The Dawgs Speak: GB & G, Week 14

We've been doing this for four years now, and there's never been anything like it. William Green, one of the leaders for the David Modell Uselessness Award, flips to the other end of the spectrum, and gets the most Gameball votes four weeks straight. It's time to hand out the gameballs and goats from Browns fans for this week!

Each week, like we've done since 1999, we ask folks to send us three nominations for Bernie's Insiders gameballs as well as thee nominations for the team goat. We add up all the nominations and post them each week, and also keep track of the votes throughout the year.

We tabulate the yearly finish based on adding up each week's results throughout the year. The top gameball vote getter is awarded 7 MVP points for their finish each week, second place gets six points, and so forth. The top "goat" vote getter is awarded 7 David Modell points which are subtracted away from their total. Second place in the goat voting gets 6 David Modell points, and so forth. So, if a player finished second in gameball voting one week, they would be given 6 MVP points. But if they finished first in goat voting the next week, they would get 7 David Modell points, and would have a year-to-date total of -1.

It's sort of like the BCS formula, except more complicated and irritating.

Week 14: William Green takes the crown for gameball votes for the fourth straight week, and is now nosing around the leaders for the MVP Award, although with three games left, it would take continued excellence combined with some bad games by Dennis Northcutt for him to challenge for the top spot. The Houston Texans get a gameball for their victory over the Steelers, although it should be noted that "God", "Karma", "Wali Rainer", and "Tommy Maddox" also got gameball votes. It's pretty amazing that enough Browns fans thought of the Texans for them to take seventh place in the voting (this was one of our heaviest voting weeks ever).

It is the fate of a team's quarterback to be either or loved or hated. Or, sometimes, both at once. Tim Couch winds up in both the Gameball and Goat lists as a horrible first half combined with his participation in the game-winning Hail Mary pass managed to get him listed on both. Other than Couch, the Goat list is deservedly filled with Special Teams players, who perhaps had their worst week in memory.

Week 14 Results

1. William Green
2. Quincy Morgan
3. Defensive Team
4. Tim Couch
5. Earl Holmes
6. Offensive Line
7. Houston Texans

1. Tim Couch
2. Phil Dawson
3. Chris Gardocki
4. Special Teams
5. Officiating Crew

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Dennis Northcutt (YTD Total 41 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Jamel White (20/3)
3. Kelly Holcomb (19/4)
4. Phil Dawson (15/2)
5. Mark Word (13/5)
6. Defensive Team (11/11)
7. Andre Davis (10/6)
7. William Green (10/18)
9. Orpheus Roye (8/7)
9. Quincy Morgan (8/21)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (YTD Total -30 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Bruce Arians (-24 / 3)
3. Offensive Line (-23 / 2)
4. Special Teams (-14 / 7)
5. Foge Fazio (-12 / 4)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly results throughout the year are now posted on our schedule page.

Your Comments in Week 12


Houston Texans - Boy am I going to have fun with the Squeeler fans at work tomorrow after an expansion team beat them
AGAIN!  Also, now the Browns have a shot at the division again. - RC

Goes to that damn Tim Couch for the Hail Mary.  Still not impressed with him but hell WE WON. - Gene G

Karma--I was at the game last year.  It was December.  We were playing the Jags.  A win would have kept us in the playoff hunt.  There was a questionable pass to...Quicny Morgan.  The home crowd was mad because they were wrongly looking at the replay.  We lose, bottles litter the field.  The only difference between this year and last is that they looked at the replay on time and the Jacksonville fans don't care enough to throw anything! - JMatt

Gameballs to pass defense, William Green, and Quincy Morgan, hell give Tom Coughlin one too, for being a horses ass! - Justin

Houston Texans- My 2nd favorite team until next week, when its the Panthers.  - SportsJ316

William Green -- do you realize that if he played the whole season the way he's played the past few games, he'd be looking at a 1,700-yard season? - Matt

Give that man a ball!!! Willie Green has become the dominant runner we've been looking for. A couple more games like these last few and we"ll get the Gameball bronzed for him. Way to go Willie! - DP10451

Butch Davis: For believing in his "field general" when most of the rest of Cleveland was calling for his QB's hide! Would have been easy to put Holcomb in to start the 2nd half, stuck to his guns. - Yogi

QUINCY MORGAN!!!! Get him the ball more often because the guy is turning into a play maker!! - Underdawg71

Quincy Morgan: Toughness.  "It's MY ball, fool!" - Frank

Ross Verba and Mark Campbell:  Blocking Machines out there today - Dave P.

William Green is the man!!! He gets a big gameball for another great performance.. keep trucking!!! - Mike M.

The Offensive Line - They continue to open holes and give the protection needed. Better all the time. - Hamster

Will Green: Almost Byneresque in the past 3 games. - ClanMeehan

Q. Morgan:  What a catch to end the game.  That was incredible.  He had 2 big TDs and was the deciding factor in the game. - BryanK

Quincy Morgan- All I can say is, WOW! What a catch he made on the Hail Mary! It sure as hell made up for his "dropped catch" last year which partially caused the embarrassing bottle-throwing riot last year. His other TD was also a thing of beauty. - FGM

Quincy Morgan - the final TD looked almost as dubious as the one that was reversed in last year's Jacksonville game, but somehow he sold it - Laurel P.

Dwayne Rudd: After sleepwalking though the season with his helmet toss, he finally came alive with four monster tackles. - Pete S.

God gets a gameball.  I am not a religious person. But God gets the gameball. Sweet Jesus, Mother of Mary. - Rohan

Because I like to recognize individual efforts when I can, Griffith gets a gameball for laying out Taylor early in the game after the pushoff no-call.  He's just one out of a whole unit that kept us in the game today.  Way to go defense!! - TobesWSU

Tim Couch-often criticized, often booed, but a trooper when the chips are down. What a throw to the endzone; what a block; what a run in the fourth quarter. He is the man! RMatt

Quincy Morgan: Only three catches, but two of them were HUGE - Ryan E

Foge Fazio- Were those blitzes that I actually saw? Gee it helps a little bit when there is that much preassure on the QB doesn't it? Great scheme, hopefully they stick with AT HOME where they seem to play like a completely different team. - DXDawg

William Green: what the heck did they do during the bye week? - RockyMtnDawg

William Green-What a joy to watch him develop. He gets some help from this line, but mainly it's him, breaking tackles - Tommy

Quincy Morgan: Way to come down with it, last time we played them you dropped it and about 5000 plastic bottles got dropped on the field. - Francis

William Green - He was the reason we were in the game and he is the reason for hope.  Now, having a running game makes us a team capable of winning consistently.  Maybe not this year, but in the future.  Cannot forget the O-line, they made some nice holes for him to run behind. - Josh M.

Steve Heiden--Guy is blocking well and catching key passes out of the back-field. - Fletch

William Green is running with a mission!  He is turning out to be everything Butch thought he should be, even when many Browns fans booed him repeatedly.  I think our running back of the future is now here. - Tim N.

Earl Holmes. Monster game with ten solo tackles and an assist. Key to stopping Jags from putting the game away late. Has more tackles this year than Junior Seau, Takeo Spikes, Bill Romanowski, Levar Arrington, anybody from Pittsburgh, and, yes, Wali Rainer. - Ace D

Houston Texans -   Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! How do you win a game with 45 yards on offense?  I guess you need to ask the Steelers that one!! - Eric S.

DEFENSE - For keeping us in the game and basically holding F. Taylor in check the whole game except for the TD run. - VaDawgLB

Wali Rainer - Dude, now do you understand why Butch cut you? - UpperDawg

Tim Couch - Our bipolar quarterback (horrible one half, great the next!) - Roy

Quincy Morgan 2 TD's on 2 Great Catches - Matt W.

William Green: Another 100 yard rushing performance, and the fourth solid start in a row. We were all wrong, and Butch was right. Imagine what he would do with a good OL in front. - Chris D.

Def. Secondary - 2 weeks in a row giving up -100 yards in the NFL - "unbelievable" - Craig H.

Tim Couch!  He never gave up.  Looking off the secondary on the hailmary was HUGE!  That's how Q got the single coverage. - Laturner

Quincy Morgan - great one armed catch (yes it was a catch) - Chris H.


Tim Couch - The Browns won this game DESPITE Tim Couch and his horrible interceptions.  This guy just can't get it done.

Phil Dawson--I can't believe I am putting his name here, but it's true. He almost cost us the game.  Let's hope he is out of his funk now. - JMatt

Couch still is a goat, I know, I know he won the game but Green ran all over the place and he had open receivers whic he decided to pass up for double coverage. - Justin

Refs- Missing that push off by Brady causing the first TD and then the holding in Taylor's TD. They would be #1 if they had reversed that hail mary... - SportsJ316

Phil Dawson -- probably the happiest man in the stadium when Morgan made the catch - Matt

Alas, the only goat I'm giving is to........Lenoy Jones. I don't think I need to explain that choice. - DP10451

Gerald Warren: I'm on this guy's ass until he makes at least 1 play a game. WTF happened to this guy??? - Yogi

Chris Gardocki. What was he doing?? - Underdawg71

Tom Coughlin - for being such an a$$. - Chris H.

Tim Couch  Misses open receivers. Throws late. Maybe it's time to see what Kelly can do - Frank

Alvin McKinnley:  Major bonehead play that almost cost us the game at the end. - Dave P.

Wali Rainer aka Mr invisible.  4 tackles ... thats why you're in jacksonville and not in Cleveland!  P.S. I'm sure if you ask nice enough, William Green will mail you back your manhood that he took from you when he ran you over for a TD.  - Laturner

PHIL DAWSON - Money must be already going to his head. We need to look for a kicker that will consistently get the ball to the goal line on kick-offs. - VaDawgLb

Couch can't handle the pressure or make correct reads against the defense.  First he cries, then he acts like he won the Super Bowl after a terrible performace at Jacksonville.  Bottom line, the kid is a head case - FleaDawg

Tim Couch, if not for a freakish hail mary play we would be talking about how inept this guy is, frankly i'm quite tried of this roller coaster ride, down one week up the next, down one play and up the next. Get rid of him!!!! - Joesph J.

Da Refs - never saw so many Homer calls (but I did see Couch yank off his helmet after the Q Pass, and just about had a coronary) - Damicoarch

Defensive Line - For the money we pay it should be ashamed. Opposing running backs should be forced to subsidized their salaries   considering our line makes them look like hall of famers. - Hamster

Browns Linebackers:  Almost Junkinesque in their performance all year. - ClanMeehan

Phil Dawson:  He needs to get back on a roll.  These missed FGs are killing us.  His kickoff OB also hurt. - BryanK

Chris Gardocki- You picked the absolute worst time to have what was probably the worst two punts of your career. - FGM

Tim Couch: Another inconsistant game. He is not responsible for winning the game with that hail mary throw (any QB could have done that) but is responsible for putting us in that position with his two stupid intereceptions, both of which were his fault. No balls were juggled, no arm was hit, both INTs were pure Timmah! style of turnovers. - Pete S.

Special teams accounted for most of the craptacular penalties. Wasn't this the bright spot for the Browns a month ago? - TobesWSU

Foge Fazio---and whoever else is contributing to the failure to stop the run - Redright

Tom Coughlin-give us the 40 yard line on a squib kick! What happened to kick it deep and play defense? RMatt

Offensive Line(S. O'Hara, in particular) - Can't wait until we spend the off-season upgrading this unit. We need at least 2 "studs" to come in to give us what we need. The interior of our line gets pushed around just about every week(Stokes & O'Hara are just average backups!!) - Craig H.

Tim lucky today after Will, Q and the D saved your *ss. I think we need to change our jerseys to look like the broad side of a barn..that may help. Memo to Tim- better bring your "A" game against the Colts....not your Puffs~ - EtomicPunk

Big Money- I haven't seen him make a play all year. I know you are  there. We all know you are there. MAKE SOME PLAYS!!! You too Courtney! - DXDawg

Phil Dawson: what the heck did they do during the bye week? - RockyMtnDawg

Phil Dawson - Hire a sports Psychologist this week. A good one. We need your leg for the playoff run. - Upperdawg

Gardocki-He had a terrible afternoon. He left us with poor field position over and over. - Tommy

Lenoy Jones: You've been around long enough to not make stupid blocks and if you do, don't lay on the guy - Francis

Special Teams - Almost cost us the game with their play.  This is one area where we have been better than most, and for that reason we have a chance in most games.  However, this game we didn't have it for some reason.  Although I think Jacksonvilles poor SP play was worse only because of their last kickoff.  Can you believe they squibbed it to Jamel White??  They deserve to lose if they cannot pin us back further then the 47 yard line. - Josh M.

Couch: Sans Hail Mary, he really played a horrible game.  With Kelly in there, we would have won by 13. - Fletch

Phil Dawson- Apparently thinking too much about missing.  We need to get him back into a comfort mode because we will need him in our next three games. - Tim N.

Chris Akins. His two blocking penalties on punt returns were among the many special teams failures. He's better than that. - Ace D.

Tim Couch: I've been a Couch supporter for years, but I have to add my voice to those questioning whether or not you've got what it takes to lead this team to where they need to be. - Phil S.

Coaching - Now that the running game is working, they don't seem to know how to mix in the passing game. Come on Butch be aggressive, and mix it up!!!  And don't forget where you're playing this next week, give the ball to Green, and let the weather be your friend! - Eric S.

Special teams - bad, bad, bad (okay…no pushing in the back!) - Roy

Butch Davis: Benches Quincy Morgan and Shaun O'Hara for second half of the Jets game for missing assignments among countless other benching yet he will not pull the plug on Couch.  I know you cannot play the QB Carousel, however If someone is not doing his job pull him. - Matt W.

Chris Akins: As a special teams star, shouldn't you know blocks in the back will get you a flag every time?! - Matt W.

Tommy Maddox - Keep it up! - Ryan V.

The goats have all bedded down in Heinz Field for the remainder of the season - Tunc69

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