What We've Been Told

What has Crennel been told? How will Jerome Harrison be used moving forward? And how are the Bills planning their defensive scheme to stop Brady Quinn?

- Despite negative publicity and fans' pleas for change, the front office of the Cleveland Browns is treading lightly. While a couple of changes in personnel groups will be implemented on game day, the coaching staff does not appear poised for any wholesale changes -- at least until after the game against the Bills this Monday night.

- Head coach Romeo Crennel has not been given "the speech", or the impression the organization and/or team owner Randy Lerner are entertaining the option of firing the veteran coach. Crennel is fully aware the 2008 season has been one of great disappointment and is not blind to the notion that unless the tables turn with this team, he may be let go.

- Although the organization has not openly committed to Brady Quinn in any time frame-type manner, the head coach plans to play the second-year QB and see how well he develops. Demoted starter Derek Anderson and Quinn both have been told that things can change at any time and prepare accordingly. Some within the ranks of the organization believe the player and staff need to see what they have in Quinn and evaluate him against a variety of teams to gain a true perspective, rather than just having a prospect-type summary on the player.

- With veteran RB Jamal Lewis entrenched as the starter, third-year RB Jerome Harrison is expected to gain some additional reps with the starting offense. Harrison's quickness and change-of-pace production is viewed as another opportunity for an offense that will take on a different look with Quinn at QB.

- There is a sense the Browns offense is going to be significantly changed with Quinn at the controls. But, the players on the roster don't believe it is going to be a cause for concern. As one player notes: "Brady will be fine, he can throw the ball downfield and will. If anything, the game against Denver should have proved something: Brady can throw the ball accurately, he can beat a team with the short-to-intermediate game, especially when that defense tried to squeeze him."

- The Buffalo Bills are poised to pressure the Browns offense on Monday night in Buffalo. The Bills had scouts in the press box last Thursday night when Quinn made his starting debut, and came away impressed with Quinn's poise and ability to find secondary receivers in his first pro start. That being said, the Bills are believed to be scheming to force Quinn to look outside the hashmarks and fill the short zones with a linebacker or safety in coverage.

- While the Denver Broncos focused on taking the downfield presence away from the Browns offense, the Bills are expected to force Quinn to beat them over the top. In the game against the Broncos, Quinn took exactly what the Denver defense was giving and moved the team well. Against Buffalo, Quinn will get some opportunities to make plays to his receivers and this threat will be a necessity to force the Bills defense to play without leverage.

- In a move which could prove beneficial for the Browns defense, Travis Daniels has been seeing more practice time at starting cornerback, while fellow corner Brandon McDonald has split time between the starting and nickel CB spots. The nickel corner in the slot has been an area of weakness for the Browns defense in coverage; McDonald's size and quickness in coverage may play a major role in the defensive scheme. That outcome is dependent on Daniels carrying the load on the outside and McDonald refraining from the overzealous aggression in the slot.

- The Browns organization, upon reviewing the game film from the Denver game, did not come way with the impression any members of the team "quit" as claimed in post-game comments from Jamal Lewis and Josh Cribbs. What the organization did see, however, were players not playing within the elements of the scheme, out of position, and displaying poor recognition and fatigue in the fourth quarter. Some of this was due to the Denver offense pushing the action and keeping certain defensive package groups on the field.

- Rookie LB Beau Bell is expected to be active for this upcoming battle against the Bills and may see his first playing time of the season on the defensive side of the ball. Bell has been progressing in practice sessions, and the state of the inside linebacker position outside of D'Qwell Jackson has been less-than-appealing to the staff.

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