Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is the transcript from Wednesday night's Browns Uncensored chat with Dave and Lane. The chat room talked about the Browns playoff prospects, injured players, and even a little college ball on Wednesday night. A lot of chatter has been cut out of the transcript, so you can get right to the good stuff...

DavidCarducci Trying to check on something from the message board regarding Courtney Brown's contract
Guest101 hope Tim doesn't try to force things
DavidCarducci Tim talked a lot today about trying to learn from his mistakes and not force things. He actually is pretty realistic about his problems and mistakes
Guest101 go with the flow, get Green in the game, defense needs to stop that fast pace of Indy
MadDawgJimmyMac Contract Info on CB?
DavidCarducci Someone asked about his option, and if it is not picked up if there is a clause in his contract that would make him an UFA. I had assumed he would still be an RFA, considering he doesn't have enough years accrued under the CBA. Something I hadn't thought of, honestly, because until this year I thought they would pick up the option.
ramllov Dave will they extend Word and McKinley contracts pretty soon?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think they will do everything they can. I'm not sure of their policy regarding extending during the season. Something I need to ask about. Both players have performed better than anyone could expect.
Guest101 that's great David..I hope he has a fanulous game at home
redright Dave, it's said that to win in december you've got to run and stop the run. The Browns face five of the top 20 runners in the next 3 games James--Lewis--Vick, Dunn, Duckett. How do we stop them Dave? What do we do to win?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think in the case of Vick and Dunn, the potential for bad weather could be a big help. BOth are at their best on fast tracks, and I have a feeling coming into that final week there won't be a tarp on that stadium turf. I think with Lewis you have to commit your safeties to stopping the run, and dare the Ravens to throw. THis week is the biggest challenge, in my opinion. Even bigger than Atlanta. Manning, with his a bility to check at the line, his playaction passing, etc. can make for a tough assignment with EJames finally getting healthy.
MadDawgJimmyMac They need to either renegotiate him or trade if there are any takers. Chances of that happening Dave?
DavidCarducci JimmyMac, I'm sure the Browns would love to renegotiate with Courtney. I don't think they want to give up on him, but the money might make for some tough decision making. Unfortunately, not knowing COurtney well and not having an opportunity to talk to him, I have no idea how open he would be to tinkering with his deal. I've heard that RUdd might be willing, but then again, he might not be in the Browns plans
MadDawgJimmyMac How bad is Manning injured Dave or is that just Butch speak, er Dungy speak?
DavidCarducci MadDawg, I've heard that Peyton is a big hobbled by that swollen bursa sac, but I've also heard that it shouldn't be a big problem for him on Sunday
howldawg any news on northcutt
ramllov Dave has Butch Davis seen anything on Gonzalez or is it to soon to tell?
DavidCarducci Ram, no word really on that. I think it has to be too early to tell. For this season, they are focusing on the usual suspects, and they aren't really talking about the projects like Gonzalez, Fowler, Mitchell, etc. I think it's something to watch for next year when they come back to camp. I don't see him as a factor as a potential starter for a few more years
redright Do we have any linebackers
DavidCarducci Redright, we have linebackers. Bentley said he is back this week, for sure
fleadawg29 david, do the browns plan on letting the dawgs loose against the indy offense?
DavidCarducci Fleadawg. I hope so. They brought a bit more pressure this past week with the hope of keepign Brunell from getting his feet set. I think the same plan could work against Manning, especially if they do a good job of disguising their coverages. I've found that making Peyton over-think at the line can lead to his making some big mistakes
MadDawgJimmyMac dave, what is the scoop on the Brown's working out a CFL backup QB?
MadDawgJimmyMac Message to Tim?
DavidCarducci MadDawg. I don't know much about that. They bring people in and out of Berea all the time. For now, I know they aren't going to do anything with Holcomb. They know they need to have two capable quarterbacks at all times in this league. And I know they like Booty. So anyone they bring in is a possible project more than a person who could compete
DawgHowl whats the latest on McCutcheon is he gonna play this week?
DavidCarducci McCutcheon wasn't in the locker room today, but before I left I heard that they were planning on seeing what he can do in practice. If he can go, they can use him. Harrison, Wayne and Ismail make up a pretty good corps.
tdawg29 how will butch gameplan for indy on both sides of the ball? Do you think we will see any new wrinkles on the the offensive side of the ball?
DavidCarducci tdawg29. I think you'll see very few wrinkles offensively. Just a guess, especially if the field conditions are sloppy. The Colts are very average against the run, and pretty good against the pass. My bet is that the gameplan will be pretty vanilla. Keep working William Green. Try to eat up some clock, use short passes as extentions of the running game and keep Tim from pressing for the big play. Defensively, we might see a bit more gambling.
BryanK Earlier in the year, Pgh made Indy look really bad by confusing Manning. Can we do the same?
fleadawg29 i agree, thanks
howldawg dave who will the browns lock up on harrison?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, in general I think you'll see Fuller on Harrison, but usually the Browns corners play specific sides and don't follow the receiver.
MadDawgJimmyMac What's the players attitude like this week Dave. Do they believe they CAN win?
MadDawgJimmyMac Evening Lane.
DavidCarducci Hi Lane.
DavidCarducci sure
vbf Dave/lane, does Butch really view henry as a cornerback?
DavidCarducci I think so. Henry's had a down year, but in general he has decent coverage skills that will only get better in time. He has very good ball skills. And he has nice size for a corner. I don't think they will give up on him and move him to safety. Ideally, I would love to see Fuller try to end his career at safety, extend a few years. I talked to him about that a few weeks ago, though, and he doesn't appear to be interested. He doesn't want to play deep into his mid or late 30's. I like converted corners at safety because ball skills are so rare in safeties in today's nfl
redright What about White sharing time in the backfield with Green and going over the middle with lb and white?
vbf he gets picked on a lot!!
Lane Hello Everybody
howldawg woof woof lane
ramllov What is your (Lane. Dave) opinion of Sanders CB this year, is he making progress?
DavidCarducci I think Sanders has made some progress. I still like him. I love his size. I love his athleticism. He did a great job of shaking Taylor on the blitz last week, getting to Brunell. I think sometimes we don't realize how tough it is to come back after missing as much time as he did.
Lane I agree with Dave, especially on Sanders. He is playing reasonably well
newdawg David, Fuller already had a stint at safety here. he was rotten.
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I know. But he was asked on the fly to try the position. He didn't have a camp under his belt. He didn't have much practice. He also wasn't sold on the idea in his head. I still think he'd be very good at it if he wanted to give it a shot
fleadawg29 David, do you see the browns making a bid on Orlando Pace this offseason?
DavidCarducci Fleadawg, I've heard he probably will be franchised.
Lane Pace will be, won't be happy about it either
ramllov Lane, Dave What is the problem with Warren this year?
DavidCarducci Ram, that's a very good question. In my mind, he is the year's biggest disappointment. I've heard rumors that he may not have worked as hard as he should and he could be a bit out of shape.
DavidCarducci Those are just rumors ... and it's hard to ask anything critical of Warren to Butch Davis. He is very over protective of Warren
Lane On Warren......I did an interview recently that will be in the mag that has an some 'guy', a well known one that we see weekly on the tube talk about Warren being about 20-lbs overweight and not really committed in the off season
fleadawg29 Dave, why haven't the browns got Sanders TE more involved this year?
DavidCarducci Flea, Sanders has been on the field a whole lot more, but used mostly as a blocker. I think you'll see him used more as a target in the passing game next season. COuch had a few opportunities to get the ball to Sanders in the last two games. Sanders was open, but Couch went in another direction
Lane ON Sanders.........He has been on the field much more over the past few weeks. he has had some opportunities in the passing game, but Couch has looked mainly to a RB dumpoff or curl to a WR
redright Dave, Isn't BD overprotective for all of his boys?
DavidCarducci Redright, Warren especially
* fleadawg29 (Plays Sound: applause.wav) thanks dave
howldawg lane /dave are the browns down any on taylor with all his injuries this year
DavidCarducci Howldawg, I don't think so. I've heard several people say they think Taylor's injuries are an aberation. He was a very active guy at VaTech, and was never really injured there. They think most of his problems have been a matter of trying to come back and never quite being ready
redright Does it mean that BD is bringing Warren along as his count on lineman of the future? like parcells did with his boys?
DavidCarducci Redright, you might be right on with that. Davis is always talking about patience with these defensive linemen, similar to the patience they showed in Dallas. He continues to show a lot of faith in his DL, continually rushing just the front four, expecting them to get natural pressure while the DB's play two-deep. That's the en-vogue defense in the NFL right now, and ufnortunately, it hasn't worked well for the Browns. I think [msg continues in 20 se
fleadawg29 David, what do you think the reason is for the brown's front office not allowing Bernie to help out our head case QB with reading the D
Lane Yeah Dave, you better answer that one :-)
DavidCarducci Fleadawg, I really don't know. I think that whole thing has been mishandled right from the start, and it is a shame. It caused a rift between the team and a prized alumnus.
DawgHowl what is the word on CB and DN are they going to play this week???
Lane Neither is expected to play, CB is closer that Northcutt from what I have been told
Lane Don't know of anything ongoing AB, never know in the Browns covert medical ward though
MadDawgJimmyMac Close Lane?
Lane CB closer, I have received no information to make me believe that Northcutt will play soon
tdawg29 what's his MO?
DavidCarducci Davis expects his investments up front to pay off. It's not happening, but that doesn't mean they won't eventually. He stuck with Green and he is getting the job done. Maybe Warren, Brown and company will catch fire, too.
ArtBtz Are there any Browns alumnus handled well by the Browns?
Lane There are only a few and none really from the recent era's
DavidCarducci AB, actually yes. Dino Lucarelli is in charge of working with the Browns alumni, and he does a great job. He's a great guy.
ArtBtz That's true, named the media center for him.
DavidCarducci Awesome guy. One of the truly nice people in the NFL
Lane Dino is a great guy, but from a standpoint of the organization itself, I am not pleased with their efforts
ArtBtz Does the Dino Lucarelli Media Center mean that reporters have better accomodations?
DavidCarducci Yeah, they are pretty darned nice. Beautiful big room, nice work area, interview setup, kitchen, lockers, etc. It really is nice
fleadawg29 Dave, Lane, Art, what is the possibilities of Butch going to Holcomb if Couch begins to stink up the stadium on Sunday?
ArtBtz Nil, IMHO.
Lane Davis is really wording hard to keep Couch's confidence up, as mauch as this game will mean Sunday, I just don't know if Davis would pull the plug.
DavidCarducci Flea, I think they'll stick with Couch. My guess is the gameplan will be so vanilla, that you won't see him throwing downfield very much. Ideally, Couch throws fewer than 20 passes and Green exploits an average run defense
Lane I believe if Couch wouldn't have started the second half off well last Sunday, we may have seen that already happen
ramllov Lane, Dave ? How much upside do you see with William Green? Ricky Williams type talent?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Green and Williams are very different types of players. He does have a very nice upside. It is also nice to see him loosen up off the field as well as on. He's a different guy now. I think he feel a lot of the pressure has been relieved. I love what I have seen lately, and originally I was not in favor of drafting him
MadDawgJimmyMac Dave/Lane. with the players and coaches attitudes this week, do you guys feel we have a REAL chance to make the playoffs?
Lane I believe that the team and organization believe that they have a legit shot
MadDawgJimmyMac But what do you think Lane?
Lane I don't believe that they make the playoffs and it pains me to say that
DavidCarducci JimmyMac, I think the Browns have a very real chance. I don't see them losing in Baltimore to a Ray Leis-less Ravens team. The key is playing better at home, obviously. This week might be the toughest game. I like the matchup with Atlanta in the final week. Potential for a sloppy track, and hopefully the Falcons playoff fate is set, with them not having a shot at homefield, and clinching a playoff berth by then.
Lane L,W,L
* MadDawgJimmyMac (Plays Sound: bark4.wav) Thanks for the honest answer. I agree but will still root and bark like a MadDawg.
DavidCarducci Hopefully the Giants can lose a few, and that would set the Saints and Falcons up as locks for the wild cards in the west. Then you might see Vick a little less, or at least a little less running out of Vick
DavidCarducci I'm going out on a limb ... W, W, W .... Steelers lose to the Bucs, Browns get in ... How about that?
Lane I hear some cracking from a tree limb in the distance :-)
DavidCarducci A win this week, coupled by a Giants loss in the next two, and the Browns will beat the Falcons. Assuming the Falcons continue to win... They have Seattle and Detroit in the next two weeks, so it's likely that the Falcons will come in with 10 wins, a plyoff spot locked up, and nothing to play for in week 16
fleadawg29 Lane, what shirt color this week? Brown, white?
Lane Don't know, but I like the brown, if that means anything
Lane Did you guys know that Dave is a profit?
MadDawgJimmyMac Who's on the tree limb Lane.
newdawg I hate to disagree with you David, but this team is not yet fit for the playoffs.
DavidCarducci I write for a newspaper ... not much profit in that ... just kidding
DavidCarducci Newdawg ... I didn't say they are fit for the playoffs. I honestly don't think they are a playoff team ... in that they should be in the playoffs ... but things might just work out right regarding the schedule. This week, to me, is the key. I don't think they will lose to the Ravens, and if the Falcons have nothing to play for, and it's a sloppy track, I can see the Browns winning that game
fleadawg29 Dave, Lane Art, How is Dawson's confidence right now? Is he ready to go?
ArtBtz He sounded on Sunday like he just felt he had a mechanical problem to fix, Flea.
Lane For a player to talk about the wind and conditions as much as he has, it is in his head. He hasn't really struggled in quite awhile, so this is an adjustment period for him. He is a confident kicker, I expect him to get past the slump
DavidCarducci Flea, I don't think Dawson suffers from a confidence problem. I talked to him on Sunday, and he compared the problem with his foot positioning to golf ... as a golfer, I can relate ... He just needs some time on the range to work it out. Kick a bucket of balls
ramllov Dave, Lane, I am surprised that Couch has not reacted more positively with a running game.???
DavidCarducci Ram, I think he does at times. He has been at his best, in my opinion, on play action, and that is a direct result of the success in the running game.
Lane Agree on the play action
newdawg Frankly, I think this is an 8-8 team, which isn't bad all things considering.
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I agree in that this is a team that should be 9-7 or 8-8, but things could fall right. Just a feeling, and it has little to do with the Browns. More the league around the Browns.
Lane Consistency.........that is the key
DavidCarducci Sometimes teams that have 8-8 talent can end up 10-6
redright second the playoff
MadDawgJimmyMac I'de say 9-7 newdawg.
Lane Couch is being defenses differently and the adjustments are slow in coming
MadDawgJimmyMac Can we spell p a r i t y ?
DavidCarducci Exactly right MadDawg ... In this league, anything can happen, and teams that don't necessarily deserve to be in the playoffs end up getting in. I really don't think this is a playoff team ... yet I think they might get to the playoffs
T-Dog How much effect did Channione's information help Jax's game plan? I read in McManamon's column that the Browns had to start barking out phony protection calls, and the like.
DavidCarducci T-Dog. That's what Davis and a few players said. I think those things help. Believe me, I'm sure Fazio is picking Arians brain this week, too.
T-Dog Ah - Good point Dave. I hope they haven't changed much since he left.
DavidCarducci Guys I have to run. I have a few stories to finish ... and I'm way behind after my battle with the flu
BryanK Off topic: Dave, who will win the Heisman? Do you have a vote?
DavidCarducci Bryan, I don't have one this year. I think I will next. My vote would probably go to Palmer. It's hard to say, though. It's such a tough year
DavidCarducci I just like what he's done the last half of the year.
DavidCarducci By the way Bryan, it would be a wasted vote, and technically MVP isn't the way to define the Heisman... but in my mind the MVP of the NCAA season is Gamble for OSU
DavidCarducci Good night
* fleadawg29 (Plays Sound: 3rd-beer.wav) 3rd-beer
DavidCarducci I know. Sounds crazy. But they wouldn't get to the Fiesta Bowl without him
MadDawgJimmyMac You asking Art or all of us flea?
BryanK They wouldn't be playing in the Championship game without him.
DavidCarducci Nope. Gamble. Saved three games with interceptions.
DavidCarducci Made some big grabs
BryanK He'd look good in Brown & Orange.
DavidCarducci I do admit, by the way, that's a complete homer call by me
redright Buckeyes vs Canes---final score?
DavidCarducci OSU 23, Miami 21
ramllov thanks
howldawg bye dave
frost cheers, Dave
Lane Later Dave
DavidCarducci Although, a few of us had a ""sit down"" with Little and he said he'd give 20 points to anyone who wants OSU. He says big blowout
MadDawgJimmyMac Later Dave. Stay healthy.
MadDawgJimmyMac Good call Dave. What do you think Lane?
Lane The first 30 minutes are critical. OSU will run the ball against the Hurricanes.
DavidCarducci See you all later. Have a great night
redright Cahng to Guiness Dave it has vitamins
Lane I believe it will be within the spread
frost (what's the spread?)
howldawg lane back to browns for a second how bad is northcutts injury?
Lane I believe thye chances of him returning are less than 50-50
Guest301 Will Northcutt be back for our first playoff game? Because we are going to the playoffs. :)
Lane I really don't know or haven't heard anything to that extent
MadDawgJimmyMac could the injury effect Northcut long term Dave?
Lane Long term on
Lane Sorry guys, I have to get going
howldawg nite lane
howldawg thanks
Guest301 goodnight lane
Lane welcome

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