Fan View: Now THAT'S a Franchise!

From his perch in Erie, Pa, Jeff B. casts an envious eye over to... Indiana? Yep, Indiana.

Did you see the headlines this early Friday morning?

The Colts are in the playoffs.


8 wins in a row this season.

7 trips to the postseason.

In a row.

Plus, mix a Super Bowl victory into that run and you have a franchise that is seriously entertaining their fans.

I don't have playoff envy.

Ok, maybe just a little.

It's a painfully obvious thing to say but the NFL is all about winning and losing, right?

Yet, we as Browns fans keep hearing why things are getting better, how the management staff has taken steps to improve things, where we are headed if we just exercise patience.

My patience is over. 8 and 7. That's what I want.

Ok, maybe I should set my goals a little lower. How about ONE playoff appearance?

Still too greedy? Ok, how about not being out of it by, say, October?

Too much?

I know, I know. We had a playoff run in 2002 and then weren't out of it by October last year. There you go, we had our 2 seasons since 1999 where we weren't frustrated.............yeah----RIGHT!!!!

A win against Pittsburgh? I'll take a win against Pittsburgh.

And no, a win in 2 weeks won't count for me. I want a win against them when things still matter for both teams and a loss against the Browns will derail the Steelers plans and chances for the season.

The Steelers already have a first round bye so how much damage can Cleveland do to them anyway this year? Possibly derail them from getting the #1 seed?

Good luck in living out THAT fantasy camp. Plus it's the Colts and Steelers in the AFC Title game in Pittsburgh anyway, no matter what happens with the seeding.

The one thing you can count on as a Browns fan is that when your team is having a nasty/awful season, the Black and Gold is making a historic run. It's not just salt rubbed into an open wound, its a salt laced knife making new wounds every single stinking week.

I know because I have plenty of people in Erie, PA that gleefully slice me with their salt knives whenever they get the opportunity and those opportunities present themselves, oh, every day that I don't HIDE UNDER MY BED!!!

But I'm not bitter.

Ok, maybe a little.

Speaking of fantasy, wouldn't it be nice if the team got someone that could help us get something to cheer about?

I think I'm going to become a soccer fan and root for whatever team Mr. Lerner owns. He seems to be putting a pretty good effort bringing a winner to the good folks across the pond.

It'd be nice to see some of that effort with the Browns, wouldn't it?

Wow, now I've really slipped into fantasy land.

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