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More behind the switch from DA to Quinn. More importantly, how is it going to effect the team on Thursday? How is it impacting the locker room's support of Crennel? More exclusive info...

- Having to throw backup QB Brady Quinn into the mix on a short week did not factor in the decision to start the second-year player. The belief is Quinn is as ready as he ever will be; he has worked hard and diligently for this opportunity -- which happens to be against one of the league's worst defensive units, the Denver Broncos.

- Some players in the locker room were surprised, but not shocked, with the decision to make a change at QB. In the past few weeks, the frustration level increased with every loss. Quinn is not perceived to be a savior in waiting, but rather a player with uncanny knowledge of the offense and a different type of voice in the huddle. Where Derek Anderson is one of the guys, Quinn in the huddle is more like "the guy" -- which may be beneficial for a Browns offense which has more than a fair share of voices in the huddle.

- Head coach Romeo Crennel did not tell the players of this decision in a meeting early on Monday, mainly due to the decision not being finalized until after another meeting between the head coach and the rest of the coaching staff in the afternoon.

- The decision to bench Anderson and start Quinn was not an easy one for Crennel. Crennel knew the feelings of many within the organization in recent weeks regarding the inconsistencies which hamper the Browns offense, but did not relent to pressure -- whether actual or perceived -- to start Quinn. The decision to start Quinn came from Crennel, and there was some influence to improve the chemistry and consistency of the unit.

- Don't expect miracles to happen overnight with the switch to Quinn at QB. Quinn has had limited practice time with the first unit and in terms of timing and communication -- there could be some struggles. What the change is expected to bring is a broader use of the tight ends and running backs in the passing scheme. All the staff is looking for is for Quinn to manage the offense, utilize the weapons and play smart football.

- When the Browns officially recognized the change at the QB position, Anderson was the first player to learn of the move. Oddly, it was Anderson who broke the news to Quinn - as well as a few other players on the roster.

- When contacting one unnamed player following the events of the day inside Browns camp, his reaction was, "Really, did you hear what coach (Crennel) said in his press conference? What the hell changed in a few hours - don't tell me, I already know - the man came down on coach. I really don't care, Brady can ball, we aren't done yet."

- Speculation persists that Anderson and TE Kellen Winslow have personal issues which prohibited the QB from making Winslow a factor in the offensive scheme. Not true; there is nothing of significance between the two players for them to co-exist.

- Crennel has challenged the team to play better and for a full sixty minutes. The head coach didn't need to push the point, as a select few in the locker room have raised the bar for this team and put any talk of playoffs to rest.

- A portion of the offensive players feel responsible for the benching of Anderson, and wonder if there is going to be further changes with the unit. At the present, nothing out of the ordinary is slated to change, although the offense may use a few wrinkles in the playbook which have not been utilized to this point on game day.

- Some speculate the game plan or playbook will be scaled down a bit for Quinn; in his initial start, the offensive staff may be a little more cautious to get the QB in a rhythm, but the playbook is not going to be minimized due to Quinn being positioned under center.

- WR Donte Stallworth is EXPECTED to play Thursday night against the Denver Broncos. The WR sat out last week due to a quad strain; this week, the staff does not appear poised to use the same precaution unless the WR pulls up lame in practice prior to the game.

- Starting OG Eric Steinbach is expected to sit out practice sessions over the next couple days due to a rib cartilage injury issue.

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