Lane Adkins: What We've Been Told

Tired of the same recycled info on every site? Lane Adkins has been out there getting new scoop. Here's the latest he's heard not only on the coaching/GM front, but also on players like Beau Bell, Kellen Winslow, Corey Williams, Paul Hubbard and, of course, Braylon Edwards.

- Team owner Randy Lerner has no plans to fire head coach Romeo Crennel prior to the end of the season. Despite the team losing in consistent and embarrassing manner throughout the second half of the season, Lerner is compelled to let Crennel finish the season. However, the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the Browns' home finale could play a role in the immediate decision-making process.

- There has been some quiet talk that Lerner and Phil Savage could remove the much-maligned Crennel from his position if the team loses to Cincinnati on Sunday. The shake-up could be one which changes the immediate mindset and philosophy of the team, especially as the Browns head to Pittsburgh for a season-ending tilt with the Steelers one week later.

- While Lerner remains optimistic this Browns team has the talent and make-up to be a competitive team, those close to him have been realistic in informing him of their thoughts as to where the roster stands talent-wise. Every indication is Lerner will remove Crennel at the end of the season, while also leaning toward retaining general manager Phil Savage; predicated, possibly, on the latter being receptive to lightening his workload and sharing some responsibility with another member of the organization -- a member who not yet been named.

- As noted in Monday's "The Browns Are No Laughing Matter" article, ILB Beau Bell has a knee injury that will require surgery. The team has been tight-lipped on the Bell knee issue, which is the same knee the rookie underwent surgery on during training camp. Despite the injury woes, the organization is of the belief the rookie has come a long way with the mental elements of the game and will contribute in the 2009 season.

- Despite playing with a bum shoulder for the entire season, the organization is pleased with the effort and desire DE Corey Williams has displayed. Williams, one of Savage's prime off-season acquisitions, has provided little impact on the field -- which was expected -- but has represented himself and the organization well despite the injury issues and a change of position.

- The same, however, cannot be stated about WR Braylon Edwards. There are those within the organization that are displeased with his attitude, demeanor and latest outburst to the media following the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. Edwards was one player that acknowledged his desire to play well under the lights of a national audience and for the most part has done just that. Some wonder, though, where that same focus and execution have been the entire season.

- Interestingly, the addition of WR Paul Hubbard to the active roster comes with the team heading into the final two games of the season. Hubbard has progressed nicely throughout the season while a member of the practice squad and deserves a look. We hear one team had been sniffing around the raw-but-talented rookie WR, with the thought of signing him off the Browns' practice squad.

- When the NFL announced LT Joe Thomas and NT Shaun Rogers were named to the Pro Bowl, there was some disappointment within the organization that ILB D'Qwell Jackson and Mr. Versatility -- Josh Cribbs -- did not gain a starting nod. The belief is that Jackson had a breakout season, while Cribbs remains one of the best return specialists in the game and is as good as any special teams player playing today.

- With all the vultures circling overhead in regards to the status of the front office and head coach, there has been no discussion regarding the status of QB Derek Anderson, RB Jamal Lewis and TE Kellen Winslow for the 2009 season. Production issues, playing time and salary will play a role in regards to Anderson and Lewis, while Winslow wants a new contract that the current management does not appear primed to offer.

- One of the biggest disappointments, outside of the season itself, is the impact -- or lack of -- from WR Donte Stallworth. With a contract structured basically as a sequence of one-year deals, Stallworth has provided little to the offense and does not appear to be a player the organization will have come back for 2009. The final nail has not been driven home, however, as a change of direction within the coaching staff and, potentially, the front office could have a different Cleveland endgame for the free agent disappointment.

- When the Browns added RB Allen Patrick from the practice squad, they did so as insurance for injured RB's Jamal Lewis, Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison. But, Patrick is a young RB that has looked pretty good as a member of the practice squad and is a player that the organization wants to take a longer look at.

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