Browns-Ravens: Gameballs and Goats

The final tally... There are about 400 gameballs here with Josh Cribbs' name on 'em. CONTENT WARNING: Adult language (and plenty of it).


Player Gameballs
Josh Cribbs 400
Shaun Rogers 300
Phil Dawson 131
Kellen Winslow 50
D'Qwell Jackson 49
Derek Anderson 29
Brady Quinn 28


Ryno Zach and Miri (For Making a Porno)
-- Bill Cowher
-- Fans Who Hold Team Accountable
Eezer58 Grady Sizemore, Lebron James, Terrelle Pryor, Howie Feltersnatch, C.C. Sabathia
-- $1 hot dogs at McCarthy's
Lenke08 Who said anything about playoffs
Koesters BroDawg
-- Braylon Northcutt
-- My Aunt Marcy
Spectre Mr. Jack Daniels
-- Fans - for sticking with this organization (They can't know how hard this has become)
Mulekicker3 $5 foot long!!!!!!!!
FLADAWG1 Jamal Lewis Gets Honorable Mention
manoafats Brady not having to throw to Stonehands Edwards
D.A the 1 year wonder Brady Quinn
-- Shaun Rogers' back for carrying the defense
-- Rey Maualuga
irishmutt once again the fans and josh cribbs
-- Fans for putting with this crap
-- me and my dad for watching
-- Brady Quinn for being Patient. Its your time right now hopeully.
Derek Anderson - and I SUCK!!!! Every Pizza Shaun Rogers ever ate!!
freebradyquinn Donte "sitonmyass&cashmycheck" Stallworth
mdr Once again, the fans for putting up with this crap for 44 years.
DixieDawg My pork ribs
Ron Dikhard Sanity: For benching DA....our offense sucks....Qbs are the first to go
-- BroDawg
CantonDawg Baltimore Defense
-- Harrison
-- Me 4 still watching this bulls**t product of a team


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 393
Braylon Edwards 318
Romeo Crennel 157
Rob Chudzinski 59
All Coaches 40
Entire Defense 27
Sean Jones 27


WatchdogXC Chud
-- Second half defense
-- 5 hour energy - that shit isn't working Braylon you M$(#$R FU$K#$
-- Obama (he has them already)
-- Did the O line show up?
-- announcers
nickygee DA's dad & RAC playskool headphones
Eezer58 Jay Knecht, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Carson Palmer, Ceara Barr
RAC's Rack Donte Stallworthless's $5 million groin injury
-- The ratbirds coach for giving the game ball to JUDAS.
-- DA's game management (cough) skills(?)
NCbeachDawg The fourth quarter
armydawg Edwards and K2
Lenke08 Cleveland browns 2009?????
-- ura homo
turkey jones lives Randy Lerners empty sack
-- 3rd and 16 Conversion
-- Derek Anderson
avonlakebacker73 Edwards' hands
-- crennel- bench anderson
ramboDawg BE DA repeat!
-- chudzinski
me Romeo Crennel, Rob Chudzinski, Romeo Crennel, Mel Tucker, Romeo Crennel, Derek Anderson, Romeo Crennel, Braylon Edwards, Romeo Crennel, Terry Cousin, Phil Savage for SIGNING Terry Cousin, Brandon McDonald, Eric Wright, Romeo Crennel
WhosGonnaDriveYouHome Phil Savage for not seeing that DA was a one trick pony last year
-- Defense
BuckeyeInDenver Kevin Harlan
Spectre Derek Anderception for revealing himself one quarter too early
-- With a few exceptions basically all Browns Players, Management and Coaches
future bengals fan Randy Lerner
Mulekicker3 Whoever decides not to use Harrison
FLADAWG1 The defense see below comments
DAWGDC Andra Davis, Romeo Crennel
D.A the 1 year wonder RAC
-- Bad DA; coaching and playing not to lose
-- The "Drunk, like Saturday Night Preseason drunk, Guy" who spilled beer on my seat and passed out BEFORE KICKOFF!!
irishmutt coaches,braylon edwards
idrthrbncleve Braylon the Loser
-- Chud and the Offense
Slug69 Derek Anderson, of course!
-- Michigan WRs
-- All Coaches, Crennel, Chud and Lerner, McDonald, Braylon you Stink, you don't deserve the money you are getting. Trade in your Bentley, You are not Will Smith.
-- Rob Chudzinski, Brandon Mac Donald, Eric Wright
-- Defense on third downs (third and longs)
-- Brownsfans for being so loyal that Lerner doesn't need to build a winning team to make money
Derek Anderson - and I SUCK!!!! Attention Whore Dawg Pound Mike
freebradyquinn Romeo's parents for not using birth control
mdr Dave Zastudil - 20 yard punt? Are you effing kidding me?
DixieDawg Phil Fulmer
-- Browns Fans
-- "tackling'
-- art modell and his bastard david
Ron Dikhard K2 for playing....we would have won had he not played
-- ESPN and everyone else fueling the Brady slurpfest
-- Barry McBride for Limiting the Goats to Only Three Selections
Naxos DA needs more than one.
CantonDawg Browns
-- Offensive and Defensive coordinators.
-- a$$h**e ratbird fan behind me at the bar


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
WatchdogXC Josh Cribbs almost singlehandedly won this game with his KR TD, lots of yards on other returns and a bunch of special teams tackles. I really think he could have gotten a few more first downs if we had run the flash package. Rogers was beastly again as well and Winslow had a good game also.
BigDaddy78 Cribbs gets my only ball, he showed up, and did the deal.
Heywood Jablome The NFL should shrink by four teams. No more wretched parity and stupid play. Shrink down the league and get rid of marginal players, coaches, OWNERS, and even announcers. I am feeling homicidal after one shi++y game after another, no matter which lousy games are on. Send DA to some damned Soviet gulag to eat eyeball soup for the rest of his life.
-- Every week Cribbs, Hall and Rogers give stellar performances. HAIL TO ALL!
kraze special teams and rogers is all we got.
-- there are a couple who deserve game balls, cribbs and rogers, but i just cant after this debacle. i feel empty.
-- Cribbs, what can you say? He seems to be one of two players that comes to play every week. Does everything ask of him. With this season in the tank,why not use him more in the offense more. At least he would give 100%,which is more than anyone else. Rogers, where would we be without him on the line. Like Cribbs he comes to play on every down. Cant say enough good things about him.
heidelbergdawg Cribbs is showing why he was a Pro Bowler.
Rogers is a monster.
tdhall Cribbs and Smith are awesome and only due to their play get game balls. No one else. See goat horns for the bottom line to this game.
Wileyfox Cribbs is back, Rogers is an animal, and old Phil is reliable.
docramos Rogers is the best dl I've seen in a long time. Jackson was making plays at or near the los, now we need another inside lb because i didn't see Davis all day. Cribbs special teams play on both sides of the ball remains a thing of beauty.
Eezer58 Can we start talking about the Draft?
RAC's Rack Which QB was the pro-bowler? Oh, not the Ravens. The browns should get a new quarterback. Why don't they try to use a first round pick on a QB?... What's that, they did? Why don't they ever play him then.
-- Rodgers on defense. But I'm sure the big man won't last the season playing alone.
-- I'm melting, mellllllllllllltttiiiiiiinnnnngggggg!
armydawg Cribbs can do anything, Rogers is a monster, Phil: You Rock!
-- Josh Cribbs is back! Shaun Rogers is a beast, if we were a contender he would be a Defensive Player of the Year candidate.
-- time for Quinn the season is lost AGAIN
Lenke08 Well Phil Dawson did was awesome with that 54yrd kick he made. Dave Zastudil earned his paycheck like crazy. I have to give DA one for some odd reason. Sure he threw that interception at the end of the game but its not all his fault that Edwards didn't catch a 3rd and long pass. DA i felt did great just our  WR are not to hot.
-- Fans hang in again, only to be disappointed!
turkey jones lives Other than Cribbs, a gameball today is like pointing to a spot on a turd that doesn't have a fly on it.
-- Cribbs, Rogers, Lewis, Jackson and Pool all earned them today as well as every other player on the Offense other than Anderson and Edwards..  Talk about stepping onto the field with a handicap every week..
-- No gameballs when you lose a 14 point lead in the third quarter.
-- if not for cribbs this would've been a blowout. great job all day
obiestigers Josh should make the PRO BOWL, again.
No one, else, gets a ball.
AlamoDawg1 Josh Cribbs hands down is the best special teamer in the NFL! He's always in on the plays and always making plays when returning the ball! Way to keep us in this game!
iupuiguy82 Cribbs is AMAZING!!! Rogers is a man among boys on that D-line.
-- Brady Quinn gets my 3rd gameball for refusing to say anything stupid to the media when it's clear that he should be the starting QB. Coach Wes Welker would have gotten my game ball if he would have jumped Anderson's case after the petulant QB screamed at him on National Television.
-- Does it really matter anymore?
WhosGonnaDriveYouHome Cribbs, Rogers, Dawson. The heart and soul of this team and why I continue to watch. I can't say enough good things about them.
-- Couldn't come up with a third game ball so I went with Pontbriand - the only consistent professional on this team.
-- we got a good team lets get go of the losers startin wit da all lowercase
BuckeyeInDenver Cribbs is downright heroic on special teams. If it wasn't for him on that kick return for TD and punt return to the 20, we wouldn't have been close enough for Anderson to choke it away.

I can't believe we used to bitch about Dawson not having a big leg. That 54 yard bomb was straight as an arrow and would have been good from at least 60.

And Shaun Rogers continues to be a beast. I expect to see him stomping a Japanese city flat in the off-season. The guy's freaking Godzilla.
-- Josh needs to take DA's place as Romeo maybe will play him. Shaun Rogers greatness.
-- Our 3 stooges//// I mean Pro Bowlers... Derek (cant hit the side of a barn standing 1 yard away) Anderson, and Braylon (look at me, look at me oops I dropped that because I have other shit on my mind)Edwards and Kellon (IM always open but if I catch it Ill get a penalty afterwards for doing some lame candyass childest bullshit) Winslow. All suck each others ****, and cant muster up a I.Q.over 12 combined.....Dont even get me started about that big black walking, talking, and definetly eating turd they call a coach....
-- I voted for her because her 70th birthday party got me out of watching this farce
Spectre Cribbs was a beast - easily special teamer of the week. Rogers should receive heavy consideration for Defensive PotY if he keeps this up. And to Brady - keep holding that clipboard with pride, your day will come.
-- If it wasn't for Josh Cribs and Shaun Roger, there would be no reason to cheer for the Browns and this is coming from a 61 year old fan that has displayed his colors even when his office to include managers were big time Steeler fans. But I think I am finally starting to wear down, I will still follow the Browns but until they show up and start winning on a regular basis I am going to do my best to not get emotionally involved. Lone voice in SC. GH
-- Big Baby is the "D" roght now!!! To bad our offense stinks....
future bengals fan Shaun Rogers is a absolute beast. Hopefully he plays this inspired for the next coaching staff.
brownsclown Josh Cribbs set the table, made tackles and kept us from a blow out loss. Shaun Rogers and D'Qwell Jackson, just imagine how bad our defense would be without those two. It seems if a play is made, one of those two, if not both are at the bottome of the pile.
thehollismaniac Anderson was awesome for 3 quarters. Rogers is the best defensive lineman the Browns have had since The Return. Josh Cribbs performed at a Pro Bowl level.
FLADAWG1 At least these 4 showed they came to play.
-- Cribbs is the only person who consistently produced today. On both sides of special teams.. Other than a false start on a punt, that led to a FG by the Ratbirds, Cribbs could do no wrong. Great coverage and tackles and 4 good returns on Kickoff and punt returns. Good to see Josh back
-- Rogers for President; Cribbs for VP. Worth every dollar.
DAWGDC There are several players on this who actually care about winning and not being a national ICON like Braylon I can't catch Edwards..those players are Josh, Cribbs, Shaun Rogers, Jamal Lewis and Steve Heiden. Cribbs and Rogers leave on the field every Sunday like they did this Sunday. Kellen does his thang as always. Jamal ran hard as usual and Heiden continues to be the ultimate professional...wish we had a whole team like that!!! Time for Brady.... GO CLEVELAND!!!!
Norman KW. All he does is show up and catch the ball.
D.A the 1 year wonder I give my game ball to Brady for being able to put up with ths B.S> for as long as he has.
-- Focus, Focus, Focus.. these guys do and it shows... such a shame they are the same team with so many slacklers who feed off their efforts. Great job of open field tackles (groan, moan) Everybody is going to blame da, but he had no support from 2 lousy receivers living off last year. For players that "love" their coach those bums have a funny way of showing it. Good thing that lerner won't learn of the defeat until next year and savage is too busy scouting(?), running his mouth to trade or sign a real wr/lb. Have a nice day :-(
-- I hope Shaun does not throw his back out from carrying the defense.
-- Cribbs, freaking wow. Great game man.
-- Maybe Cribbs could play Quarterback,
-- Great to see Cribbs get his 5th! I wish everyone on the team played with as much heart and desire!Dawsons kick would have been good from 65 WOW!!
irishmutt the fans for putting up with this crap and cribbs for being a damn good football player
CoopDawg Shaun Rogers is a beast! Alex Hall is better than K. Wiffery. Harrison has shown the ability to be a gamebreaker and they have him guarding the water cooler.
Harpster Rogers & Cribbs get one. meh.
-- WTF
BulldogDad Without Cribbs, we get blown out early - great to see him back at 100%. Shaun Rogers should be a Pro Bowl lock. Phil D. for the 54-yarders, and his years of consistent excellence.
Willy 15 Shawn Rogers deserves to be in the Pro Bowl for his consistent play. Josh Cribbs is back to normal, and Phil Dawson kicked his longest. Although, there were others who made plays, those same players made major blunders. The above were consistently good.
Slug69 What a great long snapper Ryan Pontbriand is!!! Especially with all the punting we do!!!!
-- Rogers..another monster game. a better special teams player in the league. I can't. of the few constants on this team.
-- GameBall once again to the Cleveland Browns fans the only ones who deserve it putting up with thie crap football every week.
ChiTownBrown It's tough to find players to give a gameball to especially with the end results, but Rogers, Cribbs and Jackson always appear to give 100%
-- Offense or defense, he was the best we had
-- hard to find one for the offence, winslow only gets if by default.
-- These are the only guys playing consistently. The other guys lack energy, not sure why???
5 Hour Energy Sucks Josh and Shaun..the only two guys worth a damn...AGAIN!!!!
mdr Josh Cribbs for singlehandedly trying to win it. Shaun Rogers - Manster - Half Man, Half Monster. The production of the D line goes down 100% when he is getting a breather.  Alex Hall - because he's is hustling on every play that he is in - now that were out of the playoffs, maybe we'll see a lot more of him.
-- Rogers is the best defensive lineman in the NFL
Cribbs is excellent! New contract please
Dawson is Mr. Consistent
-- I feel bad for Shaun Rogers. A man amongst boys on a slow and uncoordinated defense.
DixieDawg We suck monkey balls. I know that's not an eloquent summation of the crap we perpetually put on the gridiron, but, pi**. We suck.
-- JT kept DA clean for most of the game vs Suggs. Rogers only bright spot on D
Cribbs was Cribbs thank god.
Ron Dikhard Rogers and Cribbs....nuff said
-- Lerner deserve a gameball for not going UFC all over over the luxury suite after watching that debacle
ccclay57 Cribbs was the only reason we in the game. Rogers was Rogers and Willie played one of his best games as a Brown.
Naxos Quinn for giving me hope for the future. K2 for showing some heart and Shaun Rogers for just being a beast.
-- No Gameballs
Dixiedawgg Cribbs' returns improving; he is close to being back to last year's form. Nice to see Phil kick deep on kickoffs, and more importantly drill the 54 yd. FG. Kudos for Seth McKinney filling in adequately for Eric Steinbach
-- Only one that deserves it!!
-- I'd really like to know who is responsible for keeping Harrison on the bench so much.
-- Cribbs was special, Shaun Rogers continues to dominate, & RAC had them prepared and in position to put away the game & then come back.
phelix17 Cribbs is our offense and defense.
-- Josh is back, without him the game would have been lost in the first half. Sean Rogers still a beast with no signs of slowing down. Jackson was allover the field making plays.


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
WatchdogXC Romeo is terrible, Chud ran the prevent offense, Edwards dropped a great pass by DA and then DA decided to just end the game.
stonecolddawg DumbA$$ deserves the Hat-Trick here.
BigDaddy78 This team is done.
-- The offense earned the blame but we DID have a 14pt lead at one point
Heywood Jablome This is getting to be too disgusting to care about.
-- Too ill to comment. Going to bed.....sleep this off.
ChayDawg It's time to get a coaching staff in here that plays to win, not just to come close.
-- Wright can't cover...he stares at the WR instead of watching the QB. It is a shame because he COULD be a playmaker. DA stinks...BQ will be terrible too - neither are accurate and we are doomed. Andra Davis does NOTHING. Even McGinest made a rare contribution as part of a defense that gaves 175+ rushing yards to a team with a rookie QB. The BROWNS SUCK - players, coaches and organization. Sad but it is what it is.
kraze where in the hell did wimbley go? it seems like we are playing with ten.
-- everyone. that was freakin pathetic
-- The fans, for being as clueless as the head coach. You can toss another qb under the bus(couch). but if we can't stop the run, can't stop the pass, can not establish the run. hold onto the ball, have any imagination in play calling or have team physically & mentally prepared. You could have Montana back there and we would still be in a struggle against a rookie qb, rb & headcoach. They are the Cleveland Browns not the Cleveland D.A.s
-- Crennel is in over his head.Why cant he see the by sticking with Anderson the Browns are doomed.
Anderson is IMO the worst QB in Browns history. Chudzinski is not the answer as OC. Edwards cant be trusted to be are #1 WR. Our DBs look lost much to often.
-- Derek Anderson once again has shown that when the team needs him the most he will fall apart. It's Quinn time!!!
heidelbergdawg Edwards is the new Drop-Cutt. Crennel and Chud-why go so conservative with the lead? Keep attacking and go for the kill.
tdhall Gave horns in the correct order. RAC, he is ultimately responsible for taking a talented roster and turning it into an embarrassment. I've stuck by him for a long time but now firmly entrenched in the get a new coach camp. BA, moments of brilliance are not enough. Should have been removed long ago (see RAC comments). BE. I liked his passion when Fry was QB and like DA has moments of looking like an elite WR. Unfortunately he not. Elite receivers make all the easy catches and lots of the tough ones. BE misses most of the easy and catches some tough ones. As much as I dislike DA as a QB, you can't blame him for either incomplete to BE. Now, I just want to take this moment to thank The Browns organization for giving me an off season with higher expectations than any season since the franchise returned then end the season in game nine. Way to treat a fan of over 50 years. F*** you very much. Unlike DA, I am consistent and still a fan. Just saddened and embarrassed.
Wileyfox Might as well just put Romeo (Can't wait till your gone) and DA (Gomer Pyle - I'd like to smack that stupid grin off your disgusting face) down every week for the rest of the season. Sean Jones - you looked horrible!!!
nickygee Goathors to RAC because he never coaches, BE cause he couldn't catch a steph infection in the training room if it was needed, DA's dad cause he did'nt teach his son to throw a football in the backyard.
-- Can I vote for Braylon three times? He lost the game for us.
docramos Edwards needs stickum, or he is the second coming of Roberto Duran, the hands of stone. Anderson is too inconsistent. Andra Davis has been all buut invisible this season.
Eezer58 Who's frying bologna?
-- Grieveland Browns. The season ended. And so did I.
-- The strong saftey is a PU$$Y. Missed open field tackle, other teams rb runs over him for a td.# 55 to old to slow and too stupid,stealing the money. Cut that Pu$$y wr stallworth who is also stealing the money. Sign some good players now.
-- Well, maybe I'm just still hungover, but this team has once again shaken my eternal optimism to its foundations. It actually hurts more to have a team that should be good disappoint that to have a terrible team exceed my low expectations. Bring in Quinn, hire Cowher, change the uniforms, trade for Bryant Mckinnie, what the hell ever. This team just needs to do something to let us know they're still trying to put quality on the field.
armydawg You all suck! I am tired of having this team break my heart year in and year out. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't be able to produce a good product 9 years back into the league.
-- This should just be called the Anderson-Edwards-Crennel Goat Award
Lenke08 Yeah donte stallworth is so injury prone its not even funny so he gets a game ball because right now he is doing nothing for this organization except just get a great few at the game. B-Easy is a toll and he cant catch a ball that lands perfectly in his hands but can make all the hard catches. The defense lost the game for us. Sure they had sparks of light but then they relized that they had a huge lead and they relaxed.
-- Why can't the coaching staff match the effort of the players and fans! Time has come today, changes must be made.
-- I've got nothing left to add.
-- how do you get up by two touchdowns and then go into a prevent defense??
somebody needs fired! and take Anderson with you and please trade Edwards for some quality defensive backs....PLEASE!!!!!
turkey jones lives Hey Braylon - Brian Sipe called, he wants his number back. Beeotch.
-- Killer instinct. That's what the players had, but the coaches lacked. Taking out your first string defense in the middle of the third quarter for six plays is begging for a change in game balance. Then playing conservatively on offense at the same time keeps you out of the game! You failed your players this time, coaches.
-- RAC, Anderson and Edwards with no-one else even close to those three most weeks.. WHY are any of them let alone all three still employed by the Cleveland Browns??? It's truly difficult to even try and imagine how bad this offense would be if all 11 players out there performing as inconsistently and poorly as Anderson and Edwards do game in and game out... You want a silver lining?? That's our silver lining for this season.. There's actually 9 other players on the field still trying in spite of those two..
-- Why even have Jerome Harrison on the team? There is no point to it. Give up two third and longs coupled with Edwards inability to catch a perfectly thrown bomb. Unbelievably sad and pitiful 4th quarter performance.
-- This was all on the coaching staff. Too conservative an offense; too conservative a defense. Add in a typical Anderson performance of being mediocre for 3 quarters, and you have a 14 point lead turned into a loss. This fish stinks from the head down.
-- The offensive game plan was "offensive".
-- although i can't pin this loss totally on da i'll give him part of the credit for being inconsistent, chud ,you suck........nobody runs on the ravens. how about more passes on 1st down ? braylon, just catch the fu534657 ball and we keep momentum and win the game. you BOYS need to grow up.
obiestigers Another let down/breakdown by DA. sigh
ramboDawg be sucks !
da sucks and blows !
AlamoDawg1 Braylon once again you prove you cannot catch the easy ones! Derek -- you finally have an int that was not negated by penalty and it cost us the game!
Chud where in the heck did you put your head in the 4th -- run, run, pass, punt; run, run, pass, punt;, run, run, pass, punt!
TheShank S. Jones got punked twice on scoring plays.
SickoftheBrowns Time for Anderson to take a seat and see what Quinn can do. It cant be any worse!!!
-- Romeo must go! And take Anderson with him.
iupuiguy82 Once again DA has a mediocre game, but not all his fault...King Edwards has now become the court jester....J.Lewis wouldn't side step if his life depended on it!!! Where is Harrison??? WTF are the coaches doing???
-- P A T H E T I C
-- Pathetic team effort
-- Andra Davis might be the worst starting LB in the NFL, but Crennel's insistence in going down with Anderson as his QB is the epitome of stupidity so he gets my 3rd vote.

I hope the next coach isn't so stubborn and is willing to make a change when its staring him in the face.
-- And the beat goes on.
Maybe Winslow wants the ball so much because he realizes Braylon cant catch a cold.
As for Romeo, he was beaten by a rookie head coach, a rookie, running back, and a rookie quarterback.
So much for his 29 years of coaching experience. Get rid of this piece of crap.
WhosGonnaDriveYouHome Derek Anderson doesn't have any heart or any guts. It shows time and again during crunch time. Quarter to quarter and play to play this guy is just good enough to get you beat. He's not a coach killer he's a franchise killer. People must be asking if we're cursed. The curse wears #3 folks.
Heywood Jablome This is getting to be too disgusting to care about.
-- time to let lowercase da go.....lets move on,,,,,,,,well hey if we can't see da is lowercase then we need let go of coach
BuckeyeInDenver Thanks a lot, CBS. Since you assigned that bellowing jackass Kevin Harlan to our game, I had to watch the whole thing with the sound off or risk having blood pour out my ears.

And thanks even more, Romeo, for continuing to torture us with Anderson. The guy is simply incapable of performing under pressure and doesn't have it between the ears or in the heart to be a starting QB. Beyond the horrendous screen pass, what was with him celebrating and running off the field after Dawson's kick when there was still time left in the 1st half, and he couldn't complete a damn pass to get Dawson closer than 54 yards? What's there to be happy about, idiot?
-- DA please go away. DA shrinkage makes George Costanza look huge. DA like a delicate ballerina.
-- Time for Brady Quinn. Enough covering Phil's butt for not getting a 1st and 3rd for DA when he had the chance.
-- The three above should in no way be on this team.. They need to play out their contracts and go to solid teams that at least have a chance to win. Like the RAVENS who with their rookie Q.B. just made the CLOWNS look gay as hell. The Cleveland Browns... Worlds best comedy act ever.. Best joke? Derek Anderson as a pro bowler..... HA. HA. HA. HA.
-- All of these nominated goats are strictly minor leaguers. Send them all to Oakland.
Spectre That was some epic failure it took to throw away a game that was so far in the bag. Braylon's drops, DA's 2nd pick 6 to cost us another game vs. Baltimore, horrible preservation of the lead... ugh, why does it hurt so much?
-- Lerner should sell this team. He has no clue how much the Browns means to us. Next year? My a$$.
-- As a devoted fan for as long as I can remember (I am 61 years old), the Browns organization is finally wearing me down. I won't go into the numerous times we have had our heart ripped out and stepped on but you could write a book as thick as a Steven King novel. I will continue to be a Browns Fan for life but that doesn't mean the I have to purchase tickets and travel over 1200 miles round trip to see them play. I won't buy any more merchandise or get emotionally involved until the show me they care about their fans and play like they refuse to lose. I don't like to throw everyone into one statement like that because there are a handfull of player that care and try every week. It is time to let Donte Stallworth go, why pay him when he doesn't play and while I was pulling for Anderson, it is time to give Brady a chance for the final 8 games.
-- My god when will they (front office) wake up and drop DA and then RC....he has the worse record of any HC in the NFL against teams in his div...
future bengals fan Its time to pull the plug on Romeo. If he won't bench Anderson, find someone that will.
brownsclown If you look up inconsistent in the dictionary Derek's picture is there. We will never win regularly with that type of play. The D-backs really played poorly after being pretty good in previous games. I have never put Romeo in here before, but the team is struggling and he won't "shake it up" a little, just a little Romeo, Quinn, Hall, Harrison, give us something, anything.
-- Randy Lerner for continuing to let s--t spiral out of control. Fire Savage, Crennel and please sit DA.
thehollismaniac The defense once again could not stop the run- that cost this team the game. BRAYLON EDWARDS HAS TO CATCH THAT DEEP BALL FROM ANDERSON- END OF DISCUSSION. That drop nullified an otherwise solid performance by #17. The pass protection faded late in the game and needs to improve, the Browns once again could not run the football for shit.
FLADAWG1 How do you allow a rookie RB and QB to look all pro against a team that is supposedly better? The coaches played bend don't break on both sides. they better learn to play to win.
-- It is hard to just select Derek...But when it all comes down to it, you pay a QB to win when you have a chance, and when Cleveland had the chance to at least tie it, D.A was not on the same page as Jason Wright or the rest of the offense. It should not have come to this, as Cleveland should've been able to just pound it out, but when the game came on the line, DA did not deliever. But I do think our entire D could not hold sub par running game and made Flacco look like an all pro QB.
-- Braylon & DA need to find the bench. Lerner needs to get on the horn and get Cowher here immediately. I can't stand the incompetence any longer.
DAWGDC Anderson has no football IQ what whatsoever. I could careless about a big arm or the fact that he's 6'6 I said it last week, if you don't trust your QB in the 4th Quarter why start him? He's freaking clueless about winning the experiment should be over!!!! Braylon....if you can quit looking at your commercials and play football we would be such a good team!!! You can't catch a cold and you can't make a big play to say your life!!! Trade him and #3 and get us some draft picks for 2009!!! Romeo can't coach. Andra Davis has no instincts as a middle linebacker right before the 2 minute warning he goes and blocks someone instead of meeting the RB in the hole...allow him to go PLEASE tired OF SEEING HIM ON THE FIELD!!!! Terry Cousin is just picking up a check each time he's on the field and I'm tired of seeing his BUM BUTT as well!!! TIME FOR BRADY!!!!
usnldodawg I had more... just my top three!
Firesomeone It is time for Quinn. Anderson is not a leader, gets rattled, and is inconsistent.
Norman DA. Any average quarterback can do what he does. Were any of his TD passes special? NO. He lost the game for us along with the coaching.
D.A the 1 year wonder Romeo is a joke. Anderson and Edwards are 1 year wonders. And Phil Savage is not trailing to far behind.
kosar1985 This was a tough one since there was so many goathorns this week!
-- Guess it's to much of problem to focus for 60 min when you're practing your td moves or counting your money instead of catching the ball or making an open field tackle. If I had my way, be,k2 and whimbly would be in the unemployment line or at last bench 'em for a couple of weeks perhaps that would send a message. But then what the hell, this is Cleveland, who expects a winner? We are just dumb fans who shell out money so the owner can buy overseas soccar clubs and a gm can scout (?) and waste draft choices... btw, we should have some choices next year... lucky us :-(
-- Welcome back bad DA and Butterfingers Edwards! If only games ended after three quarters. Great strategy giving Flacco all day to throw the ball. That worked well.
-- I'm tired of waiting to see if Brady Quinn can play - already know that DA cannot.
-- Jones had a terrible game. So did Anderson. Edwards deserved a gh, but Tucker does more. This season is over. Time to bring in the kid.
-- Where is Brady & a new head coach
-- i cannot wait until Rey Maualuga wears orange and brown!
-- Sean Jones made so many mistakes yesterday that I lost count.
irishmutt lousy play calling from the coaches, no excuses from edwards
-- two running plays and pass not once, not twice, not three times, but every time
CoopDawg Derek Anderson f-ing sucks the sweat off a deadmans balls. As long as he starts the Browns will suck.
Harpster Nice pick-6 DA... and you get two Edwards, one for each drop. You guys suck.
idrthrbncleve What Braylon Edwards is not: a good player, a pro-bowl player, able to catch the ball, a starting caliber player, worth a third rounder (so take it if you can get it). Bench him for Sanders or Cribbs or Hubbard.
-- WTF, how do we lose that game
BulldogDad When the going gets tough, Derek Anderson wets himself. Just catch the effing ball, Edwards. Chud gets a horns for Carthonesque playcalling, and the seeming unwillingness to use weapons like Cribbs and Harrison.
Willy 15 Romeo says he plays Derek Anderson because he gives the Browns the best chance to win. I say he gives the Browns the best chance to lose. He's proven that more than Romeo's thinking on the subject. Braylon needs a shrink to figure out why he can't focus on catching the ball. He's dropped more than any other player in the NFL. Playing Derek and not Brady Quinn plus hardly playing Jerome Harrison at all lands a Goathorn for Romeo. I like Jamal, but I believe the Browns would be better served by using all three backs in rotation more to give the offense more variety and the Defense more problems. I'm very upset with this loss because they should have won it.
-- Hey Braylon...where did you learn to catch the freaking ball? Oh that's right, YOU HAVEN'T!
-- catch the damn ball
-- Again Anderson and crew stink another game up. Again I am calling for Romeo Crennel to be fired and Derek Anderson led to the bench for his inconsistent play. This was game number 8. Haven't we seen enough of Anderson already? I say play Brady Quinn the rest of the season to see what we have. Who knows what we have now in Quinn as he has been rotting on the bench the last 2 seasons. I say hire Bill Cowher for 2009. Start the negotiations now!!!!!! One Other Thing- - - NO OBAMA!!!!
-- When are we going to realize that we have a QB playing with a high school mentality that can only see 1 receiver on the field? Chudzinski obviously doesn't understand what type of personal he has.
HaterH WTF was that! I'm sick of seeing DA fold up like a lawnchair in important parts of games. I swear he just says f**k it, I'll throw a pick here so I can go home. He is a heartless, gutless pussy. Derek Lawnchair must go!
ChiTownBrown The words that I would like to use to describe DA, The Crennelephant and Opie would most likey get censored. I'm 64 years old and my one bright spot with the Browns was in 1964. I am totally overwhelmed with the absolute ineptitude displayed by Browns coaches and management. I'm a diehard Browns fan, but this garbage, that has been purported to be an NFL team, has totally disgusted me. I used to get upset with "Martyball", but I'd welcome Schottenheimer back in a New York second! RAC may be a nice guy, the players love him, it has been stated that they would run through a wall for him...too bad they won't block, tackle, catch, throw or execute for him. The Browns need a legitmate experienced HQ that can tutor, coach, evaluate talent without flipping a coin and communicate to the fans without saying.."if we make a couple more plays, we can win some games!"
oldergoat WTF? We're up 2 touchdowns so we drop what works and go the the prevent defense at the end of the 3rd so we get beat by 10? Pull your head out of your asses, coches!!
-- Don't know whether a Coach is eligible, but if so, Crennel wins hands down for not trying Brady Quinn at QB. If a Coach is not eligible, Mr. Braylon Edwards earned his Horns and can get into his Brentley & drive to his Doctor's office and/or his Therapist.
bitterbrownsfan How can someone who's only fricking job is to catch a ball, drop it when it is thrown RIGH IN HIS HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derek Anderson - and I SUCK!!!! Hey more bone head, huh??? F U. Hey McDonald....better spread some jam on your uniform for Thursday's game....because you were TOAST yesterday!!!
-- The whole team minus wright  cribbs, and rogers, should get the horms.
-- Kamerion Wimbley has become a libility on defense, he can't tackle in the open field and only has on move rushing the QB, that is getting driven into the ground by the OFF. Tackle. What good is Donte Stallworth if he never plays... Derek Anderson is a QB with a big arm that lacks big game or moment saavy.
-- Nice punt. Nice coverage. And, nice catch! Pitiful!
5 Hour Energy Sucks re·ceiv·er [ri-see-ver] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. a person or thing that receives.
2. Football. a player on the offensive team who catches, is eligible to catch, or is noted for the ability to catch a forward pass: Jones was the receiver of the first pass thrown. He sent all his receivers downfield
mdr DA - can't handle any pressure, can't mount a comeback, can't make good decisions, can't lead when the team is down. Bub-eye. Hopefully the team can get a 5th rounder for him!

Braylon Edwards - 2 words: YOU SUCK! Maybe we can get a 3rd rounder for this idiot if Phil can sucker, I mean negotiate, with another team. I hate this guy more and more every game. 2007 was a complete fluke. Pro bowl my azz.

All Coaches - once again, you were out coached by a rookie. You all need to be fired immediately because this team is woefully unprepared week in and week out. The game day "coaching" is horrific. As I said at the bar when DA threw the int - well at least next year we'll have a new coach! And maybe a 4-3 defense.
-- Should send Stallworhless to the practice squad and let paul hubbard see some playing time
-- Crennel has lost the team
Chudzinski's play calling was terrible
The O-Line played their worst game
Derek Anderson needs to be on the bench
Braylon's drops are killing this team
Sean Jones played like he still has a concussion
-- Stone Hands Edwards needs to be benched. If you want Brady Quinn on the field, put him at WR. May be an upgrade.
DixieDawg Pi** on em all.
-- Sickening that in our own stadium our own team gets boo'd. You don't know what it means to be fans.
-- No Mas Braylon, No mas. This team(other than Cribbs) can't tackle. How many times do we hit somebody in the backfield and they manage to get 2,3,or 4 yards after contact(even clean contact). Way to mix up that play calling. Who would ever expect Lewis off-tackle on 1st down?
-- This defense is the worst. RAC should be ashamed of himself along with Mel Tucker the stupid mutha Fu--er. How can you let two rookies kick your azz is beyond me.There is not one player on the D that is a pro besides Shawn Rogers.Just a bunch of SISSIES who can't cover, tackle or wrap up anybody. Ray-RAY is a FA next year along with Suggs and Bart Scott.Get rid of DAVIS,WILLIE,SEAN JONES,DQUELL,WIMBLEY,S SMITH,and COUSIN to start with ,then RAC BECAUSE YOUR D sucked when you were here the first time AZZHOLE.3-5 you blew it.
Ron Dikhard -Dave Zastudil was awful
-Sean Jones was awful (but he may be hurt).
-Time to cut McGinest....its over!!! The guy has nothing left in the tank
-- You knew what was coming when they went up 14 points... same ole Romeo.. conservative to a fault.
ccclay57 What is the record for the shortest INT throw in history? Is it more than 5 feet? BE is on drugs and the O-line is regressing.
Naxos DA for once again being the moron that he is. RAC for once again being the moron who actually plays DA. And this weeks special guest: CHUD who decided to conviently forget hwo to call plays to his team's strengths and the other team's weaknesses.
JerseyBuck317 Awful vanilla playcalling. Calling running plays on first and second down arent going to get the job done.
-- Is it just me, or is he afraid of contact?
-- The whole f**king Defense
CantonDawg F RAC + Anderson + B Edwards + Savage for allowing this circus to go on! F Sundays while I am at it 'cause I'm sick of this... Browns organization sucks a**!
Dixiedawgg As long as DA is this team's QB, the Browns will continue to falter. He has some skills, but is not the brightest light bulb in the closet. If you are an immobile NFL QB, you better be able to manage a game and read a defense, and throw a more accurate pass than this kid acquired off the Ravens practice squad.

The Ravens have beaten us twice with a rookie QB, a patched up offensive line, their starting RB on the bench, along with three members of their starting defensive backfield.

If we couldn't beat this Ravens team (Art Modell's former Browns), on this day, at home, then DA and Romeo must GO.

Thanks to Braylon for his continued case of dropsies.
-- Tucker for changing defensive game plan in last half!!!
-- Do I really need to elaborate?
-- Sean Jones looked like a rookie out there, Chud was very predictable, and the defense as a whole was pitiful the 2nd half. Braylon had a significant drop & DA had the bone head screen pass, but was on for most of the game.
phelix17 Prevent defense and prevent offense when we went up two TDs? Fire Romeo now! Fire all coaches now! Fire them all! Now! Braylon Edwards? Get some glue!
-- As terrible as this sounds, this entire game turned completely on Edwards' unexcusable drop. Rarely should one player be held accountable for an entire loss; but I'll make an excepion this time.
-- The fans chanting "Brady! Brady! Brady!", after Anderson threw a late INT. Pathetic.
-- Derek u just plain suck. Braylon u need to find that jumbo can of invisable stickem. Touchdown catch could have easily been overturned. Last but not least, Mel. The ratbirds first 2 poss. of the 2nd half u attacked and they went 3 and out. Then u sat back with the lead and let them walk right down the field. You had them by the throat and you let them up. I would rather get beat on a blitz, then rush 3 or 4 and cover no one.
-- Cut Stallworthless
-- I couldn't muster enough energy to vote.

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