Gameballs and Goats: Week 15

Don't believe what you hear on the radio, because the Browns fans who visit Bernie's Insiders aren't just pinning this one on Tim Couch and Andre Davis. Goathorns are being handed out this morning to the Browns coaching staff, who took three of the top four Goathorn spots. There are props for Quincy Morgan, Corey Fuller and more as we announce the Week 15 Bernie's Insiders Gameballs and Goats.

Each week, like we've done since 1999, we ask folks to send us three nominations for Bernie's Insiders gameballs as well as thee nominations for the team goat. We add up all the nominations and post them each week, and also keep track of the votes throughout the year.

We tabulate the yearly finish based on adding up each week's results throughout the year. The top gameball vote getter is awarded 7 MVP points for their finish each week, second place gets six points, and so forth. The top "goat" vote getter is awarded 7 David Modell points which are subtracted away from their total. Second place in the goat voting gets 6 David Modell points, and so forth. So, if a player finished second in gameball voting one week, they would be given 6 MVP points. But if they finished first in goat voting the next week, they would get 7 David Modell points, and would have a year-to-date total of -1.

It's sort of like the BCS formula, except more complicated and irritating.

Week 15: Browns fans declare that the team's coaching staff is responsible for the second-half collapse against the Indianapolis Colts. Foge Fazio is considered most culpable, as he heads all goat vote-getters with offensive coordinator Bruce Arians in second place. Butch Davis is in fourth, trailing Tim Couch as team goat. Contrary to his comments in the locker room, fans don't hold Andre Davis responsible for his miss on the last play of the game, putting him in seventh place for the goathorns.

Fans had mad props for offensive standouts Quincy Morgan, William Green, and Jamel White, as well as love for Corey Fuller and the resurgent Earl Holmes. Tim Couch got some gameballs to go with his horns and loud Browns fans got gameballs for making noise and putting up with another heartbreaking loss.

Week 14 Results

1. Quincy Morgan
2. Tim Couch
3. William Green
4. Browns Fans
5. Jamel White
6. Corey Fuller
7. Earl Holmes

1. Foge Fazio
2. Bruce Arians
3. Tim Couch
4. Browns Defense
5. Butch Davis
6. Ross Verba
7. Andre Davis

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Dennis Northcutt (YTD Total 41 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Jamel White (23 / 2)
3. Kelly Holcomb (19 / 3)
4. Phil Dawson (15 / 4)
4. Quincy Morgan (15 / 10)
4. William Green (15 / 8)
7. Mark Word (13 / 5)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (YTD Total -33 / Previous Rank 1)
2. Bruce Arians (-30 / 2)
3. Offensive Line (-23 / 3)
4. Foge Fazio (-19 / 5)
5. Special Teams (-14 / 7)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly results throughout the year are now posted on our schedule page.

Your Comments in Week 15


William Green - Ran with authority when given a chance and should have been in near the goal line. - VaDawgLB

Tim Couch- took some tough shots all day long and still hung in there; offensive ineffectiveness in 2nd half was more about playcalling, mental lapses resulting in penalties(see ross verba), and an O-line that still can't block. - Melisa

Couch, played a good ballgame, gave his team a chance to win the game.  He made two good throws at the end of the game, the first batted incomplete by a good defensive play, the second dropped by Andre Davis. - Coopdawg

William Green - I forsee a #31 jersey in my near future - David Z.

Tim Couch - he did all he could do, he can't catch the damn thing too!!  He made NONE of the mistakes he has made at home all year. - R1100rbrt

Gameballs to Quincy, W. Green, and defense for first half. Browns fans get one too, for staying the whole time and constantly being loud. Peyton Manning/Marvin Harrison for blistering our asses in the second half. - Justin

Fazio and the defense: How can you allow 4 touchdowns in the second half and expect to win? - Keaner

Quincy Morgan - is simply making plays and wreaking havoc for opposing defenses. This kid will be a stud in this league if he sticks to it. - Section 527 Dawg

My only gameball goes to all the browns fans. We deserve to have a winner. But it just hasn't happened yet! - John B.

Corey Fuller - In the first half, he pretty much held Harrison under control. In the 2nd half, the Colts moved Harrison to the other side to get him away from Fuller, and all hell broke loose. - Laurel P.

William Green, even through you did not have a huge rushing day you ran hard and gained positive yards. - Gene G.

The Crowd - by and far the best I've seen since the team returned. Big kudos on the Hang on Sloopy. That rocked. It was an honor to be barking with ya'll.  - KatDawg

Tim Couch - Played a very nice game right out of the gate.  Clearly had a path to run it into the endzone at the end, but then again the ball was in Andre's hands.  Proved he has what it takes to win big games. Tim's gonna hear this week about not winning this game, but IT WAS NOT HIS FAULT THEY LOST THIS GAME!!!!! - Eric S.

Payton Manning: This is the first time I've ever given a gameball to an opponent.  It was exciting to finally get to play against who I believe will easily make it to Canton one day.  What you did in the second half of that game reminded me of good ole Bernie.  I seem to remember as a kid watching a game right near the end of Kosar's tenure in Cleveland in which he said to hell with the coaches and started calling his own plays on the field...and they started getting things done.  - Phil S.

Quincy Morgan- My god, throw him the ball. He's only going to get better. - Underdog71

Earl Holmes - Continues to be a force! We need to have studs up front like this to stop running games. He is still getting comfortable within the 4-3 Defense, get him some help! - DaytonDawg

Quincy Morgan.  This guy catches anything thown anywhere close to him.  The run after the first catch was awesome. - Jeff

Tim Couch - People call the QB the Field General. Well, no Field General is going to win when your defense plays with all of the spirt and toughness of the French Army. - Upperdawg

Kevin Johnson- Great job of flagging down that Couch "punt" and scoring a TD. He displayed the great hands he showed the first three years for the first time in a while. - FGM


Bruce Arians--The king of the two yard out pattern on third and nine, Arians need to get down on his knees and thank God for the John Shoop of the Bears. Otherwise Arians is hands down the worst OC in the NFL. - Flynnberg

Arians - How about a pitch to Green at the end of the game? - Upperdawg

Andre Davis - Dropped ball on last offensive play turned everyone into "blame-tossers" instead of celebrators! that was his 2nd drop of the game! Also running very timid on returns - this is not the same return guy I saw earlier this year. The chat roomers are saying he is beat-up, they may be right. - Dayton Dawg

Defense - Man was that second half just pathetic!!!!!!! I'm a big defense fanatic but that was hard to watch!!! - Flynnberg

Arians: for not trying some screens, roll-out, and reverses or creative plays that would drive a dagger into a reeling Dolts team in the 1st half.  Why the $$$##@@$$$ can't you put Green and White together in the back field TOGETHER?  The D will not be able to detect run or pass and White can certainly run/pass/catch, Green can run/catch/lead block or fake the run. Shit, you are just too %%%$$$##@# stupid.  Get the $$$#@@#$%$%% out of town...  - Vy

Without any doubt Butch Davis, Bruce Arians, and Foge Fazio are the Goats.  I think they have been the goats all year long.  Gee I wonder why so many games have come down to the wire with Butch at the helm.  Oh wait I know, they sit on leads and play conservative ball as soon as they have a lead.  Nothing is more frustrating to watch. - Jeff F.

Foge/Butch- halftime adjustments proved that they were flat outcoached on gameday. - Melisa

Foge Fazio - Thank you for making that game both pathetic AND boring. - Underdog71

Browns defense second half, Anthony Henry, Fat ass colts fan that sat behind me, Foge Fazio for being a dumbass, Bruce Arians for being a dumbass and finally to every single Browns talk radio person, I'm sick and tired of them stroking Couch and trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, if he played like s%$& than he played like s%$&. - Justin

Defensive Line - The reason we are an average football team is because we are just average on the O & D line.  Another lousy game stopping the run.  A team that cannot stop the run is not a playoff football team - Coopdawg

Kevin Johnson--The only time you hear from him is during the week, complaining. Harrison showed why he is still second fiddle to D McNabb and Harrison. - Fletch416

Q. Morgan- I agree with Q. He has matured this season and has proved that he is a go to WR. The first play of the game he made an excellent play to first catch the ball, then take it the rest of the way to the endzone. This is the guy
we see every week (or close to it) making these game breaking plays. Why doesn't he get the ball in the clutch? Why is he phased out in the second half? - DXDawg

Goat To the sports reporters who keep talking play-offs. Do any of these people ever watch a football game. - Jack M.

The fans:  They stuck around and sounded loud at the end. - Keaner

Ross "False Start" Verba - you are a complete dumbass. Dude must have puked his brains out from his flu bug, because his heas WAS NOT in the game whatsoever! - Section 527 Dawg

That was the worst coaching I've seen since Shottemheimer did the same thing against Marino and the Dolphins in the 85 playoffs.  Browns were leading 21-3 at the half and Shottenheimer decided to run the clock out in the 2nd half like Davis did today.  Surprise, surprise, Marino took the soft defense we gave him just like Manning did today to score 3 straight TDs. Most high school coaches couldn't have blown this game. - Tab71354

I think if Earl Holmes doesn't let that ball go through his hands, makes a big play like he is paid to do (he was one of our big free agent signings who was expected to be a leader) we win the game.   Also next year we have to move Verba and Tucker inside.  Somehow we have to come up with a premier left tackle. - MeCuomo


Can' t stand prosperity. No lead is safe with this inept pass defense which allows receivers to get wide open with the game on the line.  Some professionals they are.  I've seen high school players defend better in do-or-die situations. - Ned

This season is essentially over, so instead of the usual props and slams I'm just giving a huge Goat to this season. There's no point in saying any more than that. :P - TobesWSU

Offensive line -- Gave up two key sacks and didn't open up holes for the running game in the second half - Matt W

Carmen Policy: While privately I echoed the feeling, I cringed when more than 4 months ago you publicly stated that we should either make the playoffs or consider ourselves disappointing (ie- failures) for not doing so.  This coming after Butch Davis had told fans and players alike that it is much harder to go from 7-9 to 9-7 than it was to go from 3-13 to 7-9.  This coming after our division rival Pittsburg just missed playing in the big game.  And now you come down to the locker room after a rough loss against a GOOD TEAM WITH A GREAT QUARTERBACK and, despite the fact that we have two winnable games left and a shot (however remote) at squeeking into the playoffs, talk as though the season is over and the team failed to make your prophetic predictions (thus making you look like an ass).  Did you lose a large bet yesterday, Mr. Policy?  I think your timing, your choice of words, and your bleak "can't I count on you people?" attitude are exactly what this team DOESN'T need.  As Warren Sapp said, "Put a jersey on!" - Phil S.

FOGE FAZIO this guy is truly an idiot. First we lead pittsburgh 14-3 at home then we lead indy 16-0 AT HOME and we BLOW BOTH OF THEM. - Jason

Ross Verba:  Sad thing is.... he's our best!! - R1100rbrt

The Defense- After leaving the game people forget to blame the defense. Walking out of the stadium all I hear is "Well the offense just can't move the ball, the defense kept us in the game." What games are these people watching? - DXDawg

My goats are Bruce Arians, Foge and the entire 2002 Cleveland Brown players. Message to the players: The games are 60 minutes long, we're still waiting for you to play a complete game (14 games into the season!!!). - John B.

Foge Fazio- How did a team that looked so dominating on defense in the first half turn around and completely suck in the second half? Yeah, Foge. Look in the mirror for the answer to that question. After this season, you better get the moving van ready. Cause it's "adios, baby!" - FGM

Couch, can't get anything going for his team at home. The two touchdown passes were terrible, morgan and johnson bailed him out on those throws. - VinnyGS

Defensive coaches - adjustments (if there were any) in the 2nd half were spectacularly bad. - Laural

Foge Fazio, JHMO but start getting your resume ready. - Gene G.

We got outcoached. Plain and simple. This staff refuses to make gametime adjustments and remain agressive on both sides of the ball for 4 quarters. They have a hugely talented team that they are not making the most of. They are trying to make the players fit their scheme rather than tailoring it to the team's strengths so we can win NOW. - KatDawg

Steelers and Ratbirds - For winning!!!!! - Eric S.

Warren-last season in Cleveland?  Big money; no, Big Joke. - San Ramon Dawg

I moved to Atlanta a few years back, and as you might imagine, it's hard to commute to the games now - so can somebody explain to me what was with the Cleveland fans? Manning is able to call audible after audible?  Wouldn't have happened in the old stadium.  Wouldn't have been able to hear himself think.  Hell, Sunday he wouldn't have been able to audible in my living room, the way I was wound up.  HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.  It comes from the FANS, folks.  It's not the weather.  It's not the field.  It's the FANS.  Until the FANS get off their damn hands and make some NOISE, all we'll hear is Manning audibling and Ismail laughing...damn...damn...damn...  - GolfWhnvr


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