Skinny Tidbits: Loser Edition

Sure, they changed the QB, but there are other problems that need to be addressed. Lane looks back at the loss to the Ravens, and offers his unique insight.

- The Cleveland pass defense, which had been reasonably solid since the season opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys, has been tried and tested over the past two games. The opposition is taking advantage of the man-to-man coverage and blitz recognition to move the ball effectively.

- Everybody loves the big play, but there is no reason CB Eric Wright didn't maintain inside coverage and stay on his feet on a Baltimore 28-yard TD pass.

- As the Browns defense has dialed up the pressure coming from LB's and DB's, the corners have become very aggressive. The Ravens receivers countered with driving routes, with an occasional double move.

- The Browns defensive line struggles terribly when NT Shaun Rogers is off the field; the lack of gap integrity and responsibility is alarming and the LB's are not solid enough to make plays with a body on them.

- Many fans were screaming for the Browns to line-up four and five receivers in the scheme and go pass-happy against the Baltimore defense. Sure, it may have been successful, but the Browns offense had a difficult time accounting for the Ravens defenders coming after the QB. Also, RT Kevin Shaffer had his hands full throughout the game and LT Joe Thomas has been far from dominating.

- Yes, the Cleveland offensive line struggles to open and maintain holes/blocks along the line. RB Jamal Lewis sees the hole but is not rocket-like quick to take advantage of the rare opportunities he has, which has been another costly issue for an offense which struggles to execute. The inability of this offensive line to maintain blocks is one of the more disappointing issues of the 2008 season to date.

- Dropped passes can create problems for even a good offense - imagine how detrimental this ongoing issue has been for a Browns offense that is wildly inconsistent.

- WR Braylon Edwards' drops are well-documented, but this Cleveland front office has failed in securing quality talent and depth at the position. The Cleveland passing game does not possess a serious threat to the opposition, especially when WR Donte Stallworth is out with another quad strain.

- No less than five occasions on Sunday, Kellen Winslow was open -- with a great deal of real estate ahead of him -- and the QB did not see the TE.

- Speaking of the QB, he is not responsible for this latest loss - but the story remains the same. QB Derek Anderson has not displayed the ability to play a complete game at a high level. A common theme to the 2008 season has been pressure: get the QB to perceive the pressure is greater than it is, and he'll rushes and won't see plays develop.

- One anonymous Browns player noted following the loss: "The Ravens know that they are in the head of the QB - all they have to do is play physically and the offense will cave under the pressure." Guess they were right!

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