Fan View: Looking in the Mirror

Like a lot of fans, Jeff Biletnikoff is just sort of numb right now.

As I was driving home from the game tonight, I had to ask myself several questions. I hope you enjoy the mini-conversation I was having with the guy that stares back at me in the mirror everyday.

Am I surprised the Browns lost? No.

Am I disgusted? Surprisingly, no. I'm numb. But not disgusted.

Am I ready to declare Brady Quinn the savior of the franchise because he beat up on a poor Denver D? No, but it's a helluva start to a career on a short week of preparation.

Am I shocked that they didn't go to Quinn earlier in the some point...even in relief of Derek Anderson? Again, a surprising no. Romeo Crennel is stubborn, if nothing else.

Am I pleased that I got to finally see a Browns QB that didn't look like he was stuck in quicksand with lead weights in his pants this season? Yes.

Am I ready for Romeo Crennel to be fired? Yes.

Am I ready for Phil Savage to be fired? Yes.

Am I ready for Bill Cowher to be hired? Yes.

Am I tired of getting text messages from my Steeler buddies everytime the Browns have a negative play? Yes. Aren't they too busy learning what comes after H in the alphabet to bother with me?

Am I going to say that the current Browns management team deserves this loyal of a fan base? HELL NO, I'M NOT. 70,000 plus at Cleveland Browns Stadium and countless others around the world were cheering, barking, and screaming for a team that was destined to break their hearts for the second time in four days.

Am I thinking that this season is going to affect most of the Browns players, coaches, and staff in any real sort of way? I'd like to think they care but when I realize that Braylon Edwards and many of the rest have millions in the bank whether or not they win the Super Bowl or end up in the Toilet Bowl, it doesn't seem like there's going to be concern here.

Am I resigned to the fact that Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage will never lead this team into anything more than more frustration for arguably the best fans in the world? Yes.

Am I of the belief that Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage will lose sleep over my opinion? No.

After all, they have millions in the bank too.

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