Berea Report: RAC Responds To Marty Rumors

On the day after another dispiriting loss, Romeo Crennel told the media doesn't want to worry about rumors buzzing around the Cleveland Browns and their head coaching interests. Fred Greetham was in Berea and brings the report...

Berea—Romeo Crennel said he was unaware of the report by ESPN's Chris Mortenson Sunday that said the Browns were interested in Marty Schottenheimer as a potential head coach.

"I don't know what story you're talking about but I can't be worried about that," Crennel said in his Monday press conference. "There's going to be rumors and stories out there when you lose."

The Schottenheimer report came a week after a report that the Browns were also interested in Bill Cowher.

Crennel said he's just going to continue to coach and do the best he can and that he is going under the assumption that he has at least three more games to coach the Browns.

"Randy has said he's going to wait until after the season to make any determination," he said. "We'll play it out and see what happens. It's always tough to lose, but you have to get up every day and do the best you can. If a coach can't get up and do the best he can, it's harder for the players to get out there.

"Human nature tells you to sometimes get the attitude of not caring and that's when it falls apart," he said. "You have to fight and give yourselves a chance."

Crennel vowed to have the team ready to play against the Eagles next Monday Night.

"We need to get ourselves going so we can play good Monday Night," he said. "We have to continue to fight because that's all we can do. If we continue to fight, we have a chance."


Still Dorsey: Crennel didn't say the coaching staff is leaning to switch to Josh Cribbs at quarterback, but did say there would have to be changes made with the personnel.

"The circumstances of the team has changed," Crennel said. "We have to put the players in a position to make plays. I've talked to the coaches about that going into to Monday Night's game."

Crennel admitted Ken Dorsey didn't have a great first start.

"The quarterback in his first start in a while wasn't as solid as he'd like to have been," he said. "We might try to cut back on some of the things we were trying to do."

Like throw the ball down field.

More Cribbs: Crennel said he did notice that Cribbs was a bright spot in the offense.

"Offensively, it looked like Cribbs was a spark," he said. "We might have a chance to give him more of a chance to be a spark."

What makes him so valuable?

"The guy plays really hard," he said. "He's got some talent and toughness. All of those ingredients make him an exciting player. We've seen what he's capable of."

Crennel said the plan all along was to get him more incorporated in the offense.

"We've been working on things all year," he said. "His package has gotten larger as the year has gone by."

Crennel said he is reluctant to cut back on his duties on special teams because he is so valuable.

On Younger Guys: Crennel was asked if he would play younger players like RB Jerome Harrison, LB Beau Bell, TE Martin Rucker and the likes more in the final games.

"We're going to try and win a game," he said. "If a younger guy gives you a chance to win the game, then you try to get him in."

Injury Update: Crennel said that Harrison (ribs) and LB Shante Orr (ribs) will have MRIs. DL Shaun Rogers (shoulder, arm) left the game, but returned was sore. He felt most of the players would be ready for next week's game. However, TE Kellen Winslow (ankle) will be evaluated and see where he is at later in the week.

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