isn't franchised?
Lane Adkinsboozer - Dansby is a player - no doubt about it and he would fit nicely in this defensive scheme

<redright> Rubin, how is he doing?

Lane Adkinsred - Rubin is getting there, it will take some time but he is proving to be serviceable right now

<Mespaw> IMHO I prefer the CB style of McDonald over Wright, even though I would say that I like them both, who do you think will turn out the be the better CB in the long run?
Lane AdkinsMes - McDonald, he has better technique - but Wright is no slouch

<BigDaytonDave> What ever happened to the radio show?

Lane AdkinsBig - We are working on a couple things, we may be back at some point

<ramllov> Lane, are you saying Louis Leonard could be a player next year for the Browns as either a starter or backup?
Lane AdkinsRam - No less than a backup and I believe his contract is up following the 2008 season.

<redright> We are in year 4 and it seems that Phil has stayed with the hope of developing WRs and LBs. Do you see him changing his view?
Lane Adkins:  red - Savage has also attempted to sign LB's in FA and hasn't been successful - as for WR's, they feel they can develop them adequately for the long-term future type scenario

<racmpc> It seems like Heiden has really shown how much better a blocker he is than KII while he has been starting. With Kellen back, will we see a lot more of Heiden than before and maybe a lot more of them together?

Lane Adkinsrac - Some of them together and no doubt Heiden is a better blocker. The TE is underappreciated and could start for a good number of teams.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane- prediction for this sunday's ballgame?

Lane Adkins: Whos - Browns win 20-16

<ramllov> Lane - Chud, what has happened with his game plans?
Lane AdkinsRam - Nothing, it is the execution. Most tend to believe Chud suddenly has lost his nerve to throw downfield, but that is not the case. The QB is taking what is being given by the defense and at numerous times has missed on opportunities to make big plays.

<redright> Lane, does the round-off or free lance screw up Anderson or is it moot?

Lane Adkinsred- Absolutely, but in some cases the QB is inaccurate as well leading to continuous issues - luckily some positive things happen as well - but it should not be as such and it is an issue

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane how could Anderson be benched since he is one of the captains of the team

Lane AdkinsWhos - Just another piece of the puzzle as to why the QB could be keeping his grasp of the starting role.

<bds2222> How appreciated has Pontbriand become, in light of what happens in the Steelers game?
Lane Adkinsbds - He has been solid from day one and one of the best in the game

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Love how you guys say the QB

Lane AdkinsWhos - What did you want me to say, the other guy?
<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Haha no that's Quinner's nickname
<BigDaddy78> call him 3
<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Call him the Moose

<BigDaddy78> The opposing D gives us the flat, and the QB has trouble there more often then not. Especially at the start of games.
Lane AdkinsBig - The short game remains an issue for this QB

<redright> How do you get WRs to run good routes, same for TEs and RBs.

Lane Adkinsred - reps and respect
<redright> thanks Lane, sounds like fundamental coaching and work to me.
Lane Adkins: Exactly

<Mespaw> How banged up do you think that the Raven's secondary is....hopefully DA and BE can take advantage - what are your thoughts
Lane AdkinsMes - They are hurting, McAlister will be of interest due to a knee injury, Rolle with a neck and I believe Martin is dinged as well.

<ramllov> Lane, Was Sunday's version of Shaun Rogers going to be repeated throughout the rest of the season?
Lane AdkinsRam - Shaun Rogers has been consistent - and he still is not playing the position as well as he may after really feeling at home with it

<boozer2> Eleven plays at the one yard line and only one touchdown - what can be done?
Lane Adkins:  boozer - The Browns are not physical and aggressive at the point of attack, defenses pack the gaps and the Browns offensive line and FB's get little push

<ramllov> Lane, When does Tucker get back into the lineup?

Lane AdkinsRam - I wouldn't expect to see Ryan Tucker anytime soon

<redright> Lane, how much did Romeo improve his stock with the win over Jax?

Lane Adkinsred - A win is a win - definitely quieted the speculation of losing his job, the team and changing the QB for another week. Despite all the issues, this team remains in the thick of it

<bds2222> Lane, do you see the Browns really trying to pressure Flacco this weekend?

Lane Adkinsbds - Yes and attempt to confuse him - the Browns know they let that game get away in Baltimore.

<Mespaw> Do you think that we stand a chance against the Broncos coming off an extremely short week?

Lane AdkinsMes - Yes, only due to the Broncos lack of defense

<ramllov> Lane, Bottom line, What is wrong with Wimbley, he seems like a great guy!
Lane AdkinsRam - One dimensional

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Lane, when do you envision us being a Super Bowl team

Lane AdkinsWhos - Not this year

<Mespaw> Lane - you're the GM of the Browns and Rogers and Albert Haynesworth are available - which one do you take?

Lane Adkins: Based on youth and production, Haynesworth in the 4-3 and Rogers in the 3-4 - but would be quite happy with Rogers.

<redright> Lane, I see the coaches of the Browns as being good, same for the coordinators, why then does this seem like such a poorly coached team? Does RAC prohibit the coaches from completing their tasks/ coordinating them?
Lane Adkinsred - lack of discipline and focus - Crennel lets his coaches coach

<Mespaw> Lane - do the coaches game plan for the short week during this week too, or do they soley focus on the Ravens and give it three days to game plan for the Broncos

Lane AdkinsMew - Early work on the Broncos has started by the staff other than coaches

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Heard Harrison is a poor practice player and late to meetings, is that why he'll never get a shake at the full time job
Lane AdkinsWhos - I would note that is somewhat exaggerated, I know Harrison

<ramllov> Lane, could Steptoe develop into a Wes Welker down the road?

Lane AdkinsRam - Possibly, but doubtful. Steptoe is not nearly as quick as Welker and another issue is whether he'll get the opportunity. Being a receiver in Cleveland is not easy with Edwards and Winslow commanding so much attention

<redright> The conventional wisdom is the Cowboys always had a great advantage with the short week caused by the Thanksgiving game. Should we feel the same with the short week with Denver and then the long layoff
Lane Adkins:  red - If the Browns were playing a physical type opponent and playing on the road, I would be more worried.

<bds2222> LAne, would you put the bust label on Wimbley

Lane Adkinsbds - Not yet, but he needs to become productive in other than the run and pass scheme

<Mespaw> Lane - looking at Tennesse's schedule - do you think that we will be playing an undefeated team?

Lane AdkinsMes - Could be, very well coached and play solid fundamental football

<ramllov> Lane with San Diego, Jacksonville and Indy at 3-4 or 3-5, does these look interesting for the Browns?

Lane AdkinsRam - The Browns are far from out of the mix, this is a wide-open AFC in 2008 - no better time to capitalize on the situation

<Mespaw> How much longer does Harrison have on his contract? Do you think that he'll try to go elsewhere unless the coaching staff changes due to his lack of playing time

Lane AdkinsMes - a year and I would not be too surprised to see him depart.

Lane AdkinsOK guys, I have to bolt - plenty of work to do.

Lane Adkins
Thanks for coming, maybe we'll do it again next week

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