Fan View: Lying Down

Browns fans have come back year after year. Stuck it out. Can the 2008 Browns do the same?

At Least The Video Room Works


I was barely paying attention to the notes from Phil Savage's first time meeting the press in 9 weeks because I figured that it would be nothing but:


And it sure seemed like it.

What?  He improved the video equipment or something like that and now he should stay?

I know I'm over-simplyfying and being a little tongue-in-cheek but seriously, all you have to do is visit John Taylor's Pregame 12-pack to see the chart of where Savage and Crennel started nearly four years ago and where they are now.

Not good.  Even worse.

I became a temporary Dallas fan only to watch them blow it in Cleveland type of fashion against the Yinzers.

Here we go again.  Cleveland is imploding and the Stiillers are 10-3 and once again the toast of the AFC.

Do you think that we'll have to endure chants of "one for the other thumb" soon? 

I'm already hearing it.

I knew that the offense would be bad today against the Titans.  Top Ten signs your offense is in trouble....

SIGN 1-10---Ken Dorsey is your starter.

But the defense?  Where was the defense? 

Phil, weren't Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams your answer to the Chris Johnson's and LenDale White's of the world?

Apparently if you have a back on your fantasy roster, and it doesn't matter if the RB just got activated from the hot dog vendor squad, START him when they play the porous Browns run D.

Is it just me or did Brandon McDonald look like he'd rather sleep naked in a fire ant nest rather than try to meet Chris Johnson coming around the corner on his TD run?

But I digress.

And the Browns REgress.  Once again.

I know I'm completely ripping off John Taylor when I say this but I, like him, am struggling with what to write about these final  games as the Browns limp to the finish line.

I can't even say their limping.  You have to put some effort in to qualify as a limp. 

Let's put it this way, their comatose body is being DRAGGED to the finish line by horses taking a dump as they pull them.

How many different ways can you state that the team is putrid, awful and doesn't belong anywhere near a pro football stadium?

I bet that Ball State wishes they could have gotten the Browns in the MAC title game instead of Buffalo.  They might have had a chance at that undefeated season and would have been talked about for a BCS Bowl.


Phil Savage.  Romeo Crennel. 

Thanks for the memories but please don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. 

Oh, that's chance of that.

You're already lying down.

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