Derry Counts The Browns' Blessings

Yes, even in this disappointing season, there are things to be thankful for...

And so, as we finish up the turkey leftovers, one has to wonder what those within the Browns organization had to be thankful for this year.

Here are a few things for which they might have counted their blessings:

* Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers should be thankful for the fact he doesn't play for the winless Detroit Lions. The situation isn't a whole lot better with the Browns, but at least he won't be part of negative history.

* General manager Phil Savage should thankful that a member of the public relations department was blamed for the text message sent to tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr., asking him not to disclose the fact he had another staph infection.

* Winslow should be thankful for the fact he saved that text message, thus avoiding a game-check fine.

* Quarterback Brady Quinn should be thankful for being given the opportunity to start three games before a finger injury brought a sudden end to his season.

* Quarterback Derek Anderson should be thankful for the fact he'll get a chance over the final five weeks to prove that 2007 was not a fluke.

* Running back Jamal Lewis should be thankful for the fact his body hasn't been worn out by having to carry the football too many times this season.

* Head coach Romeo Crennel should be thankful for the fact his team has won more games than his fellow former Patriots coordinator Charlie Weis' Notre Dame squad?

* Crennel should also thankful for the fact he's not a professional time keeper. Or that he's not the chief decision-maker when the game is on the line. Oops, sorry, skip that last one. That IS one of his jobs for at least five more games.

* Cornerback Brandon McDonald should be thankful for the fact the Browns have such little talent at cornerback, thus he has been able to keep his job despite getting beat numerous times.

* Eric Wright should be thankful for the fact he can be called the best cornerback on the team. It's unlikely he would have that title with any other organization in the NFL.

* Wide receiver Braylon Edwards should be thankful for the fact he has been able to live off the fact he was a No. 1 draft pick. Good thing he wasn't asked to carry in the turkey to the dinner table. He probably would have dropped it.

* Left tackle Joe Thomas should be thankful for the fact he only has to face Texans defensive end Mario Williams once a year.

* Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski should be thankful that Lewis has pretty much been the only player questioning his play calling this season. There are undoubtedly others who have wondered where the offense went.

* Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker should be thankful Rogers was acquired from the Lions.

* Return specialist Joshua Cribbs should be thankful the Browns have limited his time on offense; unlike the Bears, who have turned Pro Bowler Devin Hester into an average return man due in large part to his increased role on offense.

* Wide receiver Donte Stallworth should be thankful his contract was not based on production.

* Outside linebacker Willie McGinest, who has announced his retirement at season's end, should be thankful he only has five more games with this screwed up organization. He has far too much class to be involved with this weekly soap opera.

* Crennel and Savage should all be thankful owner Randy Lerner is a patient man who, except for rare occasions, keeps his thoughts to himself. They also should be thankful they signed contract extensions last year that should keep them financially secure even if (or when) they receive their pink slips in January.

* Bill Cowher, currently an in-studio TV analyst, should be thankful that he'll soon be offered what might very well be the biggest contract in NFL history to serve as coach of the Browns next season.

* Browns fans should be thankful they root for the best professional football team in the state. That tells you just how bad the Bengals are.

* And I'm thankful you have taken a few minutes of your time during this holiday season to read this column.

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