Fan View: Sunday Morn in Steeler Country

With Erie, Pa ceded to the Steelers through continual ineptitude, Jeff B. ponders the Browns' value...

11:01a, EST, Steeler Country (Erie, PA)

As the Yinzers get ready to face New England in yet another meaningful November game, I'm 1 hour and 59 minutes away from watching the Browns stumble into yet another meaningless contest.

Win. Lose. Tie. Don't show up and take a forfeit.

It doesn't matter because they aren't going to the playoffs.

It would be nice to have a little excitement for this game but I can't fake it.

I got to thinking that there must be something better to do with my Sundays. If we had a bunch of guys on the team that put their heart and soul into the games, then watching a losing team would be palatable.

If we had a coaching/management team that seemed to understand the fans frustration, then seeing the Browns stumble on Sundays would be a little easier to swallow.

However, we seem to have neither.

It's not to say that every coach, player and management person on the Browns doesn't care, but there are enough in key positions that have demonstrated a lack of respect for the average fan that it cannot be overlooked.

Case in point, Phil Savage's expletive driven email fan rant.

Sports franchises like the Cleveland Browns could be the next Lehman Brothers.

There is a housing bubble, an auto sector bubble and a financial services bubble.

Why can't there be a professional sports bubble?

What's a billion dollar stadium worth empty?

We're still coming to see the Browns with 6% unemployment. How about if it hits 12%?

To Phil Savage and the rest of the members of the Browns organization who don't seem to get it:

Professional sports franchises are worth hundreds of millions of dollars------for now.

New stadiums, lucrative TV deals and huge merchandising profits are driving the worth of teams like the Browns to unprecedented levels.

Where does all this profit and success come from?

It comes from us.

The fans.

In Detroit there are blocks of empty buildings. They used to make cars in them. For example, where is the Packard Automobile Plant?

Gone, inhabited by rats, birds and stray dogs.

They produced something people could actually use and they're no longer here.

The NFL is entertainment and doesn't produce a thing.

It's something we can do without.

So Phil, and the rest of the bunch who think that we'll keep coming no matter what----get over yourself.

Not for nothing but save your rhetoric and spin because we don't believe it.

By the way, I know Phil Savage and many in the Browns Organization have made their little piles of money but it can go away tomorrow.

I know they think they have it made with their Government backed T-Bills and other "safe" investments but think again.

The way they're printing it, you may wake up needing a wheelbarrow full of money to buy your morning coffee.

So, stay cocky and rag on the people that pay your salary.

After all, games in Cleveland are still important in November.

Not because they're making the playoffs.

Hell no.

Because we can still make a bet on them.



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