End of Three: Browns 27, Ravens 20

The Browns start off strong, but at the end of the quarter, the Ravens storm back. An intense, back-and-forth game is 27-20 Browns as the fourth quarter begins...

The Browns get to come out and play defense, which might be a good thing for them given how the game has gone so far.

FIRST SERIES (RAVENS): Dawson kicks off to the 9, but Ray Rice  bobbles it and only get to the 15 before Josh Cribbs gets him. Rice gets three yards on first down, but then Brandon McDonald slaps away a pass intended for Mark Clayton on second down. Very nice coverage.

The Ravens come out for their third-and-seven play, but Flacco can't communicate with the Browns crowd screaming in his ears. The Ravens burn a timeout.

On third down, Shaun Rogers gets into the backfield unblocked, causing severe emotional trauma on the part of Joe Flacco. He flees for his life and gets two yards. Punting time.

SECOND SERIES (BROWNS): Josh Cribbs FTW!! Cribbs grabs the punt at the Browns forty, and dances around tackles, and runs through some more upfield to the Ravens 28. Wow!

The Browns then go for it, throwing downfield to Braylon Edwards. The Browns WR flies up for the ball and grabs it from the hands of Ravens DB Walker. He gets possession, and least briefly, in the end zone and it's a TOUCHDOWN! Dawson nails the extra point.

If Cribbs doesn't score ‘em, he's setting them up.


THIRD SERIES (RAVENS): Cribbs continues to respond positively to OBR Live Blog taunting, by stopping Yamon Figurs from getting a good return. After picking his way for 28 yards from the Ravens end zone, Cribbs shuts down the return at the Ravens 26.

With the Browns in the lead for the first time, Flacco hands off to McClain, who gets four to the right on first down. Todd Heaps celebrates his Heapness by jumping off to a false start, making it second-and-eleven. Flacco aims for Mark Clayton on second down, but Eric Wright jumps the lane and bats the ball away decisively, creating a third and eleven. Flacco's third down pass is caught by Clayton, but Eric Wright hauls down Clayton a yard in front of the first-down marker.

Two three-and-outs by Baltimore.

FOURTH SERIES (BROWNS): Cribbs fair catches the punt at the Browns 28, as the Browns start their drive with the lead and 11:04 left on the third-down clock.

Chud goes back to the run. Lewis runs left for three, and then right for five, creating a third-and-two.

Eric Steinbach is down on the field after the play, but walks off the field under his own power. Seth McKinney comes in to replace him.

From an odd formation (Heiden in the backfield, Harrison split out), K2 gets the ball thrown in his direction, but is being mugged by Ray Lewis, so it's pass interference on Flappy Dancin' Ray and first down Browns.

DA then drops from his own 42, gets fantastic protection, and hits a wide-open Braylon Edwards who had come back to the ball at the Ravens 40.

With another fresh set of downs, Jerome Harrison runs straight up the middle for five where he's tackled well off the line of scrimmage by Ray Lewis.

Anderson then drops again, and hits Kellen Winslow across the middle. It's obvious, as Lane Adkins told us earlier this week, that K2 was "frothing at the mouth" to return to the field. Winslow carries Fabian Washington to the Ravens 15 before being brought down. First down.

On first down from the 15, Jamal Lewis goes left tackle for seven yards to the Ravens eight. He then gets one yard to the Ravens seven, creating a third and two.

DA hits Jason Wright in the flat, and the runner gets the corner. He heads to the pylon and bangs heads with Ed Reed at the pylon and he is IN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!!!


FIFTH SERIES (RAVENS): Now it's getting weird.

As the TV shows that Jason Wright clearly wasn't in the end zone, a bouncing Phil Dawson kickoff is touched by the Ravens but bounces out of bounds as Travis Daniels flies in and hits the returner.

On first down, Flacco has forever, but his pass is knocked down by Corey Williams, and then Flacco is sacked six yards back by D'Qwell Jackson on second down, creating a third-and-sixteen.

But then Derrick Mason saves the Ravens again, this time with a 20-yard grab guarded by Michael Adams.

With new life, Flacco hits Ray Rice for eight to the Ravens 43 and Rice then gets the ball again on a handoff back in the shotgun, and blasts for 11 yards. Staying in the no-huddle, the Ravens keep the pressure on with a nine-yard run by McClain to the left. That puts the ball at the Browns 37 and the Ravens have a nice drive going after a rough start.

Flacco hits Mason for seven yards short to give the Ravens another first down.

The Ravens then go for the touchdown, as Flacco just overthrows Yamon Figurs. But Kam Wimbley was offsides on the play, giving the Ravens a first and five from the Browns 25.

Rice gets the ball again and runs left for five yards before being tackled by Terry Cousin with 2:53 left in the third.

With the Browns tired and unable to substitute thanks to the no-huddle, Ray Rice breaks free and blasts down the left sideline. He dives over the pylon but is called out at the two-yard line after an initial signal of a touchdown.

The Ravens then have a first-and-goal from the two. McClain gets a yard up the middle on first down, and then Corey Williams is caught off-sides on second down from the one. With the ball at the half-yard line, McClain runs left and bangs his way past Sean Jones. Touchdown Baltimore.


SIXTH SERIES (BROWNS): Matt Stover boots the ball into the end zone (coward!) and the Browns start at the 20.

On first down, Lewis runs for four, and then a short pass to Steptoe creates a third-and-three. Anderson's toss to Braylon Edwards is knocked down and it's a three-and-out for the Browns.

SEVENTH SERIES (RAVENS): Zastudil line drives a punt to the Ravens 35, and Figurs gets some speed going quickly, He runs the ball back 23 yards before Jerome Harrison gets him at the Browns 42.


The third quarter ends. The Ravens have the ball in Browns territory and a one-touchdown deficit.

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