Fan View: A Loss of Perspective

Derek Anderson was treated poorly? Jeff B. has thirteen million reasons why he wasn't...

I'm not picking on Brady Quinn here. I actually don't know anything about him personally but, from what I can gather in the media, he seems like a team-oriented, unselfish type of guy that would be good to lead the Browns.

However, the quote I read from him today is something I commonly hear from young athletes in this day and age and it's just so stupid of them to say that I had to write about it.

When talking about Derek Anderson's situation...

"I feel for him," Quinn said. "I was upset for him. A lot of people see this as a sport and a business, but there's definitely friendships that extend way off the field. He's like family to me. So it's tough to see him go through that and see the way he was treated here."

How exactly was he treated?

He was treated to 13 million guaranteed (or somewhere in that neigborhood).

13 million dollars. Guaranteed. Well before his 30th birthday.

So, Derek Anderson is young, healthy, rich and set for life.

How exactly does that qualify as "tough" treatment?

It's not just limited to football players. I could throw my shoe through the TV everytime I see Phil Helmuth or Joe Hachem whine about a bad poker hand they've been dealt.

They have gotten unbelievably LUCKY to get millions of dollars in the bank for playing a game and they want to complain that their flush was beat with the last card.

When you're watching the stars of a major game on TV, whether its poker, football, baseball, basketball, etc, you are getting the elite of this world.

These people are insulated from the financial concerns that we have.

Do you think Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson care if the price of gas goes to $5/gallon? How about $6/gallon? I'm not thinking that they care if it goes to $100/gallon.

That's why its increasingly hard for me to root for these people.

When I hear statements like Brady Quinn's, which is not uncommon coming out of the mouths of today's athlete/stars, it just makes me cringe because, at the end of the day, Derek Anderson is a winner in life; it doesn't matter how you break it down, he did not get any kind of bad treatment, even if he was fired from the team and out of football tomorrow.

13 million guaranteed.

Listen, I'm not begrudging their good fortune. They made it big and they've definitely earned it, but stop throwing around statements that make it seem like Derek Anderson just got evicted and is on the streets.

You want to talk tough?

Tough is having 4 kids, a sick spouse that can't work and a 3rd shift convenience store gig on top of your regular job just to afford rising gas/food prices.

This may seem like an obvious take but, since they keep saying things like this, apparently its not to guys like Brady Quinn and the multitude of others who ought to realize what they're saying before they say it.

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