Ravens-Browns Tied at Halftime: 13-13

The Browns emerge from the first half tied with the Ravens 13-13 thanks to the leg of Phil Dawson, who nailed a 54-yarder with three seconds left. Wow! Here's our second quarter live blog.

The second quarter started off well for the Browns, as they force Joe Flacco into his second intentional grounding penalty, and the first that counted, which takes the Ravens out of field goal range.

The Ravens punt to Cribbs, who fair catches at the five, and the Browns offense self-destructs.

FIRST SERIES (BROWNS): Lewis run for –1 yard. Lewis run for +1 uard. Anderson incomplete to Steve Heiden. Punt.

The boos cascade down on Derek Anderson and the Browns.

Once again, however, Josh Cribbs saves the day. Zastudil punts to the 50, where Jim Leonhard grabs the ball and is immediately nailed by Cribbs.

That feels good, but the Ravens still start their series from mid-field.

SECOND SERIES (RAVENS): The Ravens offense did the Browns a favor on their drive as Todd Heap jumped offsides on first down.

Flacco hits Mason at the Browns 38, but then the Browns D shuts them down. A run right tackle, short pass to running back LeRon McClain and an incomplete pass lets the Ravens practice their punting again. Koch boots it into the end zone.

No harm done. Browns start the next series at their own 20, down just three.

THIRD SERIES (BROWNS): The boos turn to cheers on first down as Anderson drops and hits Steve Heiden in stride with a very pretty pass across the middle. That gets a quick 20 yards as the Browns get to their own 40 on one play.

From the 40, Jamal Lewis and the Browns offensive line push Ngata and crew back seven yard right up the middle. VERY nice. Lewis then gets the ball again over right guard for four yards and a first down, as Bart Scott gets up very slowly and walks off the field.

On first-and-ten from the Ravens 49, the Ravens blitz Leonhard, who flies in unblocked. DA evades the rush, and throws incomplete to Edwards.

On second down, Anderson takes a three-step drop and quickly hits K2 covered by Ray Lewis. Winslow takes the ball upfield for a first down at the Ravens 39.

After a one-yard run by Lewis, Anderson strikes again, and his Braylon Edwards in stride for 23 yards to the 15. Suggs had illegal contact on the play, declined by the Browns.

On first down, Heiden grabs a quick pass for five, and then Lewis gets a yard running left behind Joe Thomas. That makes it third-and-four at the Ravens nine yard line.

Anderson drops and hits Jason Wright, who gets hit hard by Fabian Washington, and can't make it to the first down marker. Phil Dawson gets a 23-yard gimme and nails it.

Nice drive by the Browns, would have been nice to get a touchdown, but still…


FOURTH SERIES (RAVENS): Dawson does his job again, and kicks the ball into the end zone, forcing the Ravens to start at their own 20.

LeRon McClain continues his ineffectiveness for the Ravens with a single yard on a first down carry, and then is dropped two yards deep by Shaun Rogers on second down, creating a third and eleven.

On third down, Flacco drops a couple of steps from the gun, and hits Derrick Mason downfield for 19 yards. Nice throw, bad coverage.

Starting now at the 38, Rick runs right side for six yards and then blasts 26 yards behind the interior of the Ravens offensive line to the Browns 30. Rice reminds me of Greg Pruitt a little bit.

The Ravens now have a fresh set of downs at the Browns 30. After an incomplete pass, McClain cuts back and gets six yards to the Browns 24.

With the score tied 10-10, the two-minute warning sounds.

Mason strikes again after the break, as Flacco hits a well-covered Masson at the ten. Rice gets two down to the eight and it's second and goal from there.

On second down, Flacco tries to throw play-action and finds no one open. Kamerion Wimbley chases Flacco , who throws it away. Troy Smith comes in on third down, looks over the Browns defense, doesn't like what he sees, and calls time out.

After thinking better of the gimmick play, Flacco comes back out, and it's the Browns turn to be confused… Derrick Mason starts out in the backfield, and Willie McGinest calls timeout for the Browns.

On third-and-goal from the eight, the Browns bring in six DBs and Mason is blanketed as Flacco looks to him. Between Shaun Rogers and Sean Jones, the Browns don't give Flacco a lot of time. He gets sacked six yards deep, and now have a fourth-down from the 16.

Nice red zone defense by the Browns.

Matt Stover takes the consolation prize, a 32-yard field goal, and the Ravens grab the lead before halftime.


FIFTH SERIES (BROWNS): A short kickoff by Matt Stover is corraled by Cribbs at the Browns 18, and he runs it up to the 33 with 25 seconds left in the half.

DA quickly hits Winslow to the Browns 46. The Browns run to the spot of the ball, but it's taking too long, so they bail out and use their last timeout. The Browns have the ball near mid-field with 20 seconds left.

Dropping back seven, DA hits Edwards across the field at the Ravens 37 as Edwards scampers out of bounds with 16 seconds left. An incompletion takes it down to 12 seconds at the Ravens 37.

Again on second down, DA can't find anyone, so he throws it out of bounds, and RAC sends Dawson out to attempt a 54 yard field goal.

Dawson NAILS IT!!! A 54-yard field-goal with three seconds left! Wow!


The Ravens can't do anything with the kickoff and the game remains tied at halftime.

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