Gameballs and Goats: Raw Numbers

The tally for last week, as well as the year-to-date...

Welcome to a special abbreviated version of the OBR Gameballs and Goats. "Abbreviated" because if I did the regular one which takes a couple of hours, my family would kill me (painfully) for "working" on Thanksgiving.

So, here's the raw results from last week's gameballs and goats, along with the year-to-date standings.

Gameballs / Browns-Texans

Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 167
Romeo Crennel(Head) 80
---Fans--- 77
Jerome Harrison (RB/35) 48
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 47
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 21
Brodney Pool (S/21) 19
Jamal Lewis (RB/31) 16
Phil Dawson (K/4) 15
---Officiating Crew--- 14

Goats / Browns-Texans
Romeo Crennel(Head) 232
Braylon Edwards (WR/17) 214
---All Coaches--- 66
Phil Savage 54
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 41
Randy Lerner 37
Rob Chudzinski(OC) 34
---All Players--- 31
---Entire Defense--- 31
---Entire Offense--- 27
Jamal Lewis (RB/31) 26

Gameballs / Year-to-Date (Full listing)

Shaun Rogers (NT/92) 1800
Josh Cribbs (WR/16) 1016
Jerome Harrison (RB/35) 837
Jamal Lewis (RB/31) 826
Kellen Winslow Jr. (TE/80) 779
Phil Dawson (K/4) 704
Brady Quinn (QB/10) 662
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 490
Alex Hall (OLB/96) 432
Fans 404

Goats / Year-to-Date (Full listing)

Romeo Crennel(Head) 2480
Derek Anderson (QB/3) 2421
Braylon Edwards (WR/17) 1846
Entire Defense 484
Mel Tucker(DC) 355
Rob Chudzinski(OC) 343
All Coaches 318
Terry Cousin (CB/25) 298
Brandon McDonald (CB/22) 296
Kellen Winslow Jr. (TE/80) 245

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