More Dorsey, Less Cribbs... Still

It kind of seems like a cruel joke that fans of the team "team with two quarterbacks" now are hoping to see Josh Cribbs play the position more...

The Browns will go down the Ken Dorsey road once more in Philadelphia on a Monday night game that is made for Tuesday morning.

With Dorsey at quarterback, the Browns have little chance to compete against the Eagles' aggressive variety of blitzes. But they will try.

The team has not deemed Josh Cribbs ready to run more than a dozen plays, so Dorsey will get the bulk of the snaps -- even with his physical limitations.

Dorsey is merely a symptom of the team's offensive struggles. The Browns have scored one or no touchdowns in seven games this season.

They have gone three games in a row without a touchdown, and they are trying to win with their third quarterback. The Browns must fight the urge to abandon ship because the season is more or less over.

"Human nature gets involved," coach Romeo Crennel said, "and human nature tells you, 'All right, it doesn't look like you're going to go anywhere.'

"Sometimes the questions become, 'Why do I need to go to the meetings? Why do I need to prepare? Why do I need to do this?'

"So if they get that attitude, then it falls further apart, and that's the thing that you don't want."


--QB Ken Dorsey's arm strength will continue to be a liability for the Browns. He simply does not have the power to get the ball downfield. As a result, defenses will squeeze the field on the Browns and take away the running game. This makes the challenges significant for the team's offensive coaches.

--RB Jamal Lewis reported to camp in great shape and appeared quicker than ever, but his per-carry average has dropped this season to 3.5 yards. In the loss to Tennessee, he gained 7 yards on seven carries. Now the Browns must decide if Lewis is in their long-term future.

--WR Braylon Edwards will have to maintain his focus with the team's two top quarterbacks out. Edwards likes to go down the field, but he can't given Ken Dorsey's limitations. Edwards' production figures to suffer.

--WR Donte Stallworth will continue his status as a non-factor. He caught one pass for 15 yards Sunday, and he now has 14 catches. He might not get 20 for the season.

--TE Steve Heiden will continue to start with Kellen Winslow sidelined due to a sprained ankle. Heiden brings professionalism, and he might be a more valuable target with Ken Dorsey's focus on the short passing game.

--LB D'Qwell Jackson had an incredible game Sunday with 20 tackles and two interceptions. Jackson far and away leads the Browns with 130 tackles, but he has just three tackles for losses.

--DE Corey Williams has been a gamer all season, playing through a shoulder injury that will require postseason surgery. Williams had to leave the Titans game for a few plays, but he returned even though his ability to move and lift his arm is limited.

--CB Eric Wright complained bitterly that he was pushed while defending against a Tennessee touchdown pass. Wright is not a complainer, but it did seem he merely lost coverage on the play and was not pushed.

--RB Jerome Harrison has not gotten a lot of touches since the Buffalo game, but that's primarily because he's nursing a strained hamstring. Harrison does not have the quickness he needs.

--TE Martin Rucker should get more playing time the final three games, but it's not locked in stone. Coach Romeo Crennel favors veterans.

--KR Josh Cribbs will continue to get snaps at quarterback in the Browns' version of the Wildcat formation, but he won't get more than a dozen. Browns coaches do not believe Cribbs is ready to play quarterback for an extended time.

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