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Straight answers to the toughest Cleveland Browns questions: How did Quinn really do last Thursday? Can the team's problems be traced back to the head coach? And many more...

Q: So we witnessed the coming out party of quarterback Brady Quinn last night. Too bad the rest of the team didn't follow suit and play nearly as well. Did Quinn play as well as we think or did he leave too many plays on the field, as you like to say?

LA: Yes, Brady Quinn did have a coming out party on Thursday night; too bad some of his teammates did not realize it was their opportunity as well.

Quinn played well, all things considered. He managed the game, he took what the defense gave and he did not make the mistakes and show the inconsistency we have been prone to viewing with this Cleveland offense.

Let's remember this, though: he fared well against a struggling Denver Broncos defense in a short preparation week. I want to see how the QB fares against a better defense, such as the Bills in ten days.

Q: After another loss, how can the upper management of this organization continue to parade Romeo Crennel out in front of us. He made stupid comments about Quinn playing now and about the lack of energy the team played with a week ago. Is he going to be fired soon?

LA: I am questioning just how long team owner Randy Lerner is going to be patient. There were high expectations for this team following the 2007 season and this team has been a disappointment.

I believe Crennel made the comment regarding playing Quinn not as a derogatory-type comment, but one off the cuff. His comments about the team playing without energy was one in which he spoke what he felt, but did not elaborate on the specifics.

Your question about the status of the head coach may be the $1,000 question; with every passing week, it appears to be more like when rather than if.

Q: Same Browns as we know them. They tease us then find a way to tank. Do you see any way this team makes the playoffs? Do you see any way this head coach remains in charge of this team following the season?

LA: No and no.

Q: If you were Randy Lerner, would you fire the head coach and demand that the new coach play players like Jerome Harrison, players who appears to be ready to play but have fallen out of grace with the coaches?

LA: Yes, I would have made a move on the head coach.

Yes, I would want to know why players such as Harrison do not receive more than a passing interest of playing on game day -- without all the strings attached from a coaching and philosophical perspective.

Q: How could the organization been so wrong on Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis in giving them big money contracts following one season of success?

LA: Both players were free agents coming off seasons which were important to this Browns team becoming a contender. Based on this one season of success, the organization wanted to ensure these core components returned with the hopes of building upon last year. What we have found out is, the production of these two players was due to the entire structure of the offense -- neither has had close to the same impact in the 2008 season.

Not saying this is the case, but players find a way to raise their intensity and their ability when something such as money is on the line. Prior to the 2007 season, Anderson would have never sniffed a payday of millions of dollars, while Lewis was regarded as being on the serious downside of his career.

And, all the issues combined with this Cleveland offense did not help either player succeed at the level of 2007.

Q: What are the Browns waiting for? After this latest performance, they should have DeAngelo Hall on speed-dial. Have the Browns talked to him?

LA: As of 9:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, I was told the Browns had not spoken with the representative for the CB. Also, there are a few within the Browns organization that are lukewarm to the idea of adding Hall. We'll see what transpires.

(Editor's note: this was written before news broke that Hall had signed with the Redskins.)

Q: After watching Brady Quinn finally get on the field, what are the telling differences between the two quarterbacks?

LA: In this game, Quinn showed better pocket awareness, was prone to read and get the ball out of the pocket quicker, make solid and safe reads, and appears more composed and confident. I watched his teammates on the field and in the huddle; there was one voice in the huddle and players rose to the occasion.

Let's evaluate Quinn going forward, as teams get sufficient tape on his tendencies and see how he reacts to facing a better defense and a defense which schemes to face him.

Q: When will we know who is the better quarterback and long-term answer at the position, as both players are under contract beyond the 2008 season? Do you anticipate both being here again in 2009?

LA: I see no feasible reason why we will not have a solid idea as to the direction at the position before this season ends. if Quinn builds upon his performance Thursday night, the decision is going to be an easy one to make.

No, I do not anticipate the Browns keeping both Anderson and Quinn next season.

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