Fan View: Yes, It Gets Worse

Jeff B. no longer has any patience for a team that has quit, while getting the sympathy of ESPN talkers...

I can't stand being a Browns fan anymore.  The ineptitude year after year after year after year after year after year is grinding on me.
And a sidenote to the Monday Night Crew......
Feel sorry for Romeo Crennel?  In case you didn't hear their stupid patter, Tirico, "Jaws" and Kornheiser actually feel sorry for Romeo Crennel.
Is he going to have to work 3rd shift as a laborer once he gets fired or is he going to have millions in the bank and have his choice of defensive coordinator jobs as a reward for his INEPTITUDE in Cleveland?
<Expletive Deleted> Phil Savage, go work for Lerner's Soccer team.
For that matter, <Expletive Deleted> Randy Lerner, please fire Romeo and then Phil and then please sell the team.  Help us get a real owner that gives a crap.
You care?  Yeah, I can tell how much you care with your Jersey residence and soccer ownership.  Randy Lerner is trying to reach Mike Brown's record for AFC North Futility.
Great start.
Back to the team tonight.
NO fire.  NO heart.  NO business being called a professional sports franchise.
Arguably the BEST fans in all of sports and they're treated to what?  Most of the guys sleepwalking through a game.  The only person more drowsy than the players was Crennel.  The Browns have about as much get up and go as a Yugo stuck in 1st gear.
All of that is a reflection of MANAGEMENT.  Owner, GM, Coach, Staff.  ALL of them guilty.  ALL of them responsible for, in my opinion, the WORST team since the Browns returned to the league.
No defense of this franchise any longer.  No excuses.  No explanations.  NO SPIN.
Are you listening Phil?
Describe the Browns in one word.  They----------5 letters......Begins with "S."  Ends in "K"  Rhymes with "Rink."
Don't you just love it?  Do you realize the Steelers are playing next week for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs?  Do you realize the Ravens are still very much alive to reach the postseason?
What do we have as Browns fans?
Soap Opera Dramas courtesy of Upper Management all year, guys quitting more often than Ross Perot in the '92 election, excuses, spin, excuses, spin, excuses, spin and more excuses/spin of how the team would've/could've/should've/was gonna/kept trying to actually resemble something close to a Pro team.
The collective sighs and curses of loyal Browns fans are echoing through the city of Cleveland and around the world as yet another season is mis-managed by a group that has helped turn a once proud franchise into nothing more than a laughing stock bottom feeder that is better at explaning why they didn't win as opposed to actually winning.
A sad ending for a once great team.

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