Offense Collapses, Browns Lose: 37-27

Here is Barry's live blog from the fourth quarter, as he watched the Browns offense blow a strong game by the defensive and special teams units. More to come all evening from the OBR...

FIRST SERIES (RAVENS): The Ravens start the quarter off strong, striking quickly from the no-huddle against the winded Browns defense.

Flacco quickly hits Mark Clayton for 14 to the Browns 28, and then drops and hits Derrick Mason for 28 yards and a touchdown. The Browns had brought a lot of guys up front. One Mason got past Eric Wright, there was nothing between him and the end zone.


SECOND SERIES (BROWNS): Lewis runs left for nothing, and then left again for three. Then Derek Anderson drops deep, has forever to throw, and Braylon Edwards gets a two steps on the cover. Anderson throws it forty yards downfield over Braylon's shoulder and Edwards DROPS it. A sure touchdown. Right through his arms.

That was a touchdown. Now it's a punt. The crowd boos.

Zastudil kicks the ball 48 yards to the Raven 29, where Figurs promptly loses six more on the return. The Ravens will start on their 23.

The Browns really needed an extended drive there, as their defense tries to catch their breath against the no-huddle. The offense has responded with two three-and-outs. Not good.

Now is the time for the defense to rally and compensate for the failure of their offensive teammates.

THIRD SERIES (RAVENS): Brandon McDonald flies into the backfield on first down and tackles Rice after a yard. From an empty backfield on second down, Flacco throws a screen to Rice, who has four blockers in front of him and runs close to the first-down marker, but is an inch shy.

On third down, D'Qwell Jackson quickly fills the hold where Ray Rice was headed, and shuts down the run. NICE third down stop!!

The Ravens decide to go for it from their own 32… perhaps looking to get the Browns to go offsides. It fails.

The defense sucked it up and stopped the Ravens, forcing a three-and-out and a punt. Very very nice. Koch kicks the ball fifty yards and Cribbs takes it back only to the Browns 26. The situation is made worse by Steve Heiden holding during the return, which results in a ten yard penalty and starting field position for the Browns at their own 16.

The Browns badly need to put together a drive right now. There is 9:57 left in the game.

FOURTH SERIES (BROWNS): DA hits Winslow with a sharp pass 20 yards downfield, but it turns out that Winslow was guilty of pass interference Heh. That makes it first and fourteen at the Browns 4. Ouch.

Lewis runs three yards to the left, and then three more to the right as the Browns make it third and eight at the ten, and the Browns fans boo the play selection. Anderson's pass to Winslow on third down gets to the sixteen and is two yards shy of the first down.

That's called a "three-and-out". Exactly what the Browns didn't need.

FIFTH SERIES (RAVENS): Zastudil punts to Ed Reed who gets a couple of blocks and takes it to the Ravens 37, where Baltimore starts its drive.

Ray Rice gets the ball on first down, runs behind blocks from Ben Grubb and Todd Heap and he's off to the races. He flies down the Ravens sideline for sixty yards to the Browns three. Rice has 154 yards on the day.

THIS is what happens when your defense gets tired. THIS is what happens when your offense doesn't produce.

First and goal from the Browns three.

McClain runs into a crowd after a yard, and then the substitutions for the Ravens confuse themselves, and Baltimore calls time out.

Second and goal from the two.

Flacco offers up a week play-action fake, and is actually looking for Ngata who had come in on offense. Too clever for themselves, the Ravens have to throw the ball out of bounds.

Third and goal from the two.

McClain runs left tackle and cank't get around the corner. Brodney Pool is  blocked in the backfield and blows up the play, and McClain is dragged down by McGinest two yards deep.

Nice goal line stand, but the Browns are now losing. Hard to really blame the defense. Stover boots a 22-yard chip shot.


SIXTH SERIES (BROWNS): Cribbs is unreal. He gets the kick at the two, finds a little crease and runs into more traffic at the 30. He still stumbles forward another ten yards and the Browns have the ball in great field position at their own 40.

On first down, DA hands off to Wright on a misdirection, and he dances for two yards. DA drops and gets terrific protection. He fires to Edwards on the sidelines, a bit too hard, and Edwards can't hold on. Touch catch to make, but he gets booed anyway as it makes it third-and-eight.

DA drops, gets pushed out of the pocket by Ravens defender Antwan Barnes and bounces the ball in to Steve Sanders.

Four. Straight. Three. And. Outs. I guess the defense is going to have to score to get this done.

Zastudil punts deep with 4:47 left, and Leonhard takes it from the 13 to the 26 on the return. An illegal block by Baltimore, however, puts them in a bad situation at their own seven.

On first-and-ten from their own seven, the Ravens have an illegal formation that backs them up to their own four.

First and thirteen from the four… a lot of noise in the stadium… FB Lorenzo Neal gets the ball up the middle for just two yards before he's tackled by Wimbley.

Second and eleven from the six… the crowd is doing their job… LeRon McClain makes a nice cut into the left side of the line and gets seven. He limps off the field.

Third and four from the 13… Flacco throws to Clayton, and has Brandon McDonald draped all over him. He slams the pass to the ground and runs off the field why the Ravens complain about pass interference. The flag never gets thrown.

Koch kicks to Cribbs, who gets nine yards on the return from the Browns 35 to the 44.

Special teams and the defense has given the offense good field position and another chance.

SEVENTH SERIES (BROWNS): Anderson gets pressure on first down, and has to run up the middle, where get gets pulled down by Trevor Pryce after two yards. On second and eight, DA drops and is rushed, throwing short to  Sanders.

On third and eight, Anderson again gets pressure, and is throwing to Jason Wright. Terrell Suggs reads the play, steps in front of Wright and picks off the ball. Suggs runs it in for a touchdown 42 yards. Sick.

The crowd chants "Brady… Brady… Brady…". It's hardly Anderson's worst game, but that play was horrible, and comes after four straight three-and-outs. Great games by Josh Cribbs and solid play by the defense isn't enough.


EIGHTH SERIES (BROWNS): The Ravens can just bring it now. On first down, as Derek Anderson is booed by fans, Terrell Suggs rushes into the backfield and smacks Anderson's pass up in the air, where it falls incomplete.

Anderson then completes a pass to Jason Wright 12 yards downfield at the Ravens 48.

With a first down, Anderson scrambles to his right and gets six to the Ravens 42. There is 2:25 left. On second and four, Anderson hits Syndric Steptoe, who drops the ball to make it third-and-four. Anderson is hit as he throws on third down, and the ball is incomplete to Steptoe, making it fourth-and-five.

From the shotgun, Anderson rolls right, throws across the field, and overthrows Jerome Harrison. The Ravens get the ball on downs. Most of the fans who aren't leaving seem to be booing.

NINTH SERIES (RAVENS): LeRon McClain gets three yards in front of an increasingly empty stadium as the two minute warning sounds.

McClain runs six yards to the Browns 49. The Browns take a timeout with 1:53 left. The big back gets the ball again and goes to the 47 for a first down. The clock ticks.

With the first down, Baltimore takes a knee, as the clock keeps ticking.

One more knee, and it's over.


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