Lane's Skinny Tidbits

Here's a ton of updates on unreported stories about both active and sidelined Browns. While everyone worries about the head coach, how has Brady Quinn been doing in his rehab? Derek Anderson? Is Shaun Rogers wearing down? Lane brings the skinny...

- Head coach Romeo Crennel continues to hold strong to his desire to win games, as opposed to providing playing time for the inexperienced players on the roster. Despite suggestions from others to provide opportunities for the youth within the roster, Crennel has refused to cave to the pressure and maintains his role as the man responsible for the game-day roster and playing time.

- QB Brady Quinn's finger surgery went very well and there are no concerns about his future health once he finishes the rehabilitation process.

- QB Derek Anderson's knee injury does not appear to be significant enough to warrant anything more than rest and rehab. Due a roster bonus early in the off-season, Anderson's status heading into the off months has not been decided upon due to the uncertainty swirling around the front office and head coach.

- Outstanding defensive lineman Shaun Rogers is wearing down, which has become evident due to the lack of explosive plays recently. Rogers has been a mainstay throughout the season despite the lack of healthy and quality depth surrounding him, as well as being double- and -- sometimes -- triple-teamed by the opposition.

- Defensive lineman Corey Williams has been a non-factor in the 2008 season, some of which is due to a shoulder injury that has hampered his physical ability. But, the end-game may be that Williams is not a solid fit as a 3-4 defensive lineman as he utilizes his quickness and raw strength to beat an opposing lineman at the point of attack. The 3-4 scheme is a different type of play for the veteran as he is required to play different gap assignments -- along with a completely different mindset than he's used to.

- The relationship between the head coach and general manager has been strained due to the two men having differences of opinion on personnel, as well as other unknown, unspecified topics within the team structure.

- OL Ryan Tucker intends on returning for the 2009 season. The knee woes of the offensive lineman are improving and should not prohibit him from playing next season.

- CB Daven Holly is well into his rehab from tearing up his knee in the off-season and, thus far, has experienced no setbacks. Holly, a free agent following the 2008 season, would like to remain with the Browns, but neither side has discussed his status with any kind of urgency.

- LB Antwan Peek's rehab for his severed patella tendon is going remarkably well. So much so, in fact, that the outside linebacker intends on playing in the 2009 season. If he suffers another significant injury, however, Peek may decide to call it a career as he is well in tune to his life and health after the game.

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