Adkins: Right to the Point

The time for the same-old media voices mumbling the same-old things is past. It's time for someone to get right to the point.

- With a birds-eye view of the coming out party for QB Brady Quinn, I simply am impressed with his first NFL start. Quinn was accurate, his reads were solid -- very solid -- and he commanded the offense with a presence that instills confidence and proficiency amongst those surrounding him. The second-year signal-caller's grasp of the offense and the game itself were on display as he showed the ability to get the ball out of the pocket quickly. Quinn avoided pressure and hung in the pocket long enough for plays to develop and he avoided the 'mental mistakes' which have hampered this offensive unit all season long.

- I would be remiss in not mentioning Quinn's postgame interview in which he blames himself for the loss -- not the defense, not the dropped pass and not the coaching staff. Quinn is a class act and a leader; not too shabby for being that 'other guy'.

- TE Kellen Winslow plays the game with great passion and desire. Too bad some others within this Browns organization do not have the same drive for the game. Not very often do you see and hear a star-caliber player assume responsibility. Winslow was very dejected following the game and knew he was a factor in the loss; not for the plays he did make, but those he didn't. And yes, Winslow is that good of a player.

- What I didn't see on Thursday night was receivers running in the clear too often. The success of this Cleveland offense was generated by the short-to-intermediate routes and reads by the QB. One aspect which Quinn needs to improve upon -- and I believe he will -- is in how he perceives the field of play. If anything, the speed of the game is not an issue for the QB, but rather how he speeds through his progressions; he is too fast and at times he doesn't let an option fully develop, but you have to like his demeanor.

- Memo to WR Braylon Edwards: you need to act the role of a leader, of a teammate, as well as let your play speak for itself on the field and check your ego at the door. The great ones just do it; they don't look for excuses why they did not.

- The tempo of the game changed considerably when the Browns rushed the football effectively, which, in many cases, was with Jerome Harrison and Josh Cribbs on the field. Harrison's quickness and vision created issues for the Broncos defense and his ability to cutback let an overly-aggressive Denver run defense bypass the point.

- RB Jamal Lewis is a veteran and the starter. He is more of a powerful rusher, and his lack of quickness is magnified when compared to a player such as Harrison. Not saying he is better suited to handle the role at RB, but we need to see more of Jerome Harrison on game day. He fits nicely into the up-tempo shorter game with Quinn at QB.

- Denver QB Jay Cutler threw for 447 yards against a Browns defense that knew his primary option was to throw the football as the Broncos are injury-riddled at the RB position. Cutler had an eternity to survey the playing field and make plays. Granted, the DB's of the Browns did not play very well as a collective unit, but when the QB sits in the pocket and randomly picks out which option he want, the defense is going to be torched time and time again.

- The inability to generate a pass rush without blitzing the defensive backs has made defensive coordinator Mel Tucker do some uncharacteristic scheming, which also happens to place those young Browns defensive backs in man-on-man coverage with no support far too often. Speaking of the defensive backs, Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald are talented and aggressive as well as inexperienced, which has factored in the latest two losses by the team.

- DB's practice tip drills -- and they do so in Cleveland as well -- but it was to no avail as McDonald and veteran CB Terry Cousin dropped potential interceptions against the Broncos.

- I am tired of watching the safeties on this team get caught peeking into the backfield and/or slipping in coverage. Far too often the safeties are out of position and do not display the ability to regain positioning; and also, apparently, they lack communication skills as Sean Jones has a definite problem in covering ground in the secondary. As a sidenote, Mr. Jones: I know you feel terrible, but on fourth and one late in the game, you never let a FB escape your grasp behind the line of scrimmage.

- Interesting how well the smaller offensive line of the Broncos fended off the much larger and physical Browns defensive line. The Denver offensive line basically played off the movement of the Browns front three and flowed accordingly. The teamwork, execution and philosophy of the Broncos offense and line play outwitted a much more physical Browns defensive line.

- I see DE Corey Williams fighting to make plays -- all with a bad shoulder which limits his ability. This is one member of the roster that has unquestionable heart and determination; wait till he is healthy.

- Did I mention yet, I would like the Browns to run the 43 defense due to the type of linemen on the roster, as well as the type of LB's which the team employs -- or enables, as the case may be.

- Willie McGinest at age 36 shows great professionalism and pride. He may not have the wheels to be a force, but he knows how to play and respect this game. He is always prepared; too bad the body has to give way at some point in time. And, other than McGinest, how often has a Browns linebacker made a crushing hit on a ball-carrier or receiver?

- OLB Kamerion Wimbley recorded his second sack of the season Thursday night. It came at the expense of a blown offensive line assignment by the Broncos as Wimbley's path was unabated to the QB.

- After taking in this latest effort by the Browns, there is no question some changes are essential for this organization to grow and develop. A good starting point could be at the head coaching position, then a massive overhaul at LB to go along with quality depth on the defensive line and in the secondary. A hungry wide receiver wouldn't hurt either.

- I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when an obviously disappointed Browns team owner Randy Lerner was taking in the final ten-minutes of the Browns 34-30 loss to the Broncos.

- At 3-6, for all realistic intents and purposes, the playoffs are certainly a long-shot. The time has come to evaluate all the options within the roster, coaching staff and organization as yet another embarrassing time has fallen on Browns fans.

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