Texans Report: Day 1

Which team's run defense vanishes at the most inopportune time: Browns or Texans? Don't write off Houston for this "honor"...

In the second half of Sunday's loss to Indianapolis, the Texans' run defense vanished. It is a problem that is reoccurring.

Against a Colts offense that ranked last in the NFL with an average of 69.2 yards rushing, the Texans surrendered 154, including a 4.5-yard average per carry.

"They tried to pound us in the beginning, but we didn't let them do it," cornerback Dunta Robinson said about the Colts rushing for 37 yards and a 3.1 average per carry in the first half. "After that, it surprised me a little that they'd try to establish the run in the second half, but they did.

"They made the correct adjustments."

Those adjustments led to the Texans getting crushed in the second half. Of the Colts' 474 yards, 302 came after intermission, including 224 in the third quarter. The Colts kept the ball almost twice as long -- 19:14 to 10:46 -- as the Texans.

"Then they came back with traps and draws," Robinson said. "Our guys would get up the field, and then they'd go (between them)."

The Colts rushed for 117 yards, 5.3 per carry, in the second half. And they did almost all of the damage between the tackles.

"We didn't get off the field on third down," linebacker DeMeco Ryans said. "We tackled better in the first half.

"In the second half, they were getting good yards on first and second down and getting us in third-and-short."

Joseph Addai, a Houston native, finished with 105 yards on 22 carries. He scored twice, on a 23-yard catch and a 7-yard run. Addai follows Minnesota's Adrian Peterson and Baltimore's Willis McGahee as backs who have reached triple digits on the ground in the Texans' three-game losing streak.

Dominic Rhodes added 48 yards on 10 carries for the Colts. Addai and Rhodes also combined for seven catches for 74 yards.

"You want to make them run the ball," coach Gary Kubiak said. "We stopped them in the first half. That shows what kind of patience they have with their running game. We couldn't stop them in the second half. We had to go to eight-man fronts, and they just picked us apart.

"They didn't have quick-strike drives. The defense played a bunch, and you could tell it took a toll. Give credit to the Colts."


--CB Dunta Robinson missed the team's charter to Indianapolis on Saturday and was fined. He also didn't begin the game as the nickel back against the Colts' multiple-receiver formation.

"It was a personal situation I had to take care of," said Robinson, who came to Indianapolis on a commercial flight. "I'm dealing with some family issues. I talked to my teammates about it when I got here, and they understood."

Coach Gary Kubiak was asked about it after the game.

"I'm disappointed, but that's over," he said. "It was a team issue. We dealt with it, and we moved forward."

--RB Ahman Green topped 9,000-career rushing yards during his nine-carry, 17-yard outing against the Colts. Green became the seventh active player to rush for 9,000 yards, joining Edgerrin James, LaDainian Tomlinson, Fred Taylor, Warrick Dunn, Jamal Lewis and Shaun Alexander.

"It's very special because a guy at my age, playing at the running back position, to play as long as I've played, it's not easy for us," he said. "I just take my hat off to the guys who are ahead of me and the guys who are trying to get to where I'm at. I have to thank my linemen here. And thank my linemen in Green Bay and my linemen and receivers back in Seattle, because I didn't do it by myself. It's a team effort.

"Sometimes I have plays by myself where I have to pick up my yardage, but I would say 99.9 percent of the time I have to get help from my guards, my tackles, my center, quarterbacks with play-action to get yardage."

--Rookie LT Duane Brown had a solid outing but still gave up two sacks against Dwight Freeney. On one of the sacks, Freeney got past Brown on a spin move he has perfected.

"I was kind of late off the ball," Brown said. "The crowd played a big factor in third downs. I tried to overcompensate for it and got out of position. He got me inside. We had been talking about that all week. That's his patented move, and I just got out of control on that play."



--QB Matt Schaub has now missed two starts. He is able to bend his knee and is more mobile, but it's unlikely he will play in the next two weeks.

--WR Andre' Davis should go back to his role as the No. 3 receiver this weekend. He has missed the past four weeks with a dislocated finger he had to have surgically repaired.

--RB Ryan Moats sprained his ankle Sunday. He is the team's No. 3 back and primary kick returner. He is day-to-day this week.

--DT Travis Johnson is wearing a boot on his foot, and he is day-to-day this week.

--DT Amobi Okoye has already missed two starts with a sprained ankle, and the Texans are hopeful that he may return this week.


PASSING OFFENSE: C -- The Texans were careful in the passing game and only threw one interception, which came late in the game as they were trying to play catch up with just 44 seconds to go. Duane Brown did a solid job, along with the rest of the line in pass-blocking, but he did allow Dwight Freeney to sack Sage Rosenfels twice.

RUSHING OFFENSE: A -- The Texans got a strong running performance from rookie Steve Slaton, who had 14 carries for 156 rushing yards. He had one run for a 71-yard touchdown and averaged 11.1 yards per carry. Ahman Green had two rushing touchdowns and finished with nine carries for 17 yards. It was the team's best running day of the season.

PASS DEFENSE: F -- Peyton Manning went untouched by the Texans' pass rush, and he threw for two touchdowns. He completed 30 of 46 passes, and the Texans didn't pick up any interceptions. Marvin Harrison was his top target. Harrison caught nine catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. The Texans continue to get beaten in the passing game. They gave up four passes of more than 15 yards.

RUSH DEFENSE: F -- The Colts entered the game as the worst running team in the NFL, averaging just over 69 yards per game. Against the Texans, that seemed impossible to believe. They ran all over Houston, especially in the second half. Joseph Addai finished with 105 rushing yards and one touchdown. The Colts finished with 154 as a team, and they averaged 4.5 yards per carry.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C -- K Kris Brown continues to be as consistent as they come. He was successful on his two field-goal attempts -- stretching his streak to 14 consecutive to start the season. Jacoby Jones had a 39-yard punt return on his lone attempt. The coverage teams were solid except for one 46-yard kickoff return from the Colts.

COACHING: C -- The team showed up and did a solid job offensively. There were two wasted timeouts in the third quarter that the team could have used later in the game, but overall the Texans were well-prepared and executed on offense. The defense was much less successful and struggled immensely, especially in the second half. The Texans were unable to force any turnovers, and they couldn't stop the running game at all. The Colts' second-half adjustments were much more effective than the Texans'.

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