Fan View: Email Templates for Phil

As long as we're dropping >expletive deleted<'s, here are some more...

If you want to fire off expletives this week, I have a much better place for you to direct your excess anger.

Don't go after fan inboxes with flaming comments. Here's some alternate suggestions on where you can drop your "<deleted expletive>"

Now, I don't condone this method of communication but obviously you have a certain comfort level with it so I don't want to make you veer from it.

You could say.....

"<deleted expletive>" Braylon Edwards for dropping your league-leading 9,999,999th pass this week.

"<deleted expletive>" Romeo Crennel for getting your team fired up to.... sleepwalk... through their 3rd home loss in the last 4 weeks with their playoff lives on the line in each of those weeks.

"<deleted expletive>" Romeo Crennel for making a QB switch. Where was that quick trigger when Derek Anderson was playing awful against Pittsburgh, Baltimore twice, Washington...etc, etc.?

"<deleted expletive>" Joe Thomas for getting tossed around like a rag doll by Mario Williams. MY high draft picks are supposed to look better than the other teams high draft picks.

"<deleted expletive>" Andre Johnson for outplaying Braylon Edwards. (Editor's Note: The only difference between the 2 overall #3 picks? One holds on to the ball and one doesn't).

"<deleted expletive>"Cleveland offense for wasting a good defensive performance.

"<deleted expletive>"Cleveland defense. Ok, you don't deserve a "<deleted expletive>" this week but I'm just trying to work ahead for when you do. You know you will.

"<deleted expletive>"Jamal Lewis for your two fumbles. I know you're the most consistent guy we have but I love saying "<deleted expletive>"

"<deleted expletive>"Cleveland fans for getting mad that I haven't put a winner on the field yet. What do you want in year four? Give me a break.

Hopefully that will cure the pent0up rage you feel this week, Phil. If not, count to 10. No, better yet, count to 54.

That's one count for each of the players on the active roster (53) and coach (1) that are about to miss the playoffs again for the fourth year in a row.

Four years and no playoff berths? One winning season so far?

I'm not going to say that you're the worst GM in football but you certainly make a strong run at the title year over year.

I know, I know......I'm grabbing my Buffalo hat right now.

Or should I be sporting some Texans gear?

Just checking....


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