Tales From A Notebook: F#@* You Edition

It's hard to tell whether Phil Savage's rebuttal to a complaining fan will turn out to be punchline or call to action. It's certainly the latter for the OBR's John Taylor. Read to the end for the kicker...

-- From Dictionary.com:

1. the state or quality of being continuous.
2. a continuous or connected whole.

-- "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." – Benjamin Franklin.

-- 54-101; that's the record since The Return. .348; that's the winning percentage since The Return. 24-35; that's the record of The New Regime. .406; that's the winning percentage of The New Regime. Taken as a whole, that's insane continuity at its finest.

-- "F#@* you" you say, Mr. Savage. F#@* the very fans that kept you in your job three years ago? No, no, no. Homey don't play dat. F#@* you Phil. And, while we're at it, F#@* you Romeo. And F#@* you Randy. And a big ol' "F#@* you" to this entire embarrassing, disjointed, inept organization.

-- You wanna lob F-bombs at fans, and then put this product on the field after nearly four years in control? F#@* you and the very "woe is me" attitude currently strapped to the horse you're riding in on. You know, the attitude you so condescendingly chided this town about years ago. Remember that?

-- F#@* your calls for continuity. F#@* your being holed-up on college campuses while RAC fiddles around your burning organization. F#@* your weekly suck-offs from the team's radio mouthpiece as the only way your voice is heard by the fan base and the media. I have been your biggest supporter. Until now. You can go with the rest of ‘em for all I care. I'm done with this organization as it's constituted on November 23, 2008.

-- It is shameful that Romeo A. Crennel is the public face of the franchise. It is shameful that Romeo A. Crennel has to sit there getting grilled week-in and week-out while you and your owner sit silent in your respective ivory towers, free from direct and justified ridicule. It's shameful what you are doing to an honorable man who's in over his head on the field, allowing him to twist in the wind while your organization goes straight to football hell off it.

-- That being said, Romeo A. Crennel needs fired. Now. Literally, right now. As honorable a man as he is, he's an abomination as a head coach. What he did today at the quarterback position, how his team played today against an abysmal, winless-on-the-road opponent AT HOME, is simply not acceptable. And "I don't know" is not an acceptable explanation from the man charged with leading this team.

-- For those who doubted for a second that Romeo A. Crennel was not strongly urged to make a switch at QB three games ago, today was Exhibit A-ZZ why you are wrong.

-- You have DA at the helm for 15 straight games of abysmal-to-average play, and then you yank Brady Quinn when he throws two picks – one of which lays squarely on the lackadaisical route-running of a talented, maddening, enigmatic wide receiver – in his third start? What type of logic goes through your head, soon-to-be-ex-head coach Romeo A. Crennel? If Randy Lerner had any balls at all, there'd be a note scrolling across the ESPN ticker right now: "BREAKING NEWS: Browns fire head coach Romeo Crennel"

-- It was inexcusable for RAC to bench Quinn. In fact, it's grounds for immediate termination. I don't care how it's spun, how it's explained away by RAC with some pithy "spark" reference, there was no excuse for it and it's indefensible. You're gonna jerk around your potential franchise QB after three games? F#@* you.

-- Plain and simple, this is a big ol' F#@* you from RAC to those in upper management for pushing him into the QB switch. Or, a head coach who knows his head will be served on a platter at the end of the season – if not sooner – and it was one last, desperate attempt to hold onto one of the elite 32 positions in the football world. One of those two. Or both.

-- Randy Lerner, where are you at? Fire him now. Right now. Or at least stick your head out of your ivory tower and address the angry torch-carrying mob huddled at the base of your castle.

-- And don't give me this crap that an interim head coach never makes a difference. Whether it does or doesn't is immaterial; what, this season could get any worse with a temp at the helm? Gimme a break. Be it Rip Scherer or Rob Chudzinski or Mel Tucker or a combo of Suzi & Kat – Hi stalkers!!! – it is physically impossible for anyone to do a worse head-coaching job than what Romeo A. Crennel has done in his four years in Cleveland.

-- When you have a runaway train, it matters not who the engineer is when it comes to a tangled and heaping halt. What matters is the engineer you put at the throttle when the locomotive is rebuilt.

-- OK, you don't want to fire him during the season because you respect Romeo A. Crennel, The Man. I get that. I can understand it. If that's the case, do kinda what you did when it came to this year's QB switch. Or the Maurice Carthon firing. "Strongly urge" a resignation-or-get-fired tack.

-- Over 1K words into this, and it's all about Phil Savage and the owner and firing Romeo A. Crennel and the unconscionable QB switch. No talk of the game itself. And that's the point. It's no longer about what's happening on the field; it's all about curing what ails this flailing and floundering franchise off the field. THAT is what's important right now.

-- Best description of the game, courtesy of my wife: "A humiliating embarrassment."

-- Quinn gets benched in his third game. Brandon McDonald gets benched in favor of Travis Daniels, who's subsequently put on the inactive list six days later. Jerome Harrison gets a pittance for touches because… well… I don't know why, but it just is. And yet, there's Braylon Edwards primpin' and droppin' on a weekly basis. Would these be the 59th or 60th indictments of Romeo A. Crennel as a head coach? This is like a RICO case against a mob lord. Hopefully they can get him on tax evasion at some point.

-- The "COWHER! COWHER! COWHER!" chants were a great touch, I thought. The boo-birds greeting Derek Anderson added to the ambiance of the game. "2008 Cleveland Browns Football: Catch The Fever!"

-- Randy Lerner: if you are not going to do the righteous and honorable thing by firing Romeo A. Crennel either now or at the end of the season, then you need to sell this team. I know you love this team more than anything, but you are doing a disservice to the very institution you grew up rooting for by keeping this man on the sidelines.

-- "Go root for Buffalo. F#@* you." THAT is the name on the door in Cleveland. And for that, you all should feel humiliated and embarrassed. What good was The Return when you don't get a return?

-- F#@* you? No, F#@* me for investing forty years in this franchise. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for 40 years, shame on me for being a Browns fan. There's your woe-is-me F#@* you, Phil. Deal with it or get the F#@*out of my town.

(Writer's Note -- as I was editing this thing and making it pretty for mass consumption, the following text came across my phone: "berea in full metdown. heads are gonna roll. not a matter if but when. more later." That text came from a trusted Browns source. He has yet to get back to me.)

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