Fan View: No Disrespect Willie, But...

How, Jeff B. wonders, can so many praise a defense that has performed so poorly?

I won't name the publication where I read it, but there is a particularly baffling piece on the Internet today that salutes Willie McGinest and his professionalism during his stay in Cleveland.

Several of the younger players in the article such as D'Qwell Jackson and Andra Davis marveled at his work ethic, professionalism and leadership.

If you were an alien that just dropped in from Mars and knew nothing about the Browns record, you would think the article was praising a wily old veteran who has come in and been a key reason for a defensive resurgence in Cleveland.

Wouldn't you be surprised, Mr. Alien, to know that the Browns are 4-11, are 26th in total defense (29 Run/13 Pass) and are limping to yet another non-playoff season that features them getting another top 10 (maybe top 5) draft pick?

As I was reading the article praising McGinest, I was asking myself what was dumber. The angle of the article, the fact it was written in the first place or that I actually read the entire thing.

I'll settle for a tie among all three.

An article could have be written like that by the Boston Globe seven years ago and I would have bought the "Willie McGinest is great for our organization" storyline.

At that point he was a part of a great football dynasty and a key part of a defensive unit that actually, ya know, stopped people. Right now, he's another in a long line of "names" that have come to Cleveland. "Names" that are written on a paycheck and nothing more.

What would have happened this year without Mr. McGinest and his wide-reaching influence over the younger players? 30th in total defense? 31st? Competing with Detroit for the #1 overall pick? Who cares at this point?

Earth to Cleveland Defensive players featured in that piece:


Earth to the Cleveland Defense


The Browns' defense is filled with great athletes (because you have to be a great athlete to play in the NFL), many of them are probably good guys that do nice things for the elderly, shut-ins, etc. However, as a defensive unit in the NFL, they........(can you guess what's coming next??)


So, I don't want to read about how much Willie McGinest has meant to the Browns or the younger players on the defense with him because it hasn't worked, doesn't work and will never work.

As far as I'm concerned they can finish last with the players they have or last without them.

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