Browns-Donks: Gameballs and Goats

We cast a wistful glance back at the Browns wonderful fourth quarter collapse. Josh Cribbs and Brady Quinn get props, though...


Player Gameballs
Brady Quinn 335
Josh Cribbs 269
Jerome Harrison 132
Kellen Winslow 91
Phil Dawson 63
Shaun Rogers 49
Offensive Line 24


Fan Write-In
topdawg29 BroDawg
-- Jay Cutler
BrownsBacker Jamal Lewis, The OL, Sean Rogers
-- stallworth finally showing up
houndfromhell1 Phil (automatic maniac) Dawson
Barry McBride  Derek Alexander, Jamal Anderson, Jerome Henderson
Turkey Jones Lives McGinest's HIT
-- Dr. Kellen Jekyll Jr; Willie McGinest
-- thousands
RACalicious Moo
-- O-Line
-- chud had a pretty decent game plan. Anderson was pretty cool about it all..
-- The fans for putting up with this continuing crapola
-- Phil's Wife - She's Hot
Huey P. Marshall Phil Dawson
Mulekicker3 Greg, for swatting the ball boy
-- Bill Cowher
-- Local Bar for their half-time spread
-- Fans
Dawg Nuts Rey Maualuga in '09
-- Sammy Winder
iwillpierceyou BEER - Another game, another winner. You are my hero.
devoism Jerome (under used ) Harrison
-- Left Side of our O Line
IowaDawgFan NOBODY
WhosgonnaDriveyouhome Sam Rutigliano for looking like Yogi Berra
jkfoxworth 2009 1st Round Pick - CB
-- fans optimism
One Wolf Shannon Dawson
-- All the fans who support this crap.
-- Henderson - that guy is amazing!!!!
-- Offensive Line
-- The Fans once again
-- watching the game with my dad
-- Bill Cowher
Dawgpoundr NFL Network's pregame show
nzbrown All of the Brown's fans worldwide!!
Eagle I like our kicker, KR/PR, and our 350lb NT
-- my dad for calling my sisters boyfriend a a--hole for wearing his Broncos gear!
eezer58 Grady Sizemore, LeBron James, Chad Boyles, CC Sabathia
-- Lesbian Cheerleaders
NCbeachDawg Jerome " The Ghost" Harrison


Player Goathorns
Brandon McDonald 200
Romeo Crennel 172
Entire Defense 157
Mel Tucker 109
Kellen Winslow 107
All Defensive Backs 35
Sean Jones 34


Fan Write-in
-- Sargent Staph
BrownsBacker Sean Jones for leaving McDonald all alone on Eddie Royal.
-- whoever wont use Harrison
houndfromhell1 Anyone of you a--wipes that disagree.
Turkey Jones Lives John Elway
bill01 The total defense
-- Mr. Kellen Hyde; Players' wives that sing like baboons in heat
-- Ronald (Brandon) McDonald
-- TV Play by Play Man
RACalicious Brady Quinn
-- Dawgpound Mike
-- coaching staff
MNBrownsFan Dork who only played Harrison a few times.
brownsclown NFL Network and Time Warner Cable.
-- it's time to severely change the defense !!!
CaryNCBrownsBacker Lerner & Savage
-- the entire LB corp, which is the worst in the NFL
-- Mel Tucker 10 times
RAC's Rack Phil Dawson's wife for the national anthem.
Mulekicker3 Jerome Harrison, for playing so well that he gets benched
Tmac4 NFL Network
-- Time Warner Cable/ Referees for all the missed holding calls
-- I'm getting sick of the 3-4 ( I thought Crennel was a great defensive guy?)
-- Edward's scUM color mouthguard
-- Chris Collinsworth
Dawg Nuts this team's lack of "testicular fortitude"
The Turk - for McDonald!! Brandon McDonald's Parents
iwillpierceyou Mel Tuckers Gameplan. That was a joke.
-- Art Modell and his bastard David
WhosgonnaDriveyouhome DA's smug poor sport frown
ATLDawg725 Pass rush
jkfoxworth Coaches suck
-- Tackling
DixieDawg My hangover
One Wolf NFL Network
irishmutt the defense..again
-- The waste-of-human-flesh season ticket holder who sold his tix to the Broncos fan in front of me.
-- Put some pressure on the other QB please!!!
-- Chris Collinsworth
-- F'n Broncos, F'n Drive
Dawgpoundr Winslow- big negatives outweighed the big positives
nzbrown International Banking Cartel
Eagle Quinn did the same as Anderson, couldn't win the game
Skrapface Kyra Sedgwick
-- my sisters boyfriend for being a Broncos fan
-- NFL Network webcast
eezer58 Jay Knecht, Ceara Barr
-- Penn State and USC
JSinCT The Losing
cutoffmyheadnputnabowlingballbag The idiot Ref that called the pass inter against K2 25 yds away from play
ramboDawg the defense except Rogers


Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
-- 103 QB rating and you still lose - welcome to the Cleveland browns Brady Quinn. Your teammates will rip your heart out. Except for a few, and one is Cribbs. Dawson gets my 3rd gameball. Nice FG kick and the wife wasn't bad singing.
Naxos Quinn and Harrison. I can't understand why he isn't used more.
Griz13 Brady Quinn had a very nice debut.  Josh Cribbs is a stud. K2 should thrive with Quinn playing quarterback.
Iupuiguy82 Wow what do you know Quinn is AWESOME!!! Once again Harrison does well then gets pulled...Cribbs back to Hawaii!!!
-- Cribbs should play every down on both sides of the ball. He may be the most dominant player in the NFL. Could Cribbs cover WRs? Probably...but since none of them could get off his bump, it's not important. Cribbs should QB anbd wildcat more as well. I say let him punt. He's gotta be better than Z and he could also run it at will. CRIBBS! CRIBBS! CRIBBS!
BrownsBacker Winslow only gets half a game point after his costly fumble late in the game. Way to go meathead!
-- great kicks dawson!
FrustratedBrownsFan Great first game out for Quinn - he was a leader on the field; Jerome and Josh were great; and the banged up O-line played very well.
houndfromhell1 This team is the biggest laughingstock that the N.F.L. has ever had. Damn, the owner doesnt even realize it. Who in their right mind would have ANY of these coaches in charge of their team? I wouldnt want anyone of them near my sons elementary grade school touch football team. S--t, they would screw that up too. Go clowns, toiletbowl every year. Dear GOD, please take this team? and move this s--tpile anywhere but here...
Confused Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady Brady
-- Quinn - excellent debut.
Rogers - you are the only defensive player worth two shits.
Cribbs - Browns offensive MVP
thousands - DA had a huge chew in tonight!
Harrison - i wish you played more.
TaipeiDawg Nice game for The Kid.
Winslow is tough and still fighting despite the recent goings-on.
Is it just a coincidence that the D started gave up all those points late in the game after Shaun Rogers was out?
Some nice running by Cribbs!
Jamal is always tough!!
Looked like the O-Line had a pretty good day. Need more like that....
ezmoover Quinn showed enough to offer hope. Cribbs was the rock solid, reliable football player we've all come to appreciate.
Boidawg BQ played well enough to win the game.
Josh Cribbs keeps this team competitive.
Entire offense scored enough points to win.
-- Is it just me, or does it seem that Jerome Harrison has a bunch of tools this broken down wreck needs?
-- Brady and Jamal played really hard.
BRADY-BRADY K2 accepted responsibility for the loss.
RACalicious Moo for making the game available
phelix17 Romeo must go.
-- Quinn looked alright. E. Wright was fearsome enough to not be tested by barely any Cutler throws. Winslow gets a gameball for his career high stats.
BuckeyeInDenver Brady! Brady! Brady! Hell of a debut. When I first saw him play last preseason, I thought we'd found our QB of the future, and now I'm pretty sure I was right. The O-line played a heck of a game, too, and did a great job of keeping Brady upright and his uniform nice and white all night. And Josh gets my last gameball for being, well, Josh, the best damn player on this pathetic team. Awesome on kick returns, awesome in coverage, awesome when used properly on offense. Send that guy to the Pro Bowl.
s-kat007 Quinn was incredible. He did not look like a rookie starting his first game. Other than the short arm to Wright on the last drive, he did very little wrong. Jerome Harrison needs the ball more. Why do they not try to keep him involved constantly????!!! Josh Cribbs is finally healthy. Thank goodness! Dude is tearing it up.
MNBrownsFan Quinn looked good, much more steady than DA. I know some people were irritated with passing on 4th and 1, but we've had more success with that this season than short yardage runs. I thought Chud called a good game.
brownsclown I have been watching the Browns since Bill Nelson was QB and Leroy Kelly was the back. The greed between the NFL and Time Warner I did not see Quinn's debut. I listened on Radio but did not see how bad the D was. Therefore no gameballs will be given. Sorry
-- BQ lives up to the hype. The offense looked much more disciplined and was effective. If only our defense could have played an average game. I gave RAC a game ball for putting in BQ and going for it on 4th and 1 (he doesn't get many).
-- more harrison...more harrison...
more harrison...more harrison...
nice job by Quinn.. no int.'s
obiestigers KWII - Gets a GameBall and GoatHorns in the same game, maybe a first but that is the way I see it.
-- I gave game balls to this entire offensive unit. Even Winslow. If you put up 30 points, you should win.
Whatdefense Brady did well, good decisions, will only get better.
-- Quinn a great first game, but also special teams continue to excel with Cribbs and Dawson.
-- Brady for a nice 1st game but next game throw it down field. Josh, you were so close to breaking one. Jerome, 9.6 yd avg. WHY WHY aren't you playing more?
-- a favorable comment for what!
Huey P. Marshall Josh Cribbs is a certified bad ass. Ghost, I'm sure you are as befuddled as we all are as to why your touches are so sporadic. Keep pushing man, the fans see it. Big kick Phil, WTG. Nice work on the kickoffs too.
-- Josh Cribbs must have a "S" on his chest.
Jamal Lewis a true pro who plays every play at 110%
where would our defense be without big baby.
brady did alright for first start. let's remember the defense he was up against wasn't to good.
-- Cribbs is a monster on special teams and he continuely gives us good field position.
Harrison showed he needs more playing time.
Quinn played within the system given to him and didn't make any stupid turnovers.
RAC's Rack It's sad when the oldest guy on the field appears to be the fastest. Why can Willie McGinest get to the QB but every other LB walks into the backfield and stops before hitting the QB?
-- I gave balls to DA, Dawson, and Harrison. DA for how good he looked on the sidelines. Dawson, was this smokin Mrs. Dawson around before you showed her your big leg? Harrison for stomaching being denied despite being the best back on the team.
rutger Quinn, Harrison, Lewis, Rogers and the OL..  You think Winslow is going to be hard to keep? If you were Harrison, why would you EVER re-sign with this team????
-- Brady Quinn was what everyone has been hoping and dreaming about. You have to give credit to Rob Chudzinski though for changing up the packages. He knows that Quinn can hit receivers with those screens and short outs where Anderson's accuracy at those have already been showcased this year. I would've liked to have seen Quinn go deep a couple of times but it will come. Winslow minus the last drop of the game was stellar as usual. Cribbs, Lewis, Harrison, Heiden all deserve credit for great games. Defensively I'll say Shaun Rogers is the only one worth mentioning there. McGinnist made some plays and had his share of bad as well. Way to reduce the yellow flags!!
-- Cribbs and K2 are warriors.
-- The Ghost lived up to his reputation - appear for a glimpse, wreak havoc, and disappear just as quickly.
-- These guys gave their all. What a shame that Winslow thinks it is all about him! Quinn showed a side I didn't think he had-he should start from here on out. McDonald should get that oh so famous "pink slip."
thehollismaniac Quinn played well against a bad Denver defense. Jerome Harrison needs more than a series a game. Cribbs was awesome again. I think he's 100% now
-- The guy just shows up every game and is just a FOOTBALL PLAYER!!!!
Dawg Nuts BQ - Denver's defense stinks, but it still appears this boy can play; Cribbs - easily the MVP of this awful team, he's what i'd like every Brown to be; Rogers gets one every week because he has been playing his ass off every week.
-- I gave Winslow a gameball for his two TD's, and then a goat for his fumble and stupid penalty that killed a drive.
-- Harrison could have been #1 but he gained too much in the first half
Craig Where's Brian Russell when you need him?
iwillpierceyou Everyone on offense, no one on defense.
devoism K2 deserves a gameball, he played his arse off.
-- Chud. Good use of Harrison and Cribbs.
grouse very quietly Phil Dawson continues to perform at a Pro Bowl level
IowaDawgFan NOBODY: No gameballs for a loss. Though Brady Quinn played a very fine game overall.
WhosgonnaDriveyouhome We saw a glimpse of the future tonight. Hope you liked what you saw Browns fans because that was the face of the franchise.
-- Now, if we just had THREE on defense who could match the performance of these three on offense, we MIGHT be able to hold multiple score leads in the fourth quarter!
jkfoxworth Great game Brady and Jerome, I can certainly see these guys doing some good things as soon as our coaching staff is thrown to the curb and may as well throw savage as well
-- Cribbs is the Man. Harrison(or Henderson), STOP STEALING CRENNEL'S FOOD SO HE WILL PLAY YOU MORE!!! It's sure going to suck watching you gain 1000+ with another team after you leave.
DixieDawg Thank God for Saturdays. ROLL TIDE
One Wolf the browns are 8-2 when she sings national anthem. she has a better record than any starting qb for the browns. maybe she should be the next starter.
i also felt that k2 was deserving of both a game ball and goat horn. i think his performance is a micro-cosem (SP?) of the entire 2008 cleveland browns season!
-- not too many to choose from
BulldogDad BQ's debut exceeded expectations. The minimal mental errors by the offense (e.g. procedure penalties) are a reflection on Quinn. He knows what he's about back there, athletic and confident. Josh Cribbs is such a weapon when he's 100%, perhaps one of the best special teams players of all time. Somebody's going to hang goathorns on K2 for his 4Q mistakes, but the guy had a heck of a game overall, and any kind of defensive play at all and it would not have mattered.
-- Rework KWII's contract!
-- Josh Cribbs has returned to All-Pro form. It's too bad we don't have 53 players like him on the roster. Brady Quinn was very impressive, given one practice. He will be tested by tougher defenses in weeks to come, but I'm sure he will handle the situations very well. Jerome Harrison is brilliant when he gets touches. Why he doesn't get more is on the coaching staff. Kudos to the O-line for not giving up a sack (backups played well enough.
-- Brady did well on a short week. Jerome Harrison looked explosive. Derrick Anderson for taking his demotion like a man.
BDizzle80 Brady Quinn 4 D win!!!
-- It was great to see Brady Quinn finally get his shot at running the Offense. He did a great job. There is definitely a difference between BQ and DA. I preferred Brandy Quinn. DA was given more then enough time to prove himself. I knew DA didn't have it just by the way he played the last 5 games in 2007 not to make the playoffs and no matter how many times you hear that DA made the Pro Bowl last year you know it and I know it he looked terrible playing in the Pro Bowl. A big disappointment. Why the Browns went with DA for the first 8 games this year still amazes me. Bad call on Romeo once again.
-- The ONLY bright spot was being able to watch the last 2 games with my dad who is visiting. Other then that the Browns just SUCK
sfratian Quinn proved that he has the poise and skills to lead this team. Hopefully we can at least get a 6th round pick for Anderson.
-- Brady did a good job. Josh is the best special teams player in the NFL--period. The line did a pretty good job protecting Brady and opening holes for Jamaal and Jerome.
-- Great debut by Quinn. Cribbs once again set us up with short fields. Harrison was a spark, but they ignored him the second half. Phil Dawson rocks!
Dawgpoundr Well, Quinn looked pretty good, but now its time to start thinking about draft picks. Oh the life of a Browns fan.
-- Let's line up J Cribbs at quarterback every snap
Eagle Cribbs, Rogers, and Dawson are the three best players on the Browns team. No doubt about it.
-- Harrison how he doesn't get used more often i don't know, Quinn good first start, Cribbs is superman, glad to see him finally healed from that ankle sprain
Fire Romeo All three players did not make mistakes.
Skrapface Huge props to Dante Stallworth for sucking it up and putting his uniform on. Like Christ rising on the third day you actually played football.
-- Brady Quinn did a wounderfull job and thats on one days practice,he was in charge of the offence he simply took over he was a LEADER!! and knew what to and did it.
GeniusDawg Seriously...Derek Who?
-- Brady gets a B+....efficient
I would like to see Martin Rucker play more with K2 and Quinn. Could be a lot of trouble for opposing defenses
JSinCT Did you see that hit? He's the oldest guy out there hustling to smack the WR like that? Wow. Props to Willie.
-- Do we have anyone else on defense besides McGinest and Rogers?? Those two have been monsters this year..thank god!
Bleeding orange The Three players came to play and win and game. The others came for the check.
BigDaddy78 Quinn, Cribbs, and Dawson gave us the field position, field generalship, and points to win.
-- Quinn really showed alot of poise, made good reads and moved the chains and did enough that the browns should of won this game. Very impressive performance for his first career nfl start.

Jerome Harrison every time he touched the ball he made a big play, unfortunately he only had 5 touches.

Josh Cribbs: Once again came up big on special teams with his returns and tackles. Also made some nice productive plays on offense.
-- Wow Quinn has been sitting on the sidelines the last 8 games. First game in and 30 points. Anderson gets a ball for stepping aside. K2 for most of the game was good. A ghost sighting, Harrison needs more touches.
-- Why is Romeo the last guy to figure things out? Quinn shoulda started way back in the Cincy game.
-- outstanding start for the "Quinn Era", but will continue to be a wasted effort under RAC. ONE series for Harrison (where he was dominant), then NOTHING? Cribbs continues to get back to last years form... when will cloning technology advance enough to get more like him???


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
-- I guess the Defense just ran out of energy again tonight. Too many blown assignments and pussy tackles. I knew the 13 point spread was not enough. Way to make Cutler look like John Elway.
-- I want to recognize the defense and all coaches. Really won't miss you next year.
Naxos The D. The head coach. And the Def Coordinator. That was the worst defense I have seen yet this year.
Griz13 First time ever where the same player gets a gameball AND a goathorn. You gotta do better, K2. B-Mac got destroyed. I hated it. Romeo - your teams have a bad habit of not pressuring quarterbacks and giving up big leads. Maybe it's best if we part ways now.
Iupuiguy82 WTF Defense?!?!?!? BQ puts us up by 13 and you still can't stop a team who is one dimensional...RAC is a lame ass duck, just like Wimbley!!
-- Sargent Staph is infecting the Browns and what he does well is nullified by his mistakes. Give me Heiden any day. Old man Willie is a day late and a dollar short. Our CBs need to bump because they are going to be toasted anyway. Savage gets horns because we have ZERO pass rush and it is a talent problem.
BrownsBacker Chudzinski is a fool for leaving Jamal Lewis or Jerome Harrison out of the game of the last series on 2nd and 3rd and short with 1 minute left in the game. What the hell was he thinking? Oh and Romeo must go!
Damn, Damn, Damn!!!! What the fuss?? We couldn't cover an injured TE. There was no running game. Let's hope for a top ten position in the draft. Winslow - there's nothing to say. There is so much and it's too damn frustrating to write about them all. Losing sucks!!!!
-- was deion wearing fricking LIP GLOSS???? Jeez!
FrustratedBrownsFan A team that could not run (down to the 3rd string fullback playing tailback) and they throw for over 400 yards? Take my team, please!!!!
-- FROM ROMEO down to Brandon McDonald. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic
-- What the hell up with rushing 3 most of the second half allow those asshole broncos to win!! Time for a change in the coaching staff and linebackers!!! Shame on you Mel Tuckers!! YOU SUCK!@!!
houndfromhell1 Romeo Crennel, is the worst decision maker that has ever been pawned off on a city, and told he will be a great coach. I say lets cut ties with her now, and see how we end up. Let Savage hire 1 more time, if he fux it up again then can his candyass too. Who do we need as a coach, that wouldnt have to tear everything apart first? Lets hire Jimmy Johnson, and give him a 3 year contract. Trade Winslow, Edwards,Wimbley,Anderson
and sign real players to replace them. Its not hard to replace garbage.
Confused Romeo Crennel sucks and I can't wait until he's gone
-- F*** this defense.
oldeguard Once again the prevent prevents a victory.
AlamoDawg Defense absolutely horrible - that's all I can say -- Tucker needs to figure something out fast or he is gone!
Chud what is it going to take to keep Harrison on the field -- all he does is make plays - 5 rush 48 yards!!!! He should of been in at the end of the game not Wright!!
-- Romeo was thinkin' Arbys.
Mel Tucker should still be at the college level.
The entire defense sucks.
Brandon McDonald leaves receivers open like McDonalds gives me the shits. Every time.
ezmoover TOP SECRET: Romeo Crennel is a joke! OK, apparently this is only a secret to Savage and Lerner.
Boidawg Minus Rogers, entire defense was not good (again).
Denver made halftime adjustments. Cleveland didn't.
Kellen Winslow should keep his head in the game, and worry about showing his tattoo off at the camera AFTER the final gun.
-- How can this guy not see the raw talent in Jerome Harrison? Just think what could happen if Crennel gave Jerome enough touches to find a rythm.
-- Aweful coverage by both the defense and the play by play man for the NFL Network
RACalicious He is the new QB of our team. I am a fan of said team. It has been a long time honored tradition to not support our qb's regardless of how well they played.
-- Another year out of the playoff race prior to veterans day.
phelix17 Romeo must go.
-- Winslow also gets a Goathorn for missing that ball right in his hands.
Goat to all coaches for bad playcalling. Bad offensive plays, lack of blitzing by the defense on a pass happy team.
Extra goat for RAC himself. Nice knowin ya, chief.
BuckeyeInDenver All those good feelings we had about the defense a few weeks back are right in the toilet. Mel & Romeo better have their resumes up-to-date, because they're both gonna be looking for work come January.

Chudzinski needs a goathorn for either being too stubborn or too forgetful to play Harrison more than he does. The guy absolutely tears it up on one drive, to the tune of 4 carries for 40-some yards, and he barely plays the rest of the night.

And a special commemorative goathorn goes to the morose DA. Don't the let the door hit ya on the way out, Derek. You won't be missed.
s-kat007 How can Kellen Winslow catch 10 passes for over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns and still have a bad game? Intensity he has. But something else was just missing in the second half last night.
Brandon McDonald is my favorite player on this team. I love how he plays the game. Good tackler, stays in good position for the most part. But last night he got toasted all night long.
The whole defense deserves horns for playing like a sieve with the lead for the second time in 5 days. Way to pick up your young QB who led you to 30 points, you bunch of worthless hacks.
MNBrownsFan Wow, the defense just implodes for the second week. How bad can this unit play? Or at least how can they always fall apart in the 4th quarter? This smells like a prevent defense to me.

Phil Savage, DUMBA==!!!! We could have gotten Ty Law and you did nothing for that unit. You signed Terry "my hair covers my eyes" Cousins instead. You should shoulder to blame in this collapse.

Okay, Lewis got something like 2-3 yards per carry against this defense and Harrison lite them up on each carry..... hmmm, wouldn't one think we should have stuck with the back that was producing?

By the way, what was the deal with DA holding a football the whole time he was on the sideline? He looked like a major dork or a kid waiting to get into the game.
brownsclown GREED I did not see this game. THANKS NFL Network and Time Warner. At least I finally have the Big Ten Network, I'll bet there was a heck of a good volleyball game on there.
-- No pressure on Cutler and our corners couldn't handle the receivers. It could have been a our game
-- The entire D seemed to fall apart...I would give KWII a ball for the first half and a goat for the for BE - WHERE IS HE????
-- Myself, I live in Pennsylvania surrounded by Squeeler fans and I'm done being a Browns fan! I will now spend my time cleaning the grout from underneath my toenails on Sundays instead of watching this putrid display of football that Savage has put on the field.
-- winslow still does not have his emotions in check ??? WTF...grow UP!! Jamal may have reached the point of his having to share more time running the ball. what the hell has happened to mcdonald ??? he also majorly sucked against the rats !!! oh shit where do we go from here?? no better replacements available for him.??? Are we really that pathetic on "D" ??? Is it Tucker ?? Shaffer is going to get Quinn killed !!!
obiestigers Is Tucker an improvement or a detriment. The collapse of the
"d" is befuddling. How can Rodgers be double and triple team and we still can't stop a team from gaining 500 yards. What are the other ten doing ????
-- Romeo is the worst gameday coach ever
CaryNCBrownsBacker Lerner & Savage get HORNS until they run Romeo Crenell out of town. Once again HIS defense BLOWS a 13 point lead. Bottom line ROMEOS defense BLOWS period.
-- If Mel Tucker doesn't realize you can't leave a 5 foot nothing, second year, over agressive corner back on an island by himself, then he has no business being in the NFL.
-- Romeo must go! Romeo must go! When will we finally get a defense worthy of the name in this town? And why is our defense so poor when RAC was the defensive coordinator at New England? Could it be that Belichick was the real brains behind the defense? On the bright side Crennel has the biggest man boobs in the NFL-be proud, Cleveland!
Whatdefense Crennel - hope he's renting not buying
Was goign to write in Tucker, but this is Crennel's defense, make no mistake
-- The Soldier lost this battle for us...but Crennel has to go for this team to ever get better.
-- All defense except for S Rogers, All coaches, you let this game go by the play calling. Too soft of a defense and WHY WHY not more of J Harrison on offense (9.6 yds per carry). Andra, quit worry about pumping up the fans & worry about how you continually get manhandled.
-- We all know that Winslow will be gone next season; we all hope Crennel and his merry band of coaches will be coaching elsewhere next season; maybe Savage will be scouting for another team; maybe Randy the Simple will have a close encounter with reality and make big changes.
Huey P. Marshall This loss sits squarely on the shoulders of every defender in the "Back 8", as well as the HMFIC and D Coordinator. These linebackers SUCK. Did you hear me? These linebackers SUCK. SUCK, SUCK, SUCK. 3-4 defense? More like 3-0 defense.
-- Mel Tucker your defense is horrible with the exception of rogers.
rac you are a defense specialist then step in and do something it stinks.
phil some players when requested would have helped this team.ty law...joe horn....
-- It would be easy to say McDonald but the entire defense couldn't cover, tackle or stop the Broncos. Wimberly got run over by a rookie that shouldn't even have been playing.
Chud you have got to use Harrison more you moron.
Crennel continually gets out coached and doesn't have a clue about managing a game or how to use the talent that he has on this team.
RAC's Rack Good job RAC, way to accept a penalty that would have forced 4th down and give Cutler another chance to light up the defense. You are lucky they only got 10 yards on that play and it didn't bite you in your gigantic a**.
-- Mark my words, after this season, I do not watch a single game until Crennel is gone. I am tired of having more football knowledge, being a better talent evaluator, and a better playcaller than my head coach. I still don't understand why the players like playing for a loser.
Tmac4 Romeo has got to GO!!!!
rutger RAC, Savage and Chud.. Why is Romeo still employed by this team? Well Phil Savage is the answer to that question and that's why I'd fire him along with RAC. 1:10 to go, 2 time outs left, 3 and 1 and we throw the ball twice??? You know what the sign of a good coach is?  It's one that doesn't keep out coaching himself!!!
-- Can we have Todd Grantham back?????? What in the holy *_ck was Mel Tucker doing calling for single coverage against one of the best passers in the AFC. Also what happened to the different blitz packages. McDonald & Wright proved there is room for improvement. The secondary was so bad I thought there was five Terry Cousins out there playing. Offensively you can tell Lewis really misses Vickers even though Ali wasn't bad. If Winslow hadn't been Edwards like then maybe that last drive would've kept going. I'm done at least Quinn's got 11 days to prepare for the next game
-- Please hire Bob Stoops and get this team on track.
-- And we thought qb was the biggest problem on this team? What the hell happened to the defense over the past couple of weeks? Two very winnable games at home, two touchdown leads in the second half, and no wins. What a joke.
thehollismaniac defense was horrendous. O line has played only 1 game at its 2007 level. WE MISS RYAN TUCKER.
-- Ever get sick of hearing Collinsworth's lame comments? The way he talks, you would think he is Vince Lombardi when he talks football because he acts like he knows so much about the game. What a joker!!!!
Dawg Nuts McDonald gets 2 - f--king pathetic; KW2 - this is the first time i've ever given him horns, but he certainly earned them tonight by completely negating his two touchdown grabs; every single draft pick better be defensive next year.
-- and you can here Crenelephant saying in the press conference the same old garbage, "well, we didn't play well on defense and when you don't play well on defense you probably aren't going to win. I tell the guys, we have to play well if we are gonna win (ya think fatso?). When we don't tackle very well, they are going to get yards and they made some big plays out there (ya just a few right?) and when you give up big plays, it lessens your chance of winning (NO KIDDING). I like to stand on the sidelines emotionless in good times and bad because I think that it really helps get fans in the game (BOY DOES IT EVER!) and now I am going to go home and eat more food and get fatter on the money that I am given to give you guys a poorly coached team. (THANKS SO MUCH ROMEO!!!!!). This guys has got to leave town NOW!
iwillpierceyou Everyone on defense owes Brady Quinn a hooker and blow.
-- After 4 years we still don't have a defense
devoism Romeo deserves them
-- Our defense is pitiful. The scheme and execution are extremely poor. How can our LB's not make playe when Rogers is either double or triple teamed?
grouse you gotta be kiddin me that RAC is still around. I get more inspiration from my dead grand father. I don't care what Savage says he's got to go, and Savage for that matter too. There is a core but not enough to be competitive. Blow it up and start again!!!
IowaDawgFan ENTIRE D: What the hell happened? ROMEO x2: This season of heartbreak is all at your feet, big man. I've supported you since day one, but my patience has all but expired.
WhosgonnaDriveyouhome Romeo Crennel needs fired. The guys might like him but its obvious someone else is needed to win here.
-- Know why the Bengals can't have a defense? Because then Cleveland would want one, too! Two games in a row, these folks have looked like a high school unit. Maybe they should be forced over the next 10 days to stay locked in a room watching film of the Steelers and Ravens playing defense. Maybe osmosis might help! Winslow can NEVER come up with the big play when it matters. He needs to go to Oakland next year for a high 2nd rounder!
jkfoxworth Coaches suck, everyone of them sucks
-- This team can't tackle to save its life. Let's see. Harrison gets 53 yds on 5 plays, then touches the ball only 1 more time? Whoever is in charge of both above situations needs to be fired yesterday.
DixieDawg Stunk up the place again. Shocker.
-- The Browns lost! Somehow this must be DA's fault.
-- Only the Browns can grasp defeat out of the jaws or victory, Romeo must go, with 3rd string running backs quess what their going to do??.. pass and pass they did at will.
One Wolf Dayum, the NFL network truly sux. terrible announcers & horrid grapics. a broadcast like this makes me not feel too bad that i don't get this network on my cable.
-- As good a Quinn was, he was not good enough to overcome another poorly coached game. the offense is too predictable..... when you have a player averaging 9 yards per touch (Harrison) I guess you better pull him from the field. God forbid if you don;t get Jamul his touches. That's STIPID coaching!!!

the Defense is not this bad, the coaching is!!!!
Gelsingerj What in the Wild Wild west defense were they thinking. FYI, THEY HAVE NO RUNNING may not believe this....but they are going to PASS, you know.....THROW THE BALL....Here's your sign.
BulldogDad Randy Lerner, you have to take ultimate responsibility for this shambles of an organization. Phil Savage, you've stuck your thumb in the pie and pulled out more putridity than plums. The entire coaching staff, from RAC on down, shows little evidence to me that they have any cohesiveness or concept of what they are doing. Just an example: Brandon McDonald is a huge physical mismatch against Marshall, so let's leave him alone out there on an island in man coverage, while at the same time generating no pressure on Cutler whatsover. People will want to point fingers at McDonald, but Mel Tucker dropped the ball in a big way with his schemes. We have some talent on this team (sadly, not at LB - got to be one of if not the worst corps in the league), but I see no evidence that it is well-coached or schemed well to cover up weaknesses. I'm sick of seeing RAC standing on the sidelines with the vaguely troubled expression of a man contemplating a thermite enema. Cowher would be raging and spitting, and kicking some ass. I'm getting fed up with our brand of pussy-ass football, and I've been a fan for 45 years.
irishmutt now what ?????????????
-- 4th and 1, 2 time outs and 58 seconds left, and you throw the ball????

Any chance Quinn will be allowed to throw a pass more than 15 yards downfield this season?
-- i can't wait til we get a REAL defense. where was any aggressive play calling? why was Jerome not getting the ball more? this was a terribly coached game.
-- Defense went home in the second half, before the game was over - for the second straight week. They are terrible (EXCEPT FOR SHAUN ROGERS - WHO IS A MAN).

I like Brandon McDonald, and I think he will turn out to be fine NFL corner. Its was just a very, very bad game for him. He needs to learn from it and forget about it.

Winslow, despite his great stats, could have helped the offense overcome the defensive ineptitude, had he: 1) avoided a key penalty, 2) protected the ball better, and 3) caught a pass that went right through his hands on 4th down (Braylon drops passes, not KWII).

Oh well.
-- That was one of the worst displays by a defense. Two weeks in a row where they've blown big leads.
BDizzle80 Wake up call for B-McD. He needs 2 learn how to play better pass coverage.
-- Crennel Sucks as a Head Coach and Mel Tucker sucks as a Defensive Coach. I had reservations about Tucker taking over the defense before the season started. What a crap game defensive wise if I ever saw one. This was unbelievabe to see. Brady Quinn comes in and plays very well more then enough to win this game and the defense loses the game for him. Sickening. The loss is definitely on the Defense. I can't remember seeing anyone play defense this bad. One thing you can see the difference between DA and BQ. BQ should of had the quarterback job weeks ago. Fire Crennel now for his poor decisions. Call Cowher for the job!
sfratian Why in the hell would you not even put Lewis in when it was 4th and 1 with less than a minute. Running for that 1 yard, especially on Denver, is a heck of a lot less riskier than throwing it. Time for Romeo to go!
-- Brandon McDonald must be in the Burn Unit of Cleveland Clinic. He's got to have 3rd degree burns. Sean Jones could be the worst safety in the history of the NFL, with the possible exception of Nick Sorenson. Talk about out of position- the dude was somewhere in northern Arkansas on that 93 yard td. And, Mel Tucker... Shame on you. You have taken a decent defense and turned them into a laughing stock. No pass rush. Bad coverage. No tackling. Pathetic, simply pathetic.
-- Romeo is an idiot and a dead man walking with this job. The defensive guru has the worst defense since the expansion season. McDonald's night was horrific. K2 killed 3 drives in the 4th quarter with mistakes, pro bowlers don't do that.
Dawgpoundr Attn Phil Savage: If you need to sign another defensive player with the ability to allow large leads to melt away in the fourth quarter, I will gladly play for the league minimum. I'll be waiting by the phone.
-- Our D can't stop anybody in the second half
-- will Quinn ever be able to throw beyond 10 yards?
LongLiveSipe Quoting another poster..."The Browns D blew more goats than a Steeler fan in the Himilayas."
Eagle DA would have done the same as Quinn. I thought that Quinn would have done worse. Every Quinn fan would be GoatHorning DA if he was QB so I am gonna do the same for Quinn.
Brown's D was very bad again even with a QB switch. Browns still drop balls to.
-- romeo need i say more, the defense as a whole has blown the last two games, K2 great first half but single handedly killed three second half drives, bad penalty, fumble, dropped pass, come on soulja!
Fire Romeo I am not going to blame this loss on any player. They can only perform according to the scheme presented before them. The talent level is there so the blame must lie at the feet of the coaches. Romeo Crennel is a disaster and Mel Tucker's non blitzing scheme was torched. Fire them both!!!
Skrapface Sedgwick can't close shit.
-- That was the worst football coverage I ever saw or should I say missed. They should show the game and talk in the back ground. Then I could at least see what is going on.
GeniusDawg There wasn't really any "D-FENCE", it was kind of a "D-CURTAIN"
Coach4Him First time I ever voted someone for a gameball and horns (Winslow).
-- Whole defense looked bbbbbbbbaaaadd
JSinCT So sick of it. HORRIBLE defense, again. Time for a regime change, that game made me physically ill.

Mel Tucker - learn what blitz means
-- Mel Tucker and Romeo's playcalling lost the game.
Bleeding orange The whole coaching staff should be fired but one the special team coach is safe in my book.
-- Now that that DA is gone.. Lets find a new head coach..Rac stinks..been a fan for 60 + years Art Modell loser now this excuse for coach..ain't going to watch until they make a change
BigDaddy78 BMac, and all his cohorts, and their coach must take all the horns this day, a complete embarrassment.
-- Entire Defense gets a goat for a lackluster performance all night long. They allowed 564 yards of offense and for the second straight week completely collasped in the 4th quarter
-- Defensive Collapse. No pass rush. DB's taking a page from Braylon Edwards book of drops.
-- Please get Romeo outta here! He is not a leader - 4 years as coach and still the most undisciplined, unorganized team in the league - gets out coached weekly.
brbbva Quinn obviously can't handle the pressure. That last drive summed up what we have with him.
Jtzhills123 Why anyone thought that a 60 year old CAREER assistant would be a successful head coach is beyond belief. RAC got his success on the heels of Bill Parcels and Bill Bilichick!!!! All he did was do their bidding. RAC was horrible his first year and has been horrible ever since!!!!! He should have been fired after his second season. So much for the "Rooney Rule"!!!!! The 2007 season was an aboration -- even a broken watch is correct twice a day!!! He needs to go!!!! Why Lerner allows him within 50 miles of this franchise is a mystery!!!!! Get Cowher and pay him what he wants!!!!!!! The once GREAT Cleveland Browns are a disgrace!!! I have been a fan for over 50 years and remember Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Brian Sipe, Ozzie Newsome, Bernie Kosar, the 1964 Championship and a team that was competitive each and every week!!! This is not the Cleveland Browns Football Team I know!!!
-- more and more this season it's being proven that either RAC can't make good decisions, or he can't make decisions at all. this might not matter so much if he could at least get the team ready to win games, but he can't do that either.
-- FIre Defensive Coordinator
Sunrise He's not his anyway shape or form

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