Fan View: The Brady Quinn Band Aid

Jeff Biletnikoff believes that Monday's news will mean little until deeper changes are made...

Brady Quinn gets the start Thursday.


It's time for the team to evaluate if in fact their 2nd first round pick in 2007 is the future of the franchise.

I'm not sure about Quinn but I know that Derek Anderson is not the answer for a multitude of reasons.

However, this is like putting a band-aid on a severed artery.

The Browns are a broken organization from top to bottom, starting with Owner Randy Lerner.

Brady Quinn ignites some excitement into what is already a lost season.

Can't make the playoffs? No problem, you have the golden boy sitting on the bench that can come in and quiet the masses.

The Quinn move provides cover for the management team for the rest of the season as any bad games going forward can be written off as Brady Quinn just learning the job.

Make no mistake, this organization is going nowhere with Savage and Crennel.

They've had 3.5 seasons so far and what have the Browns under their leadership done?

Do they have a winning division record? No.

Have they beaten the Steelers yet? No.

Made the playoffs? No.

Overall winning record? No.

Does the team look like its on an upswing? No (quite the opposite).

The Browns were 10-6 last year with several pro bowlers and their record is worse than both Miami and Atlanta who picked #1 overall and #3 overall respectively this offseason.

And don't give me the Browns have a tougher schedule than those 2 teams crap.

First of all, 2 of the losses have come to Baltimore who have a ROOKIE QB under center. Baltimore wasn't even supposed to be in the same zip code as the Browns, much less beating them twice.

Second, if you are an up and coming elite team, you WIN games and make other teams worry about you instead of the other way around.

Nope. The Browns are doormats yet again.

As I said in my Sunday article the Browns are done until Savage and Crennel are out of there.

The Brady Quinn move will provide cover to this bad management team for the rest of the season but as far as I'm concerned this move is nothing more than re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

It looks productive but ultimately it won't be.

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