First Quarter Recap: Browns 7, Broncos 7

The Browns offense has looked sharp in Brady Quinn's first quarter as the team's quarterback. Here's Barry's live blog of the first fifteen minutes...

As JT posted an hour before gametime, the Browns inactives tonight are Eric Steinbach, Lawrence Vickers, Travis Daniels, Hamza Abdullah, Beau Bell, Steve Sanders and Martin Rucker. Ken Dorsey is the third QB. Rogers, Corey Williams and Dainty will start.

Phil Dawson kicks it off and the game is off to a rocky start. Dawson kicks it to around the 10, and Eddie Royal runs it back it the 38 of the Broncos.

FIRST DRIVE (BRONCOS): Jay Cutler starts it off by stretching the defense, which he does with abandon. Given plenty of time, Cutler found TE Tony Scheffler deep, who runs it down the Browns 23. Wow. Grim beginning.

On their second play, Cutler hits a leaping Brandon Marshall, but the ball goes through his hands and Brandon McDonald nearly picks it off.

After a three-yard run by Ryan Torain, Cutler drops again and has a lot of time, but all his receivers are covered (not sure how many DBs the Browns dropped, but it was non-trivial). Cutler winds up throwing away the ball.

The Browns get out of a bad situation when Prater misses a very makeable 38-yard field goal. Sloppy play so far on both sides, but at least the Browns got out of it without giving up any points. 13:23 left in the first.

SECOND DRIVE (BROWNS): Quinn has arrived and he does exactly what we expected him to do: hand the ball off. The first run is to the left side, two yards by Lewis. On second down, the Browns empty the backfield and Quinn's pass to Winslow was knocked away to create a third-and-eight.

On third down, Quinn hits Steptoe, but the pass is two yards shy of a first down, so it's a three-and-out.

Zastudil booms one, and Royal jukes a gunning Michael Adams, but Josh Cribbs arrives and drops him at the Broncos 14 after a two-yard run.

THIRD DRIVE (BRONCOS): The Broncos are having a hard time running the ball in general, and tonight in particular. Torain gets a single yard on first down, and Shaun Smith brings him down.

Passing, though, is another story. On second down, Cutler hits Brandon Marshall in a soft spot in the zone after a play action.

After a short seven-yard pass to Jackson, Marshall stops short while McDonald keeps running, and Cutler hits him 34 yards downfield to the Browns 29.

Cutler drops back with the first down and hits Royal for seven, before Torain gets three off left tackle for another first down at the 19.

Cutler drops again with the first down, gets very little pressure, and finds Eddie Royal for 18 yards and a first-and-goal at the one.

On first down from the one, Torain runs into Willie McGinest immediately and gets nothing.

On second down, Torain thinks better of running, and just leaps over the pile, breaking the plane with the ball and scoring the touchdown.

Want to talk about a talented young quarterback? Cutler's got skillz.


FOURTH DRIVE (Browns): Josh Cribbs gives the crowd something to cheer about as he finds a seam near the south sideline and runs upfield. He can't break this one, but takes it to the Browns 41 for nice starting position for the Browns second drive.

Donte's back! Uninjured so far this game, and wide open after a play action by Quinn and a bootleg. Quinn hits him short, and he makes it an 18-yard play to the Broncos 41.

Lewis gets eight to the Broncos 33 on the first down, and then busts it long inside the five! Lewis ran through a lot of traffic there, really showing us the problems the Broncos have been having on run defense.

This creates a first-and-goal on the four for the Browns!

Lewis gets three of it on first down, and Broncos LB Nate Webster hobbles off the field.

On second and goal, Lewis struggles to get a handle on the ball and the blow blows up, as he's dragged down at the five.

The Browns spread the field on third down, and Brady Quinn HITS WINSLOW IN THE BACK END ZONE FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!!!

Quinn seems very comfortable and confident as the Browns quarterback so far.


FIFTH DRIVE (Broncos): After Royal takes it back to the 24, Cutler drops and passes short to Eddie Royal for eight.

Then, the Broncos discover a team they can run against: Torain takes the handoff to the left, as Louis Leonard is cut down, and flies 19 yards to the Browns 49.

On first down in Browns territory, with 2 minutes left in the first quarter, Cutler misses a few. He misses Marshall deep, who does a nice job knocking the ball away from a Browns defender and, after a Ryan Torain run for four, then misses Brandon Stokely. The Broncos have to punt, and Cribbs runs the kick back to the Browns 21.

SIXTH DRIVE (BROWNS): It's the Jerome Harrison show! (Really? Yeah). Harrison scampers for 13 on first down to the right side to the Browns 23. Then Quinn hits him with a short pass for another nine.

To end the quarter, Harrison runs up the middle and pushes the pile for two yards and first down.

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