Fan View: End of an Era (Thank God)

Jeff Biletnikoff is none too unhappy to see the Savage/Crennel era come to an end...

Before I talk about the big news of the day, let me do my game report.

Pittsburgh beat Cleveland again. The Browns are pathetic.

Ok, enough of that.

In all likelihood Romeo Crennel is going to follow Phil Savage out the door.

How likely?

In all likelihood the IRS will want my taxes by 4/15. That kind of likely.

Rather than beat up on the past (what's the point?) let's look to the future once again.

From Policy/Clark to Policy/Davis to Davis/Garcia to Savage/Crennel, this organization has not gotten it right.

Since the return, the only team in the NFL that the Browns are better than is the lowly Lions. Not Arizona. Not Oakland. Not Cincinnati.


If that doesn't tell the powers that be ("powers that be"----a phrase that means "Randy Lerner") that the Browns can't afford to get it wrong this time, then I don't know what will.

As an owner he must do everything in his power to get the most experienced winners in town ASAP.

No more college coaches with potential. No more rookie GM's. No more "hot assistants that have never been head coaches."

We need people that are proven winners to bring the franchise back to respectability.

But what is respectability? I'm 40 and haven't really seen it in my lifetime. You can argue the teams of the 80's and 90's provided some thrills but ultimately didn't bring home championships or long term consistency.

As much as it pains me to say, the Steelers have had more success in the last 5 years than the Browns have had in my whole lifetime.

Right now as 2008 ends the organization must get people in that will right the ship and bring back Cleveland football that only exists now in the distant past.

Randy Lerner, you are at a crossroads with this team. I applaud your swift action on Savage (and soon to be Crennel) but I'm warily waiting to see what your next step is.

If you bring in Parcells (believe it or not he can get out of his contract in Miami), Pioli or Cowher then any Browns fan has to say that you are doing everything you can to make Cleveland a winner again.

If we get more rookies running the team then I suggest that Browns and Lions fans group together to get the best rates for mass therapy.

It's on you now Mr. Lerner and we are watching.

And hoping.

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