Crennel Said He Made the Call

From Berea, Fred Greetham reports on what's being said the day after the Browns decided to make a change at quarterback...

BEREA - It's election day and the Browns have made their choice.

It's Brady Quinn.

The move has been anticipated since the Browns traded a first and second-round draft choice on draft day 2007 in order to select the former Notre Dame star with the 22nd pick in the first round.

The announcement was made just hours after Romeo Crennel indicated that most likely no changes at the quarterback position would be made given the short week.

"Brady Quinn will start at quarterback on Thursday," he said. "I made the decision in the afternoon. It was like a combination of Monday and Tuesday with the short week. In the morning, I reviewed things and in the afternoon made the decision."

Crennel said he factored in several things.

"I felt like we needed a different dynamic on offense," he said. "I factored in our record, offensive ranking and production. I wanted to talk to the players before I talked to anyone else. I talked to (Derek) Anderson first. He was disappointed, but he's a professional and he will handle it.

"It's my decision," he said. "I informed the rest of the organization the decision I was making and I have the backing of the organization. We've been talking about this for a while. I try to be thorough in my decision.

"The play was inconsistent and we've been an inconsistent football team," he said. "The supporting cast plays a part in that."

Quinn will get his first NFL start and only second stint in the regular season. Last year, he was 3-of-8 for 45 yards in a series against the 49ers.

"There's a lot of work to get done in today and tomorrow," Quinn said. "I was somewhat surprised about the change, but I want to be prepared to get out there and make things happen."

Crennel is confident that Quinn will handle the bright lights of the national spotlight.

"Quinn is a professional and he was thankful for the opportunity, but he will handle it," he said. "I think the short week had nothing to do with (the decision). We're not throwing in the towel. We're going to beat Denver and move forward.

"I think Quinn will represent himself and the Browns," he said. "This has been a life long opportunity for him and I think he will do well."

Quinn said his primary task is to get on the same page as the offense.

"The biggest thing is to get on the same page."

Anderson said he was disappointed but stands by Quinn.

"I'm disappointed, obviously," he said. "I haven't played great. I expect more of myself, but we're 3-5 and this is a bottom line business.

"I'm behind (Quinn) and Brady will play well."

Crennel said Anderson will handle the situation.

"Anderson is a professional and he will be a good teammate to Brady as Brady was a good teammate for him."

Crennel thinks it will help Quinn that the Browns are at home.

"It might help the first game is at home because the crowd will be for him."

Crennel said that he can always go back to Anderson.

"I don't know that anything is ever permanent," he said. "We'll play the game and see how it plays out. I hope he doesn't fall on his face, but if he does, I can't play quarterback."


Injury Update: OL Eric Steinbach has a pulled muscle in is rib area. He won't practice Tuesday and is questionable for the game. Also, DL Shaun Rogers (ribs), FB Lawrence Vickers (ankle) and DL Corey WIlliams (shoulder) won't practice. WR Donte Stallworth (quad) is scheduled to practice.

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