Browns Scoutwatch: Update

We found out some of the college games that the Browns will be scouting this weekend...

The Orange & Brown Report has learned that the Cleveland Browns will have scouts in attendance for both the Oklahoma State-Colorado game on Saturday, as well as the Vanderbilt-Kentucky tilt the same day.

Daniel Jeremiah, national scout for the Browns since May of 2007, will be the club's representative for the OSU-CU matchup.

This information came from sources outside of the Cleveland Browns organization, and it should not be inferred that any underclassmen listed are being targeted or contacted by the organization.

Here is a list of draft-eligible players the team may be keeping an eye on:


MLB, Orie Lemon, Junior
OLB, Patrick Lavine, Junior
OLB, Andre Sexton, Junior
DE, Ugo Chinasa, Redshirt Sophomore
CB, Jacob Lacey, Senior
CB, Perrish Cox, Junior
FS, Quinton Moore, Senior
SS, Ricky Price, Senior
QB, Zac Robinson, Junior
RB, Keith Toston, Junior
TE, Brandon Pettigrew, Senior
OT, Russell Okung, Junior
OT, Brady Bond, Junior
P, Matt Fodge, Senior


MLB, Jeff Smart, Junior
OLB, Brad Jones, Senior
DE, Maurice Lucas, Senior
DT, George Hypolite, Senior
DT, Brandon Nicolas, Senior
FS, Ryan Walters, Senior
C, Daniel Sanders, Senior


MLB, Patrick Benoist, Junior
DE, Broderick Stewart, Junior
CB, Myron Lewis, Junior
CB, D.J. Moore, Junior
FS, Ryan Hamilton, Junior
SS, Reshard Langford, Senior
WR, George Smith, Senior


MLB, Micah Johnson, Junior
OLB, Johnny Williams, Senior
OLB, Braxton Kelley, Senior
DE, Jeremy Jarmon, Junior
DT, Myron Pryor, Senior
DT, Corey Peters, Junior
CB, Trevard Lindley, Junior
FS, Marcus McClinton, Senior
RB, Tony Dixon, Senior
OT, Garry Williams, Senior
K, Lones Seiber, Junior
P, Tim Mashay, Senior

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