Fan View: 'F' What?

Phil Savage's email to a fan may be a symptom of something more troubling about the NFL...

What a lot in the national media aren't saying is that Phil Savage, the defacto leader of the Cleveland Browns organization, the very face of the company (more so than Randy Lerner), told a customer to...


A customer.

Let me ask a question or two.

If fans stop coming to games, watching them on TV, reading about them, listening to people on sports radio talk about the games, then where is the NFL?

I think you can answer those questions.

So, Phil Savage gets to live a life that is better financially than 99.9% of the world's population because a great number of people around the world (and especially in the US) like to watch this game of American football and his response to one of those customers...


It's not that I've never lost my temper. It's not that Phil isn't human.

However, this shows a level of arrogance that I'm afraid is becoming more and more the norm in today's NFL.

Many NFL players and executives can't relate to the average fan simply because they don't live like the average fan. The money being thrown around in today's game breeds a certain elitist attitude that you're seeing from more and more of those associated with the NFL.


Is it Phil's fault? He does of course have to take personal responsibility for what he says but ultimately the fault lies with us.

Yes, us.

We may complain that today's game has changed, we may carp and moan that the players have no loyalty, that management and coaches don't care about the average fan but in spite of all that, we support the NFL in the way the NFL wants us to.

With our money.

So when Phil Savage spouts off to a customer, just check in the mirror as to where the blame lies.

We have reaped what we've sown with these arrogant NFL types.

Shame on us.


Does Phil Savage fire off a F-something email to a customer if he didn't have millions in the bank? What if he had to go on unemployment because he couldn't make ends meet if he lost his Browns job?

I think we don't have that email coming out of Mr. Savage's computer under those circumstances.

A wise man once told me, "if you don't have money, you better be polite."

Phil doesn't have to be polite.

An increasing number in the NFL don't have to be polite.

That's why for me, the game is increasingly unwatchable.

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