Sponsor Love: Game-Wrap.com

Our new sponsor is a bringer of warmth to the frozen tundra of a Cleveland tailgate...

The Browns are 4-9 and you're still hanging out with us here at the OBR. That means you're loyal, devoted, and you maintain your love (or, at least, tolerance) for the team even during hard times.

We are here to tell you, however, that you do not need to freeze to death in the Muni Lot to show your devotion.

Furthermore, since you are part of a valuable, hardy, and potentially vanishing breed, we want to keep you alive and free of frostbite as you catch the Bengals game this year and all the home playoff games during the dead of winter next year.

Fortunately, a new OBR sponsor, Game-Wrap.com, is here to help.

A Game Wrap is basically a thick, warm blanket you can wear, which insulates you and keeps in your body heat. With two sets of zippers and a D-ring closure system, the Game Wrap keeps you warm while also looking pretty darn awesome.

Of course, they've put the number 32 on it, which instantly identifies you as someone who can appreciate the value of legendary cold-weather running backs.

The Game-Wrap guys are long-time OBR visitors, who know the type of fans who hang out here. This product was made for people like you who aren't going to let cold weather slow down their gameday activities.

Check them out at Game-Wrap.com, and give their innovative new product a try!

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