Tarcy: It Just Needs a Push-Start

Sure. Fine. Jump off the bandwagon if you like. Brian Tarcy is still on board and still driving, but he might *oof* just need a little *pant* help getting this *ugh* thing to the *eerf* Bandwagon Repair Shop...

Every Cleveland Browns fan I know is off the wagon. Not me.

Long before Chris Palmer talked about a runaway train, Winston Churchill urged a nation under siege to "Never give up." I am with Churchill. The Cleveland Browns can still mathematically make the playoffs at 9-7. And once they're in, they have a great chance to win the Super Bowl.

I am the last fan on this broken down bandwagon. I swear I didn't know it needed gasoline and tires, but I digress.

Between the economy and our favorite football team, every day is a new reason for depression but I say we only need a couple of teams to melt down because the Browns are about to go on a roll.

Please look past the broken finger. Yes, I am just like the President saying please look past the broken banks. So? The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and I am not afraid of the Indianapolis Colts. So there!

When you hit rock bottom, you have to enter a 12-step program and take it one game at a time. So I say, watch this game!

The only thing I have to base this on besides the melancholia that wafts up from those who have fallen too far off the wagon to ever realize there was a wagon are my own sober delusions of grandeur for the Cleveland Browns. In other words, I've seen stranger things happen.

So perhaps now that the quarterback controversy that was demanded from preseason is over, the team can settle in and play some football. Perhaps Phil Savage will learn to ignore my emails and scout some football players – you know, like receivers who have full use of their hands.

Oh yeah, perhaps Braylon Edwards will regain full use of his hands. I mean, I feel bad for him trying to play NFL football with those hands. I suggest a fundraiser.

Look, I know what you're thinking (mostly because of the electronic monitor I implant in all my readers' heads) but I think Romeo Crennel is about to become a modern version of Tom Landry, who had five or fewer wins for his first five years coaching, and then went to the Hall of Fame.

Someone once called me a contrarian. I don't know what that means, but I disagree.

So yes, I am sitting here on this broken down bandwagon but I swear the engine still runs if you just give it some love and attention. Yes put your arms around it, you know, as if you were tackling it.

That reminds me. I sincerely believe the Cleveland Browns will learn how to tackle. In fact, I bet Randy Lerner has spent considerable money sending his linebackers to tackling seminars in which inspirational tackling speakers tell their "10 Secrets For Tackling The Other Guy".

Of course, the Cleveland Browns are thinking corporate. This is a finely tuned organization. They even have email and stuff.

So please come back onto this bandwagon with me. The Browns need you. I need you… Um, can you give me a push-start? Yes, it's uphill.

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