What We've Been Told: Coachwatch Edition

HOT OFF THE PRESSES and posted during the Browns-Steelers game! Here's the very latest from inside the organization as to EXACTLY where potential changes stand. With a lot of dubious info getting out there, Lane, once again, lets you know the real deal.

If you are a subscriber to theOBR, you are well versed regarding the status of head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Phil Savage. Of late, the local media has fed off the OBR reports and provide their angle on the subject.

We're happy to add the following news and notes in the ongoing saga within the Browns organization - which you will only find here, first at the OBR.

- Without question, head coach Romeo Crennel will not be retained by the organization as the head coach. Upper management within and close to the organization has compiled a list of potential candidates for the head coaching position - without the assistance of present general manager Phil Savage.

- The fate of Savage has not been ultimately been determined, but could be defined in the very near future. Team owner Randy Lerner has not been enthralled with the overall job done by the front office and believes leadership qualities have been lacking - which is one of the reasons the team and organization has struggled throughout Savage's four years in his current role.

- Depending on the opportunities to secure a front office type with the leadership qualities and personnel savvy Lerner seeks, Savage's role within the organization remains status-quo at best. A short-list of potential general manager candidates, as well as successful and experienced front office candidates, has been compiled by those close to Lerner.

- Lerner has been reasonably pleased with the work of Savage and the personnel department in scouting and uncovering talent at the collegiate level - and does believe the general manager is sound in this capacity. Savage's handling of the daily front office functions and interpersonal skills have been questioned by those within the organization and in league circles.

- Coming off a 10-6 record in the 2007 season, Lerner was not against rewarding Savage and Crennel with contract extensions, which included significant pay raises for the duo. Believing that the team's ambition to develop chemistry and continuity was on track, Lerner displayed his confidence in the men leading the football side of the organization. Only one season earlier, Lerner was primed to replace Crennel as head coach following a second consecutive losing season. Removing Crennel and Savage will be substantial financial loss for the owner, but moves the owner appears committing to making if he can secure the services of a preferred candidate.

- Both the head coach and general manager are scheduled to meet with the owner next week. Expected changes within the structure of the organization are not anticipated until each meet with Lerner - which could come as soon as Monday or Tuesday.

- Despite reports in the local media, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is not expected to remain with the organization as the defensive coordinator. The likelihood of the embattled head coach accepting a demotion to remain with the organization is viewed as the longest of long shots.

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