Browns Confirm: DA's Done

Documenting the news for folks who missed the inevitable update posted on the forums yesterday. Here's your regularly scheduled Cleveland Browns weather report: Clouds of doom, and showers of despair...

You were correct.

Nearly four quarters of the Cleveland Browns refusing to accept victory from the Indianapolis Colts created a palpable cloud of doom hanging over Cleveland Browns Stadium. Assuming you were still watching, you likely thought the same thing most Browns fans did when Derek Anderson limped off the field helped by two staff members:

Namely, "well, that's it for him".

After the game, it started to become obvious that we were likely looking at an MCL tear for Anderson, an intuition that was proven correct on Monday afternoon when the Browns sent out the results of Anderson's MRI. The Browns backup quarterback has a tear in his left MCL, will be forced to wear a brace on his left knee, and will be out for 4-6 weeks.

The team released Kellen Winslow's MRI results as well, as the Browns TE also was helped off the field during the game. Winslow has a high ankle sprain and is a possibility to return in coming weeks. He is out against Tennessee.

At present, Ken Dorsey is slated to start against the Titans. The Browns also have newly-added QB Richard Bartel on the practice squad and have WR Josh Cribbs available to re-live his college days as quarterback at Kent State

It all is too reminiscent of the 2000 season, when Kevin Johnson, Travis Prentice and Quincy Morgan all saw time under center during a strange home contest against the Philadelphia Eagles.

And that cloud of doom? It just got darker, noisier, and is settling down over Nashville, Tennessee. 


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