Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Scout's Senior NFL Reporter offers his thoughts on the Browns moves and chances against Denver...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<BigDaddy78> Care to make an opening statement?
Adam Caplan: Big: Yes, fellow americans...
<BigDaddy78> save that one

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> exciting time to be a Browns fan, eh, adam
Adam Caplan: WHO: If you're a Quinn fan, sure.
Adam Caplan: Matchup is great but it's all about him getting off to a good start and being accurate.

<marinedawg> When does Cowher and his staff come aboard and Crennel and Savage leave?
Adam Caplan: MAR: I don't see him taking the job.

<ludden007> how short is the leash on Quinn?
Adam Caplan: LUDD: It's my understanding that he will be the starter the rest of the season unless he gets hurt.

Adam Caplan: STINK: You'll see a shorter passing game with Quinn under center so Winslow should be more involved.

<ludden007> any word on who spilled the beans to Dilfer? and what's your take on that?
Adam Caplan: LUDD: I can tell you it wasn't a player.
Adam Caplan: I'll let you guess on the rest.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Can you tell us who it was Adam
Adam Caplan: WHO: No, I agreed not to go with it so I'm going to pass on reporting it.
Adam Caplan: But again, it wasn't a player.

<BigDaytonDave> Adam, who made the call on Quinn?
Adam Caplan: BIG: Crennel went along with the suggestion, lets put it that way.

<ghostwolf> chances RAC "retires" after this season?
Adam Caplan: GH: None. He won't quit, I can tell you that.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam: What do you see in the crystal ball for Derek Anderson
Adam Caplan: WHO: As I noted like 6 months ago, his $5 million roster bonus wouldn't be picked up in March unless he finished the season
as the starter which we know won't happen now.
Adam Caplan: So they'll trade him before 3/15 when the bonus is due.

<ludden007> any chance we'll see more of Bell?
Adam Caplan: LU: No reason to think so now.
Adam Caplan: Once they're out of the playoff race, that's when the younger players will get in there.

<BigDaddy78> So what can we get for him?
Adam Caplan: BIG: Possibly second-rounder.
Adam Caplan: Remember the Vikings wouldn't give up a second rounder for Sage Rosenfels
Adam Caplan: they offers the Texans a third

<jciardullo3> If Browns finish 8-8ish is RAC gone?
Adam Caplan: JC: It really comes down to how they look, not so much the record.

<jevanoff> Anderson is better then Sage Rosenfels
Adam Caplan: JEV: Agreed but the film doesn't lie either, he's too inconsistent/inaccurate.

<ramllov> Adam, do we see Donte Stallworth tomorrow?
<ludden007> any word on how Steinbach is doing?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's expected to start.
Adam Caplan: He participated in today's walk-through.
Adam Caplan: Steinbach didn't and isn't expected to play.
Adam Caplan: Rogers/Williams are game-time decisions

<jevanoff> adam why do people say quinn doesn't have a strong arm or can't go vertical? i'm not saying he has a cannon or goes deep all the time but he went deep a lot in college and his arm is fine
Adam Caplan:
JEV: I would say this, when I was at camp, he did throw it down field a few times but that's not his game, intermediate throws are what he has.
Adam Caplan: That's what they will mostly call I suspect.

<jciardullo3> Are Savage and Rac growing distant from each other?
Adam Caplan: JC: No more or no less than before I'd think.

<BigDaddy78> Adam does the cribbs package go out the window with the QB change?
Adam Caplan: BIG: No reason to think it would change.

<jevanoff> whats your prediction on the game adam
Adam Caplan: JEV: 27-20 CLE

<ludden007> does Quinn make much better reads than DA? and will this equate to getting open receivers the ball more?
Adam Caplan: LU: I think Quinn has a better football IQ and is less likely to make mistakes.
Adam Caplan: I also think Quinn isn't one to press the defense with tight window throws.
Adam Caplan: Especially right off the bat.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam: How do you predict the Browns go about getting a back up for Quinn
Adam Caplan: WHO: They'll get a veteran who becomes free, may be someone who is cut.

<DawgHowl> Adam any word on how quinn has looked in practice this week?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: They had one practice on Tuesday.

<jevanoff> also adam we're not "losing our vertical offense" as we actually have none now. we're like last in 10+ or 20+ plays, it will
probably be better actually with quinn due to a more balanced offesne keeping the defense guessing
Adam Caplan: JEV: Quinn isn't a vertical passer so I can tell you that it will change in that regard.
Adam Caplan: But the scheme and philosophy are the same.
Adam Caplan: Power running

<ludden007> RAC mentioned everything would be evaluated. any other changes to expect?
Adam Caplan: LU: I don't see much that can change, depth isn't good enough to make a lot of changes.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam: Where does phil savage stand on this decision?
Adam Caplan: WHO: It's what he wanted.

<jevanoff> adam what about alex smith as backup next year?
Adam Caplan: JEV: He has to prove he can still play first.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam, Dorsey and Quinn are very close. Will Dorsey be brought back next year to help out with Quinn
Adam Caplan: WHO: I'd probably say yes. They like having him around.,

<DawgHowl> Adam: will we see a heavy dose of Jamal Lewis tomorrow?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: At least 20 carries if they lead in second half or it's close.
Adam Caplan: DEN has a ton of injuries on defense, 5 starters out.
Adam Caplan: Or put on IR recently.

<ludden007> any chance we make any moves for free agents if they think we can make a run, or are they sticking w/ what we've got?
Adam Caplan: LU: There's no one there to sign.

<BigDaddy78> Any noise about D. Hall in the organization?
Adam Caplan: BIG: He can't play.
Adam Caplan: Hasn't been the same since his rookie season.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam last Quinn question. You said Cutler would be a hall of famer in your opinion. Could Quinn get there
Adam Caplan: WHO: Two completely different passers.
Adam Caplan: I think Quinn could, at best, be another Eli Manning so that's probably not too bad.

<DawgHowl> Adam: What's the latest on Steinbach is he out tomorrow?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Not expected to play with McKinney filling in.

<ludden007> will Cribbs get more touches tomorrow?
Adam Caplan: LU: No reason why he would.

<BigDaytonDave> Quinn's a lot better then Eli
Adam Caplan: BIG: And what's your criteria?

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Quinn and eli arm strength are VERY comparable
Adam Caplan: WHO: Eli's arm is better.
Adam Caplan: Trust me on that.
Adam Caplan: It comes down to accuracy though.
Adam Caplan: That's where Quinn will prove he's the best or not.

<ludden007> what type of D will Denver run w/ so many injuries? it's gotta be pretty vanilla, right?
Adam Caplan: LU: 4-3, fast flow
Adam Caplan: LBs are really bad
Adam Caplan: over run plays like crazy.
Adam Caplan: And no Champ Bailey too

<DawgHowl> Adam: what do you think is wrong with Edwards why is he dropping so many catchable passes?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: It's mental I believe.

<ramllov> LBs are really bad, it sounds like the Browns LBs, your talking about Denver Right?
Adam Caplan: RAM: DEN LBs are bad.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Jay Cutler has been forcing the ball and playing very poor football the last few weeks
Adam Caplan: WHO: He played poorly last week, their OL is really good so far
Adam Caplan: he has lots of time to throw.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> He might have to carry the load because Denver's RB are thin
Adam Caplan: WHO: Ryan Torain should start.
Adam Caplan: Look out for rookie FB Peyton Hillis
Adam Caplan: Hillis is very athletic, he blocked for Darren McFadden at Arkansas.

<jevanoff> adam what was quinn like in college? he threw a ton of touchdowns right
Adam Caplan: JEV: It's a waste to time to talk about college, he's not there any more.
Adam Caplan: Our first real evaluation comes tomorrow night.

<redright> Adam, if reads as if you are saying this is the best scenario for Brady to get his first start. Denver has little defensive might. Home game. Should be a good game for BQ?
Adam Caplan: RED: I'm starting in my fantasy league, lol.
Adam Caplan: Great matchup and at worst, I figure 225/2 TDs

<ludden007> speaking of FBs, how's Vickers doing?
Adam Caplan: LU: Not expected to play

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> maximum passing attempts for the browns tomorrow adam?
Adam Caplan: WHO: 30

<ghostwolf> biggest reason for poor record this year?poor execution, preparation, coaching?
Adam Caplan: GH: Injuries, depth, personnel

<ramllov> Adam, Does Crennel have to go?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Game day decisions aren't great
Adam Caplan: I'd say that much

<gelsingerj> adam, is the ghost going to show up more in the offense?
Adam Caplan: GEL: Good matchup for him, I can say that much.

<barra> Is Crennel gone after this year assuming Browns don't make playoffs?
Adam Caplan: BAR: Not really, comes down to how they play with the personnel they have.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam you think Winslow will be back next year and all the talk of him leaving has calmed
Adam Caplan: WHO: As of two weeks ago I felt he would but more info I get I'm starting to think otherwise.

<ludden007> any pro-bowl quality on our team other than Shaun?
Adam Caplan: LU: Not this season.
Adam Caplan: Funny thing is though the AFC is so bad, CLE could get in at 9-7

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> Adam what were your thoughts on Dilfer's tirade on the Browns
Adam Caplan: WHO: It was a bit much but I know many think the front office, especially the GM reads way too much of what's on the net.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> He reads this site Adam
Adam Caplan: WHO: I know.

<ghostwolf> Harbaugh stated on Sirius that his players told him Rogers is the best NT in the NFL, what do you think?
Adam Caplan: GH: He's playing at a high level.
Adam Caplan: And despite the rushing numbers last week, he played well again.
Adam Caplan: Not quite as well as two weeks ago.

<gelsingerj> Adam.... Will Cleveland take JJ back next year if healthy? His contract numbers are not that bad right?
Adam Caplan: GEL: Yes, they would take him back.
Adam Caplan: Stallworth won't be back.
Adam Caplan: So they have to find a #2 WR.

<DawgHowl> will Stallworth play tomorrow?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Expected to start.

<redright> Wat coaches are on the hot seat? Any good guys you see as being available next season?
Adam Caplan: RED: Rod Marinelli, Childress, OAK, Herman Edwards, Singletary, Wade Phillips.

<fleghorn> any chance for us to get whoseyourmomma via free agency next year?
Adam Caplan: FLEG: Doubt it.
Adam Caplan: Good fit to a degree but again, he's a possession WR.

<gelsingerj> Adam, What other changes might we see in the next two weeks? Alex Hall starting?
Adam Caplan: GEL: As a team source told me, once he fills out next year, he could be a star in the making.

<ghostwolf> what do you think of Steptoe's future? #3 or 4 receiver?
Adam Caplan: GH: #4.

<WhosGonnaDriveYouHome> I hear Savage is salivating over Crabtree and the DE from Georgia Tech
<buddog> j harrison next year: gone or bigger role?
Adam Caplan: BUD: I'd say bigger role next year.

<ghostwolf> what do you think about A. Rubin?
Adam Caplan: GH: Developmental player only.

<redright> Adam, will the ravens assistant VP of available as a HC? His contract is up.
Adam Caplan: RED: Rex Ryan wants to be a head coach and he came close to getting the ATL job.

<jevanoff> i thought wimbley was a real smart guy, why can't he figure out more than one move?
Adam Caplan: JEV: World's greatest mystery, Wimbley's fall.

Adam Caplan: All: See you next week.

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