At the Half: Browns 20, Broncos 10

Solid football in the first half by the Browns, who lead by ten. Here's Barry's live blog from the second quarter.

The Browns come out on offense and start strong.

FIRST DRIVE (BROWNS): Harrison keeps rolling… sixteen yards to the left on the first play of the second quarter, and then 13 yards to the Broncos 26.  Very nice.

The Harrison runs are followed up by an incomplete pass to Edwards (who hears some boos), and then Lewis gets five from the 26, but Winborn is called for a horse collar tackle which gives the Browns the ball at the Broncos eleven after the ten yard penalty.

The Browns drive dies there… Lewis gets a four yard run, but then Quinn misses Edwards and Heiden on successive passes.

Dawson comes in and get three out of it, with a 24-yard field goal.


SECOND DRIVE (BRONCOS): Nice kick coverage by the Browns on Dawson's boot. Royal gets it near the goal line, but has little room to run and is brought down by Nick Sorenson at the 15.

On first down, Wright has terrific coverage on Brandon Marshall and knocks down Cutler's long pass.

It gets worse for the Broncos, as they're called for holding on second down, which wipes out a nice run by Ryan Torain.

On second and 22, there's some confusion in the Denver backfield and Shanahan calls timeout.

The timeout doesn't help, however… Cutler drops on second and long, and the Browns have backed off in coverage, but Brandon Marshall misses his route, and Brodney Pool picks it at the 32!  He runs it back to the Broncos 20!

What a nice year Pool is having. Browns ball!

THIRD DRIVE (BROWNS): With very nice field position, the Browns start by running. Lewis gets nothing, and then Quinn hits Heiden short for four to make it third and six from the sixteen.

Quinn drops and HITS WINSLOW AT THE FIVE!!! Winslow runs out of the tackle and scores the touchdown!!!

Two TDs for K2 already!


FOURTH DRIVE (BRONCOS): Denver starts at their 23 after a short return.

Their new strategy is to run left, where Louis Leonard is, typically. He does it three straight times and moves the ball 23 yards to the Broncos 46.

Scheffler gets a short pass for five to the Browns 49, and then Torain runs left again, this time getting six to the Browns 43. On this play, however, Torain leaves with an injury, and the Broncos are down to a hobbled Selmon Young comes in.

With the Broncos not serious about running the ball anymore, Cutler hits Scheffler long for 24 yards. Ouch. That gets the Donks down to the Browns 19.

Young tries to run it, getting just two to the 17, and then Daniel Graham screws up a nice pass from Cutler, making it third-and-long. Denver makes it even tougher with an offensive pass interference on Scheffler, who prevented a pick by Mike Adams. Cutler tosses short to Marshall and it's time for the Broncos to try to kick from the 17.

Prater hits it, and it's…


FIFTH DRIVE (BROWNS): After a touchback on the kickoff, the Browns move their football well on their next drive.

Quinn hits Winslow again, this time for 15 yards to the Browns 35, and then Lewis gets a short run for two. Quinn then goes back to Winslow again, this time for six.

On third-and-two, Quinn goes back in the shotgun and hits Heiden for 14 to the Broncos 43.

Nice drive!

Lewis gets nothing on a run to the left, and then Quinn hits Winslow again over the middle for six.

With the Browns inside the Broncos 40, the two-minute warning hits.

Nice game so far.

After the timeout, Quinn hits Winslow for two, creating a fourth-and-two at the Broncos 35. The Browns ponder this for a bit, let the clock run down to 1:14, and bring Dawson in to try to hit a 52-yard field goal.

Dawson kicks it and it's….. GOOD!! Nice job Phil!


SIXTH DRIVE (BRONCOS): Remember when we were worried about Phil Dawson's leg strength. Not any more. He boots it deep in the end zone on the kickoff. No runback.

The Broncos come out with 1:09 left. Cutler goes back in the gun, aims for Marshall, and the big WR can't get it. Then he hits Stokely for seven and the Broncos go to the no-huddle.

With the Browns playing off the line, Cutler hits Marshall for another quick ten to the Broncos 37.

Denver takes a time out with 41 seconds left.

Moving quickly as the clock ticks down:

Cutler hits Marshall for nine, and then is incomplete to Royal. With 21 seconds left, Cutler pulls down the ball and runs up the middle to the Browns 45. Denver takes another timeout with 16 seconds left.

Denver looks confused for the remainder of the half, and ultimately run off the field without being able to mount a thread. At halftime, it's…


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