Adkins: What We've Been Told

With Berea buzzing due after the team's abysmal performance Sunday, we need Lane Adkins. And he comes through, per usual. Here's the latest buzz on the team's ownership, head coaching job, and players...


- The next 48-hours may be the most pressing moments Romeo Crennel has experienced as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. The story generated by failures in recent weeks, which we believe team owner Randy Lerner has termed "unacceptable", could be reaching its climax. Rumors of post-game changes were false: neither Lerner nor organization spokespeople indicated any change in schedule pertaining to the head coaches appearance with the assembled media on Monday. Still, if signals reaching theOBR are correct, there may be something shaking behind closed doors which could change the organizational landscape, but not to the extent where we can say the head coach is in immediate jeopardy of being fired.

- A source within the Cleveland Browns organization tells theOBR that Lerner was not happy with the back-and-forth exchanges between team general manager Phil Savage and a fan following the win against the Bills on Monday night. Savage is said to have apologized for his part in the escapade to Lerner and the organization. Behind the scenes, Lerner is believed to understand the frustration which led to Savage's email but is not happy about the negative publicity which blankets the organization once again.

- While not being a public figure for the most part, Lerner is believed to be less enthused with running/owning the Cleveland Browns organization at this time than at any time since taking over the team following the death of his father, Al. The consistent losing, family and other interests are playing a role in what may be described as a disappointing time to be the owner of this team.

- And a passing thought - it is believed that former Browns team president and minority owner Carmen Policy and former San Francisco 49ers team owner Ed DeBartolo wouldn't mind getting back into the NFL.



- A league source tells theOBR that the Cleveland Browns organization has not had any direct contact with former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and current CBS analyst Bill Cowher - but would note the former player and coach with the Browns is fully aware his name has been linked to a potential coaching opportunity in Cleveland.

- Several weeks ago, Cowher was rumored to have purchased a home in Strongsville, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb close to Berea. While court records do not show a sale to Cowher or any group rumored to be within his holdings, there are some curious real estate transactions which have come to our attention. In the City of Strongsville, there has been an upscale home which has received an anonymous bid - a bid which can be placed on a specific property and acted upon in a declared time frame, which may be in the 90-to-120 day range. We can't connect the dots between one and the other, but we find it rather interesting due to the interest team owner has in changing the complexion of the team - and his respect for the former Cleveland Browns player and coach.



- QB Brady Quinn has been the model soldier as a member of the Cleveland Browns and has remained solid to his teammates and coaches. At the same time, Quinn is not happy that the offensive game-plan does not provide him the opportunity to 'play', but rather orchestrate a limited offensive scheme put in by the coaches. You'll never hear Quinn complain, but the staff is aware of the situation.

- Starting RB Jamal Lewis has kept his cool and has recently refrained from speaking in a manner which will focus undesired attention on the team and its issues. That being said, Lewis was believed to be 'good' with the move that set Quinn as the starting QB. The belief was the running game was going to be an increased focus for the offense - and gain balance in play selection, improved execution as well as working toward leveling out time of possession. Through three games with Quinn under center, however, the plan of attack Lewis expected has not come to fruition.

- TE Kellen Winslow has been relatively subdued following his recinded suspension and drop pass in the Browns' loss to Denver a couple weeks ago. Winslow has not lost his drive and desire, but is expected to be open to talking about his future with the team and his agent Drew Rosenhaus following the season.

- Ending with a little good news: Injury updates are good for OLB Antwan Peek (knee) and DE Robaire Smith (Achilles) - both players are ahead of schedule in the rehab process.


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