Transcript: Chris Steuber Chat

Browns fans are rightfully focused on the future rather than the present, and's Chris Steuber visited on Tuesday night with draft info aplenty. Here's the transcript!

Chris Steuber: Hey Everyone, I'm ready so fire away.

I am ready for the Browns to have a kick butt defense fella's.A Great defense always keeps you in a game
Chris Steuber: cmayer: For the Browns to have a defense that can compete, they have to sure up their secondary.

How high will Jenkins go?
Chris Steuber: Pazienza: I think Jenkins is a top-five pick. Right now, the Browns have the seventh pick; I don't think he will be available. Vontae Davis is an option for the Browns.

Don't you think that would be better addressed in FA though to avoid another young DB in our secondary?
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: I think the Browns should draft the best available player and if it's a CB than so be it.

If the pick is 7-should the pick be Davis or one of the lb's?
Chris Steuber: Pazienza: That's a great question, because Vontae Davis, Aaron Curry, Rey Maualuga and James Laurinaitis will most likely all be on the board. I'd favor Davis, because it's obvious they need help at CB, but the three linebackers are intriguing.

Do you think that Beanie Wells is a legitimate option despite the problems with the D? Lewis looks awfully slow these days.
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: Yes, I think Wells is a great option for the Browns. Teams in the league are going towards two and three man rushing attacks and adding a player like Wells to the Browns offense will do wonders for Brady Quinn in the future.

do you see any steels in the late rounds for the browns?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: There will be a lot of great steals in the draft, especially if a lot of underclassmen declare. What position are you looking for the Browns to address with a sleeper?

What is the drop off from Jenkins to Davis?
Chris Steuber: Pazienza: Jenkins and Davis are very similar. I'd say Jenkins is more of a ballhawk than Davis, but Davis is a little more physical. Also, Jenkins is more polished, but Davis is a tremendous young CB.

Are there any guards available outside of our Day 1 picks (Round 4) that you think will a) fall to that pick and b) can step in and start right away?
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: Kraig Urbik from Wisconsin is a name to watch out for in the fourth or fifth round. He's a tremendous leader and is solid up front. He could challenge right away.

Who's the top lb of that group
Chris Steuber: cmayer: I think Maualuga and Laurinaitis are the best LBs, but Curry is rising very fast. It's going to come down to who performs the best this offseason.

Will laurinaitis hold up with his size next to smaller DQ TWO SMALLER SIZE LB CORRECT
Chris Steuber: cmayer: Is there a problem with Laurinaitis being 6-foot-2, 242 pounds? That's pretty solid to me.
Chris Steuber: cmayer: Laurinaitis always has a man on him, sometimes two men. He's not going to shed every block, but he averages around 12 tackles a game; that's impressive.

Plus he blocked on the line with Thomas, right? ;)
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: You got it! any young DL/OL you see in the late rounds?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: A few late round D-Line to keep an eye on that fit the Browns very well: Houston DE Phillip Hunt, Missouri DE Stryker Sulak and Shaw DT Louis Ellis.

Who do you think will be this year's Vernon (Davis/Gholston) who shoots up out of nowhere to a Top 5 pick after the combine?
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: This is probably not a surprise, but I think Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson will perform well this offseason and ultimately be overdrafted. True

do you see them as 3-4 end or olb?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: I think Sulak could play OLB, but Hunt is a DE and Ellis can float between DT and DE.

Could the Browns take a RT in the 1st round, if that player is the best player available?
Chris Steuber: mes78: You want a RT in the first round; No. 7 overall?

10,15Looking at the teams drafting ahead of us, I don't see anyone taking a LBer. Agree?
Chris Steuber: CanadiansforBrowns: Kansas City could use a linebacker, but I don't think they will take one at No. 3.

Not necesaarily, but there seems to be some high end talent at RT, and I think Shaffer is average at best.
Chris Steuber: mes78: I think drafting a player like Eugene Monroe is a possibility; a player who can play guard and tackle. But Monroe is your prototypical LT.

Were will the QB'S go
Chris Steuber: cmayer: It all depends on what underclassmen declare for the draft. I don't think you will see a senior QB off the board until the third round.

do you think if will do any trading up or down?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: Personally, I think the Browns need a lot. If they can move down a little bit, pick up an extra selection or two; that would benefit them.

do you see us being able to pick up a starter in the 2nd maybe even the early 4th?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: If this draft is anything like last year's draft, and I think it could with the potential underclassmen who may declare, a lot of the seniors will fall and will leave plenty of talent for teams in the third and fourth rounds.

Who do you see the Bengals looking at? Outside of them drafting a OT they might end up snagging a player we're after.
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: Right now, the Bengals have the fourth pick overall. They need a lot just like the Browns. But I think they have to sure up their offensive line. Michael Oher or Andre Smith would be solid picks for them.

who your undrafted sleeper so far to watch for?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: I have a lot of sleepers, but the one guy I'm keeping a close eye on is Shaw DT Louis Ellis. He's a monster!

whats his weight can you please tell me more about this Louis Ellis?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: At 6-foot-3, 315 pounds, Ellis is the most intriguing defensive line prospect in the country. The catch is that he plays at the Division II level; starring for powerhouse Shaw. But don' t let that fool you, because Ellis is a legitimate prospect. He's extremely quick off the line and plays with great leverage; he's dominated the competition for two years. Ellis emerged on the scene last season, as he finished with 65 tackles, 22.5 for a loss and eight sacks. He replicated his production from a year ago this season, finishing with 64 tackles, 20.5 for a loss and eight sacks. At this time, Ellis is a late round prospect, but if he continues to show his promise during the offseason his stock will skyrocket. sounds like a mini Shaun Rogers

do you know what underclassman qbs will come out for sure
Chris Steuber: cmayer: I believe Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford are leaning towards entering the draft. Josh Freeman seems to be a lock to enter; we'll have to see what Tim Tebow decides.

Hey CS, Have you heard anything about Sam Bradford entering the draft and where he would go? the rumored top ten pick seems high
Chris Steuber: milanbo: Just like I said, I think Bradford is leaning towards entering the draft, but I think a lot depends on what Oklahoma does in the National Championship. If he enters the draft, he will be the first QB selected.

will those two be top ten
Chris Steuber: cmayer: Bradford and Stafford are top-ten picks. Just jumped on, maybe this has been asked... Could Javon Ringer from Mich. Stata be an effective r.b. for us, and approx where might he be able to be taken at ??
Chris Steuber: mes92658: I really like Javon Ringer and he showed me a lot this season. He proved he's a durable back who can carry the load. But in the NFL, I think he has to be paired with a bigger back to survive. He has similar skills to Chris Johnson, but with less speed. I think he's the best senior RB, but he'll be a solid second round pick.

How about Clay Matthews Jr.? His stock seems to have risen significantly for teams seeking a 3-4 OLB?
Chris Steuber: milanbo: Matthews is really ascending up the charts. He's really climbing. He's really strong, athletic and has tremendous size. He will probably be a second round pick.

Where is Clay Mathews projested to go?? Is more of a 3-4 or 4-3 backer in the NFL
Chris Steuber: Nags: I think Matthews will be a second round pick and I think he's versatile enough to play in both defensive schemes, but he's probably a better fit for a 4-3.

Chris, who's the best pro LB between Curry, Maulaluga, & Laurinaitis?
Chris Steuber: adogbtown: Wow; that's one great trio of linebackers right there. I spoke to a lot of scouts and have watched a lot of film on all three. Scouts tell me that they think Aaron Curry is the most complete linebacker, but I think Maualuga has the potential to be very special. Curry is a stud; Laurinaitis is steady and you know what you're going to get, while Maualuga has a chance to be exceptional. I'd go with Maualuga.

What do you think about the DL from San Jose State, whose name escapes me. Supposedly he has some freakish numbers and he looks like an animal on tape.
Chris Steuber: adogbtown: Jeff Schweiger?

Not Schweigert. Give me a second while I look it up. Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State. 6'6" 280. DE. Saw some tape of him just throwing guys around. BTW, didn't Schweigert begin his career at USC??
Chris Steuber: adogbtown: Gilbert is a nice looking prospect. He's a bit of a tweener. He's played inside and outside and that's something that will be attractive to a team like the Browns. He got invited to the East-West Shrine game and that could do wonders for his stock. At this time, he's probably a late round pick.
Chris Steuber: adogbtown: Good memory, yes, he started at USC

Do you think Curry's on the level of a Patrick Willis?
Chris Steuber: SpectreDawg: I just interviewed Curry and after watching at least a dozen games he played in, I came away with the feeling he's the next Derrick Brooks

BlennyBaller> what do you think of pat white from west virginia?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: I like Pat and he's an outstanding athlete, but he's going to have to be converted into a WR at the next level. But with the NFL using a variation of the Wildcat formation, White could have a greater impact.

Give us your thoughts on the centers..... it's clear we need help in the middle who will be available in 2 & (3 if we trade DA)?
Chris Steuber: crazydog: This is a very good class of centers: Alex Mack, Jonathan Luigs, Max Unger, Eric Wood, Antoine Caldwell, A.Q. Shipley; they're all quality centers who will be selected between the second - fourth rounds.

Which center do you like most for the Browns?
Chris Steuber: crazydog: They're all pretty good, but Eric Wood is very impressive. He's strong up front and a dominant run blocker. He moves a pile up front; a great leader as well.

Chris, I'm curious about your thoughts about Phil Savage as a talent evaluator. Do you think the Browns should keep him around or fire him in favor of someone else??
Chris Steuber: adogbtown: That's hard to say. I think Savage had an idea of what he wanted to accomplish in the drafts for Cleveland, but overall, the players haven't panned out. I think if Crennel is gone, Savage could follow; it might be time for a face lift.

have gota chance to look at jackson state dt #92 i saw him over the weekend
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: I've seen Marcus Benard from Jackson State; he's a rising DE. Thanks how about RG any prospects?
Chris Steuber: crazydog: Some guards to look for in the mid-rounds are Kraig Urbik, Ray Feinga and Cedric Dockery. How do you rate James Davis and Spiller from Clemson?
Chris Steuber: crazydog: Davis' draft stock has dropped a bit and will probably be a third round pick. Spiller, if he declares, will be a late first, early second rounder.

great chat thanks.....
Chris Steuber: crazydog: No problem; thanks for the questions.

Chris Steuber: Thanks guys; great questions... hope to chat with you all soon!

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