Browns Super-Sized Scoutwatch Update

With yet another regular season winding down to yet another -- allegedly -- playoff-less season, the Browns' scouting staff will be out in full force this weekend ogling draft-eligible players on college campuses all across the country. Take a look at where they'll be and who they may be targeting on the only website you can find this kind of 411...

During the ten seasons since The Return, more years than not have seen fans' eyes turning toward the draft as a soothing salve for the wounds inflicted by underwhelming performance on the field.  Unfortunately, this season has seen the return of such a draft focus as last year's band-aid on organizational woes has been ripped off and all the scabs of season's past have been picked open yet again.

With that stunning imagery in mind, the Browns' college scouting department will be out in full force this weekend, scouting the campus landscapes for talent who will -- hopefully -- return hope to this beleaguered organization.

And, as always, The OBR has learned of a few of the handful of games where Browns scouts will be in attendance throughout the day: Tennessee-Vanderbilt; West Virginia-Louisville; Army-Rutgers; Fresno State-San Jose State; and Stanford-Cal.

So, just who are some of the players the Browns may be targeting today?  Read on and find out...

MLB, Ellix Wilson, Senior
OLB, Rico McCoy, Junior
DE, Robert Ayers, Senior
DT, Dan Williams, Junior
DT, Demonte' Bolden, Senior
CB, DeAngelo Willingham, Senior
FS, Demetrice Morely, Junior
RB, Arian Foster, Senior
WR, Lucas Taylor, Senior
C, Josh McNeil, Junior
OG, Anthony Parker, Senior
OG, Jacques McClendon, Junior
OT, Chris Scott, Junior

MLB, Patrick Benoist, Junior
DE, Broderick Stewart, Junior
CB, Myron Lewis, Junior
CB, D.J. Moore, Junior
FS, Ryan Hamilton, Junior
SS, Reshard Langford, Senior
WR, George Smith, Senior

West Virginia:
OLB, Mortty Ivy, Senior
OLB, John Holmes, Senior
SS, Quinton Andrews, Junior
QB, Pat White, Senior
OT, Ryan Stanchek, Senior
OG, Greg Isdaner, Junior
C, Mike Dent, Senior
K/P, Pat McAfee, Senior

DT, Earl Heyman, Senior
CB, Woodny Turenne, Senior
QB, Hunter Cantwell, Senior
FB, Brock Bolen, Senior
OT, George Bussey, Senior
C, Eric Wood, Senior

MLB, Frank Scappaticci, Senior
DE, Victor Ugenyi, Junior
DT, Ted Bentler, Junior
FB, Collin Mooney, Senior
OT, Alejandro Villanueva, Junior (6-foot-10, 315 pounds)

MLB, Ryan D'Imperio, Junior
OLB, Kevin Malast, Senior
DE, Jamaal Westerman, Senior
DT, Pete Tverdov, Senior
FS, Courtney Greene, Senior
QB, Mike Teel, Senior
WR, Tiquan Underwood, Senior
WR, Kenny Britt, Junior
TE, Kevin Brock, Senior

OLB, Pat Maynor, Senior
OLB, Clinton Snyder, Junior
DE, Pannel Egboh, Senior
DT, Ekom Udofia, Junior
CB, Wopamo Osaisai, Senior
CB, Kris Evans, Junior
SS, Bo McNally, Junior
RB, Anthony Kimble, Senior
RB, Toby Gerhart, Junior
OT, Chris Marinelli, Junior
C, Alex Fletcher, Senior

MLB, Worrell Williams, Senior
OLB, Zack Follett, Senior
OLB, Anthony Felder, Senior
DE, Tyson Alualu, Junior
CB, Syd'Quan Thompson, Junior
QB, Nate Longshore, Senior
TE, Cameron Morrah, Junior
C, Alex Mack, Senior

Fresno State:
CB, A.J. Jefferson, Junior
FS, Marvin Haynes, Junior
SS, Moses Harris, Junior
QB, Tom Brandstater, Senior
RB, Lonyae Miller, Junior
FB, Anthony Harding, Junior
WR, Seyi Ajirotutu, Junior
TE, Bear Pascoe, Senior
OT, Bobby Lepori, Senior

San Jose State:
LB, Justin Cole, Junior
DE/OLB, Carl Ihenacho, Junior
DE, Jeff Schweiger, Senior
DT, Jarron Gilbert, Senior
CB, Coye Francies, Senior
CB, Christopher Owens, Senior
FS, Kyle Flynn, Senior
QB, Kyle Reed, Junior
RB, Yonus Davis, Senior
WR, David Richmond, Senior
TE, Jeff Clark, Senior

NOTE: This list of possible players was not provided to the OBR by the Cleveland Browns, and represents only a listing of players of possible interest in next year's draft.

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