Fan View: Typical

Jeff Biletnikoff seems to be getting a little cynical about these Browns... just a little...

Today had only one good thing about it. Pittsburgh plays Monday so the bar I was at was filled with mostly Browns fans with a few Buffalo fans sprinkled in. Lack of Yinzers was the only highlight to this putrid day.

As far as the game went.......

I couldn't, wouldn't and didn't get excited about the Browns win in Jacksonville as regular readers of my articles are aware.

I couldn't, wouldn't and didn't get excited about the Browns going up by 2 touchdowns today.

My fellow Browns fans gave me dirty looks when I told them "Watch, they'll blow it."

Many probably thought I was drunk.

Those same folks are probably in the process of getting drunk themselves now.

When you start with a bad product, isn't it amazing how you end up with a bad result?

What is that old saying? Garbage in equals garbage out?

The Browns blew a MUST win, AGAIN, this time at home. Derek Anderson wilted when it counted most. Braylon Edwards missed another TD pass that could have changed the complexion of the game.

A rookie QB, with a rookie RB led by a rookie coach put up 30 on the hapless defense.

LB Terrell Suggs added 7 of his own as he continues his one man wrecking crew ways on Cleveland.

Let's review.

Phil Savage drafted or signed most of this team.

Romeo Crennel coaches them.

When will Randy Lerner realize that the Savage/Crennel experiment is OVER?

The 2 most hated teams in Cleveland fans eyes have now beaten the Browns 3x, twice at home.

You know of course, who I speak of. Pittsburgh and the Ravens.

So, here we go again.

The season is over at the midway point, Cleveland is looking up at the Ravens and Steelers AGAIN and Browns fans are repeating "Just wait until next year," probably in a drunken stupor.

Can Randy Lerner make the move and give long suffering fans what we need and that is a Cowher-led team that might have a chance to turn things around sometime in our lifetime?

Remember Randy, when you're following the lead dog, the view never changes, but the smell always does.

Cleveland stinks.

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