Fan View: One to Enjoy

There's a lot to worry about with these Browns, but Jeff B. is just gonna enjoy this one...

I could spend the article complaining about all the X's and O's that went wrong.

You saw the game.

You know where the weaknesses were.

But for one game this season, I'm going to be a fan that enjoys the outcome.

I don't care how the team got there. It just feels good to get a win.

Brady Quinn showed something in his 2nd NFL start, didn't he? He was smacked, rushed, crushed and whacked and yet he still led the team to a much needed victory.

How about Phil Dawson? Does it get any better than that? How many games has his foot won over the years? One of the only good decisions that Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark made was to put him on the roster.

I just have to ask one question. I'm not complaining. I'm not being negative.

But Romeo.....



All that kid does is make plays. All he does is give juice to the offense.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jamal Lewis's heart, leadership and toughness but he's just a half step slower these days. Whatever that extra step is that makes the great backs great is lost amongst years of hard running that Lewis has had to endure.

I'm not saying to bench Lewis but there has to be a way to get Harrison in the game more. He brings an element of speed from the RB position that defenses have to respect.

Back to my glowing praise now.....

I just loved watching the Browns keep their barely flickering playoff hopes alive while helping mess up the Bills chances for the 2nd year in a row. I have to admit that Bills fans are MUCH LESS obnoxious than Steeler fans but its still going to be fun to needle the ones I work with, especially since they were half smirking at me today asking me how the Browns were going to do tonight.

They were just going to come into your house and send you to your 4th loss in a row on Monday night, that's all.

Since I'm a night owl by nature, I don't usually smile for an early alarm but I think tomorrow will be the exception.

My turn to hand out some Browns related work smack tomorrow.

Lord knows I don't get to do that more than 3x a decade.

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