What We've Been Told

The Browns hopes for the 2009 are reeling, not even saved by the long-awaited debut of Brady Quinn. What's happening inside the organization? Are the team's leaders on thin ice?

From voices within and close to the Cleveland Browns football organization, as well as around the National Football League.

- Head coach Romeo Crennel is not believed to be on this firing line -- at least not today. There is a sense of grave disappointment in the way the team again faltered late in the game. The head coach is now being looked at as possibly being an issue, rather than an element of the continuity he and G.M. Phil Savage love to advocate.

- Yes, Randy Lerner is not happy with the latest Browns loss, but he is not devastated. Lerner is going to go along with the recommendations of Savage... for now. For how much longer, however, is the question. Lerner is not one known for sitting idle for long when he believes something is amiss within his ranks, which should be apparent to the naked eye these days.

- The game plan of offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski was run nearly to perfection by Brady Quinn. Chudzinski wanted to take the pressure off Quinn by utilizing short to intermediate quick passes; Quinn was accurate and disciplined in his approach, which left the OC knowing the second-year player can handle more in his next start, against the Buffalo Bills.

- Some within the organization were surprised as to how well Quinn handled and managed the game, especially on a very short week of practice and without spending significant time with the receivers. Some of those were the same people that wanted to see Quinn get a shot at running the Browns offense in place of Derek Anderson.

- Some of the supporters of Anderson within the organization believe the former starter would have done as well or better if he would have been on the field. These supporters relate his experience and ability to throw downfield as a basis for their opinions.

- TE Kellen Winslow, as well as many other players, were impressed by and complimentary of Quinn and his performance following the game. Winslow had his best game of the season on Thursday night and couldn't say enough about the play of Quinn. Winslow also talked about how disappointed he was for missing the 4th down pass that would have kept the Browns drive alive and a chance for the QB and his teammates to walk off the field a winner.

- The big winners in the losing battle against the Denver Broncos appear to be Quinn and RB Jerome Harrison. Harrison was quick and explosive in his limited opportunities, and has caught the eye of a coaching staff that has been puzzled by the lack of proficiency from the rushing attack. The same staff, for what it's worth, was leaning toward the issue being a result of the offensive line not being consistent at the point of attack, rather than seeing that the starting RB was not getting to the hole quickly and does not possess the ability to cutback against the flow.

- With a full allotment of practice sessions planned for the upcoming week, the game plan will be more aggressive and attacking. Against the Broncos, Quinn and the Cleveland offense did not challenge the Broncos defensive backs downfield, though Quinn did check down a couple times when the receiver was not in the clear.

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