Tracking Phil Savage

Oh yes, we know what the Browns GM is working on tonight. And, oh yes, we're going to tell you exactly what it is. Take a break from the endless criticism of the organization all over the media to actually learn what they're doing with an eye to 2009. Another OBR exclusive. Of course.

Every day, there are news of layoffs as companies try to ensure their survival in the current tough economic climate.

Like a lot of the team's fans, Phil Savage also has the possibility of sudden unemployment hanging over his head. While he's been well-compensated, at least compared to most of us, he also has to endure what has been an endless wave of criticism from fans and the media, including this site.

Romeo Crennel, likewise, has had to endure non-stop criticism and even the revelation that - *gasp!* - he might need a "miracle" to save his job. Wow, that's a shocker. Great job, mainstream media. 

Radio personalities who barely know half the team's roster rail at Crennel and Savage ad nauseum throughout the day. The other day I stumbled across an editorial from on a large but rapidly sinking internet portal ripping the Browns GM. It was written by someone who I doubt has ever been to Berea or spoken to him, but who felt capable of evaluating the GM's ethics and personality. 

Still, like the rest of us trying to make it through tough times, Phil Savage continues to do his job and hope that things turn around.  

This evening Savage is in attendance at the Louisville - Rutgers game, along with a number of members of the New York Giants front office, as well as scouts from the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts.

He has some intrigiuing players to look at, including C Eric Wood, who one of the best available centers in next year's draft, and S Courtney Greene of Rutgers. QB Hunter Cantwell of Louisville and WR Tiquan Underwood are also interesting players. 

Here's a complete list of players the Browns might be interested in. It should be noted that this list of players did not come from the Browns organization, and does not indicate draft interest in underclassmen. 


DT, Earl Heyman, Senior
CB, Woodny Turenne, Senior
QB, Hunter Cantwell, Senior
FB, Brock Bolen, Senior
C, Eric Wood, Senior 


MLB, Ryan D'Imperio, Junior
OLB, Kevin Malast, Senior
DE, Jamaal Westerman, Senior
DT, Pete Tverdov, Senior
FS, Courtney Greene, Senior
QB, Mike Teel, Senior
WR, Tiquan Underwood, Senior
WR, Kenny Britt, Junior
TE, Kevin Brock, Senior 

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